Sun comes out. Softball starts. It’s the law…

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Apr 252013
Take me out to the ball game... Newport Parks & Rec photo

Take me out to the ball game…
Newport Parks & Rec photo

The Newport Parks and Recreation Department will be holding a pre-season meeting for Men’s and Coed softball May 8th 2013 @ 7:00pm. All teams who wish to participate this year are asked to be present at the meeting to rule changes, scheduling and other league issues.

Registration for the 2013 Men’s and Coed softball seasons will begin May 8th, and all registrations are Due by June 1st. The Schedule will be released June 12th.

$475 Per Team, for questions please call me at (541) 574-5453 or by email.

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Coast Rep. David Gomberg gives legislative update to Newport Chamber and at a town hall meeting in Toledo

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Mar 292013

Coast Rep. David Gomberg Addressing Newport Chamber of Commerce Friday at Shilo Inn

Coast Rep. David Gomberg
Addressing Newport Chamber of Commerce Friday at Shilo Inn


Addressing the Friday luncheon of the Newport Chamber of Commerce Friday, Coast Rep. David Gomberg said one of the biggest issues facing the legislature is getting more funding for K-12 Education. He said the critical question is, where is the money going to come from? At the moment, he said the target seems to be the Public Employment Retirement System by removing out of state income tax supplement payments to retirees who don’t pay personal income tax in the state they live, limiting cost of living allowances based on the size of one’s retirement check and others. And of course, raising taxes.

Gomberg said robbing Peter to pay Paul on K-12 funding is not the way to go. He told chamber members there are many Oregonians who haven’t paid state income taxes in years. There are also back taxes owed, still on the books and tax credits and incentives being given to green energy generators, some of whom are receiving excessive benefits – these and more totaling over a billion dollars that are still on the table. He said the Oregon Department of Justice should sue the Wall Street banks and investment houses who defrauded Oregon’s retirement accounts out of $150 million in connection with the Wall Street crash. “We ought to go after that money before we hit up PERS retirees and the taxpayers,” Gomberg said.

Gomberg said Oregon’s commercial and recreation fishing industries were recently abused in Salem when the staff of the Land Conservation and Development Commission, after three years of public hearings and recommendations on where to put wave energy machines, surprised everyone by insisting another area be added to the fishing grounds withdrawal list without conferring with anyone – an area of Pacific City in the Netarts area. Gomberg said the move was unexpected and flies in the face of all the hard work completed up and down the coast by the fishing industry, wave energy interests and local government leaders constructing the now complete Territorial Sea Plan.


Gomberg said he has a few bills that he’s introduced which include requiring that any salmon sold in Oregon should be labeled whether it’s natural salmon versus genetically modified salmon (GMO). Another bill – local brewers like Rogue Ale should be able to retail sell their beer in more than just one other location. Gomberg said it should be at least five. Another bill – setting aside funds to ensure that when the Research Vessel Oceanus is retired that marine scientists can have a replacement craft; not only for the Hatfield Marine Science Center but for other scientific agencies and institutions to use. And finally, a bill that will create a new Oregon license plate that features the Oregon Coast. Continue reading »

New Newport Pool Bond Proposal seems headed to the voters

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Mar 052013

Newport Pool Digging out failed drain system

Newport Pool
Digging out failed drain system

Lauren Shisler, 9 State Champion Swimmer

Lauren Shisler, 9
State Champion Swimmer

Newport City Council Putting new pool on November Ballot

Newport City Council
Putting new pool on November Ballot

The Newport City Council Monday night acknowledged that the Newport Municipal Pool, after nearly fifty years of service, is near the end of its service lifetime. And so they’re poised to put a new pool on next November’s ballot.

The recent collapse of its drain system that’s kept the pool closed for days, is a painful reminder how much the community values the pool and how much they want Newport to continue having a municipal pool for exercise, swim lessons, swim meets, rehabilitation for the disabled or those with medical issues along with just wanting to stay in top shape.

The Newport Pool is expected to reopen later this month but Public Works Director Tim Gross and Parks and Recreation Director Jim Protiva cautioned the council that there are other serious problems besetting the pool including aging and deteriorating side drains, HVAC system, leaky roof, electrical panels, and pumps, any of which would be expensive to fix.

It did not take long for the council to begin talking about putting a six million dollar plus tax override bond on next November’s ballot. If it passes, the pool could be added on to the Recreation Center building behind City Hill which would take advantage of employees already in the building being assigned additional pool duties.

A number of Newport Swim Team members and their families, including nine year old Newport swim star Bobo Shisler wearing a chest full of state medals, pleaded with the council to support a new community pool.


Councilors asked staff to “dust off” the 2010 pool bond measure that failed by just 136 votes and to update costs associated with that new eight lane pool. The council assigned the city Parks and Recreation Committee to come up with that new information and to enlist testimony from pool construction experts to verify that the revise figured are sound.

Councilors said they would like to have the information ready for public discussion in front of the city council in April. Pool boosters say the are up to the challenge of convincing a majority of voters that the current Newport pool is on its last legs and that the community truly needs a new pool to maintain all the benefits a swim center offers. They said that the quality of life in Newport, especially for seniors and young people would be dramatically diminished if the city losses it’s pool and can’ t build a new one.

The council said it wants all the information provided to Newport voters by this summer so they will have plenty of time to study the facts and then vote accordingly.


Help bring Olympic medal winning swimmer to Newport for kids’ training session.

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Jan 102013

Newport Pool

From Newport Swim Team

The Newport Swim Team is seeking donors to bring 2008 Olympic medal winning swimmer Margaret Hoelzer to Newport to provide training for young Newport Swim Team members.

The Newport Swim Team is a 501 3c organization that has a roster of 40-50 active swimmers. Our swimmers ages range from 5-18. We are currently seeking sponsors to provide a unique training event for our swimmers. Newport Swim Team would like to hold this event on Sunday February 10th, 2013. It is our goal to inspire our swimmers to reach for the stars.

Hoelzer won a bronze medal in the 100 m backstroke on August 12, 2008 at the Olympics in Beijing. She also won the silver medal in the 200 m backstroke on August 16, and the silver medal in the 4×100 m medley relay on August 17 after swimming in the qualifying heats for that event.

We are looking for one or several sponsors that could help us with the expense of bringing in this Olympian to do the training session with our swimmers. Our goal is to receive $3500.00. The breakdown is as follows:

$2000.00 Clinic Fee

$1000.00 Travel expenses (hotel, flight and meals)

$5.00 Pool rental fee per swimmer.

If you are interested in helping us off this please contact

Stephanie Simpson NST President

541-270-3263 or

New Year’s Day guided hike at South Beach State Park

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Dec 102012

South Beach State Parks First day of the new year hike!

Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept. will be hosting a hike through the jetty trails at South Beach State Park. The hike will explore the South Beach trails and highlight the history of the jetty and South Beach State Park.

Where: South Jetty wayside
When: January 1st at 9:00 a.m.

Meet at the Trailhead for the Jetty trail.
Hike will be 90 minutes long, 1.5 miles, rain or shine so dress for the weather.

Contact Brian Fowler at 541-272-0728 or email at for more information on the event.

Newport Soccer – Out of the Rain!

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Nov 292012

Courtesy photo

By Liam Hughes, Newport Sports Coordinator

The Start of the indoor youth soccer season at the Newport Recreation Center has been postponed 1 week due to gym conflicts and to allow for additional registrations.

The indoor league for 4-6 year olds will be held at Newport Intermediate School starting on Saturday December 8th at 10am.

The 12-14 year olds play their games on Sundays at the Newport Recreation Center starting at 4pm on December 9th.

We also have a brand new activity this year! It’s a staff led soccer-themed fun game for kids. It is designed to give kids and parents a fun activity on a Saturday out of the rain. It will help develop the kids motor skills and help them be ready for the 4-6 year old league.
The participation fee for these leagues is $40 and all registrations are due by December 7th at the Newport Recreation Center.

If you have any questions please call (541) 265-7783.

So you’ve always fancied yourself being a referee…?

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Oct 232012

From Liam Hughes
Newport Recreation

There will be a free Referee training clinic at the Newport Recreation Center on Thursday November 8th from 7-9pm.
Anyone who would like to referee youth or adult basketball for the Newport Parks and Recreation Department should attend this training.

It is also open to parents, coaches, or anyone else that would like to learn the game from a referee’s perspective.

Lincoln City edges closer to adopting biking and walking plan for the town

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Oct 092012

We all know that America is filled with people who weigh too much, don’t exercise enough and who use their vehicles to travel 200 feet to the store. But slowly, city and county planners have been making it easier for Americans to envision a different kind of neighborhood, where walking and bicycling are not only possible, but safe and inviting.

Lincoln City planners Monday night debuted their proposed city-wide walking and biking plan to the city council. It was well received and roundly praised at successfully pulling many Lincoln City residents into the process of assessing the walking and biking needs of the city, where they could be constructed and where to go shopping for the money to make it all possible.

Nobody said it was all going to happen soon. They agreed that it’ll be a long slog, especially as the country tries fitfully to pull out of the worst recession in over 80 years. Cities and counties are having trouble enough paying for the things that are “must haves” as opposed to what are nice to have to improve the community’s quality of life which bike and walking paths would be a part of.

However, planners reminded the councilors that there are many no-or-low-cost options to be explored with the city’s own public works department, and certainly with the Oregon Department of Transportation, which has control over Highway 101 – the main transportation corridor through town. They say a few immediate improvements could come from just laying down some paint where appropriate.

To be sure, shared lanes, discreet lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian pathways, all come at a price. And certainly the more pricey ones may take a while to build. But that’s what planners said is so good about the city’s nearly-adopted plan. They say it was formulated after a series community meetings and discussions that examined what’s on the ground now, and what would make sense projecting out five to ten years to connect Lincoln city’s scattered neighborhoods without having to jump in a car. They said funding for these non-automotive ways of getting around will likely come from a number of sources; federal, state, private foundations, local contributors and yes, even taxpayers, if they can be convinced of the value. So having a plan with specific sets of expectations, of what should be put where, will help focus the work of raising the money.

The plan’s comprehensiveness exceeds any one news story’s ability to even scratch the surface. You really should read the plan. But before your eyes glaze over, click on the link at the end of this story and see for yourself how very readable and easy to understand it is. It’s well made so everyone can get a good sense of what’s in the offing and of ways to move it forward. There are detractors who think it’s all a bunch of expensive fluff that the city can’t afford, but if you spend some time with the plan you’ll get your own view of the possibilities. Although the plan was presented to the city council Monday night, the council postponed adoption of it until at least one more public hearing can be held 6pm, Monday, October 22nd, to give more Lincoln City residents a chance to weigh in on the discussions.

At any rate, here’s the plan: Click here.

Toledo Summer Skate Jam

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Sep 202012

Top, Kevin Kowalski, #2, Joshua Dorsey, #3 Carson Edwards, #4 Carson Edwards
Thomas Miller photos 1,2,4
Ryan Evans photo 3
Click photos to enlarge

If you were in the City of Toledo on Sunday, September 16th, chances are, you may have heard a disturbance in the ordinarily tranquil atmosphere. A rumbling of voices and the echo of music could be heard over the sounds of cheering spectators; The members of the community at the Toledo public skate park were fortunate to witness the 2nd Annual, Toledo Summer Skate Jam, Hosted by Ocean Pulse Skate Shop.

The Toledo Summer Skate Jam, was a time to celebrate fellowship through art in motion. Outside of the skateboarding community, people rarely see the hard work and dedication practiced by most skateboarders. The sheer amount of skill, balance and fearlessness required to perform each maneuver, can only be achieved through routine practice and with support amongst family and peers. The Skate Jam was a flawless presentation of children and young adults, expressing their interpretation of skateboarding, and the strong bonds formed between one another.

Like other artistic productions, feelings of performance anxiety were expressed by many participants, as they battled head to head for Skate Jam glory. Heats that consisted of four to six participants at a time, required control on the board as well as awareness of other skaters. Amid collisions with the concrete and each other, only a single injury, requiring a Band-Aid was reported, and was promptly attended to by the Toledo Police Department.

Before the final heat, local skateboarding Professional, Kevin Kowalski put his talents on display. As Kevin flew high above the heads of even the tallest spectators, one could not help but wonder, how this Seal Rock native looked so comfortable floating high above the concrete below. Kowalski gifted an autographed copy of his very first Pro model skateboard, which was given away as a raffle item, along with other items donated by Ocean Pulse, Vans, Sector 9, Bones, Powell, Dug Fur, Volcom, Lifeblood Skateboards, Benton County Skateboarding Alliance, Dakine, and Pepsi. Thanks to the products donated, Ocean Pulse was able to raise almost three hundred dollars, for the Toledo Food Pantry. Currently, the Lincoln County Food Share can purchase five pounds of food per dollar.

Contest Results
1st Traci Green
2nd Lala Steele
15 and under
1st Phillip Cato
2nd Keona Savage
3rd Jake Winters

16 and up
1st Carson Edwards
2nd Trever Bates
3rd Steve Howell

Best Trick
Carson Edwards

High Wallride Contest
1st Josh Dorsey
2nd Kris Morgan
3rd Steve Howell

Flat Ground Game of S.K.A.T.E.
Winner, Tristan Hays
Runner Up, Shaytan Sullivan


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Sep 182012

Newport Recreation Center

Saturday September 22nd Newport Recreation Center will host a Recreation Gear Swap. This event is open to the public from 8:30 to 3 pm. Drop of your gear that you would like to have sold on consignment on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday between 4 and 6 pm. It’s a great way to clear out your attic or garage of gear that you no longer need, and earn some cash! For more information call 541-265-4855.