Jul 042011

Above Moonshine Park, Sunday
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Five teens in a yellow Jeep are all lucky to be alive tonight. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies say that the Jeep, driven by a teen girl, was speeding northbound on the Gorge gravel road about a quarter mile north of the Moonshine Park turn-off. Deputies say the young driver lost control of the jeep. It went into a slide, and began flipping until it landed on its top on the opposite side of the road, facing the opposite way. Three teens were ejected leading deputies to suspect that they, at least, were not wearing their seat belts.

Although a medical airlift helicopter was summoned to the scene, arriving law enforcement and medics found that although they were banged up pretty well, the teens didn’t need a ride to a trauma center in Corvallis or Portland. Four out of the five teens were taken by ground ambulance to PCH in Newport for an evaluation and to ascertain treatment for their injuries. Deputies said there was no evidence of alcohol.

No names yet released but a deputy said they all appeared to be from the Toledo area.

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Mar 162011

Jack Morgan Park, near Siletz

Lincoln County Commissioners are going after a number of state grants to attempt to forge ahead on a number of county park projects while construction costs are lower than they’ve been in years.

They’ve applied for a grant to install a 2,000 gallon water tank to better regulate water for campground and visitor use at Jack Morgan Park on the Siletz River. Also, to improve the park’s boat and kayak launch, which needs an overhaul. Instead of asphalt it will be changed to concrete. If the grant is given, construction could occur in 2012.

Another grant the commission went after involves Moonshine Park up Logsden Road out of Siletz where they want to replace the park’s shower facilities, as well as replace the septic tank system and install a new pump.

And they’re seeking permission from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to allow the county to improve fishing and boating access to a spot on the Siletz River at milepost 20.5. It’s long been a boat access point but not an official one. If ODFW agrees to the deal, and we’re told there is a good chance it will, the county would lease the property for free and build a small boat launch device; something short of a full blown boat ramp.

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Feb 022011

Boaters Beware!

A couple of members of the Mid-Coast Watershed Council got an endorsement from the Toledo City Council Wednesday night to support efforts to discourage motorboats on the Siletz above Mill Park.

They told the council that they are concerned about gasoline powered motors putting pollutants into the river right above where the cities of Siletz, Toledo, Seal Rock and Newport draw their drinking water.

While no one in the room opposed the idea of putting up signs like the one above, Toledo Public Works Director Adam Denlinger said he’s not sure that there is a certified level of risk at letting boaters stay in the river above Mill Site.  He said gas and oil particulates tend to congregate on top of the water, not down below where the pump intakes are drawing in water.

Still the watershed council members made it clear that anything in the Siletz River that isn’t pure water can be troublesome, and Denlinger agreed.  He added that he will report back to the council on the latest information on what are called “volatile organic compounds” which are produced by motor boats as well as their effects on drinking water quality.

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