Feb 072011

Provided by Sheriff Dennis Dotson

Natural and human-caused disasters can occur when you least expect them. Are you prepared? If you can’t answer any of the following questions, take a few minutes to plan ahead, and prepare your household. For more information, go to: http://www.co.lincoln.or.us/DisasterPreparation/.

1. Are you aware of the risks in your area? Do you live in a tsunami inundation zone?

2. Where will you go during an evacuation? Do you have the address and contact information?

3. Have you notified an out-of-state contact of your plans?

4. Have you talked with your employer about your family plan and provided them with your emergency contact information? Does your employer have an emergency plan?

5. Do any of your family members require life support equipment or a Special Needs Shelter? If so, have you found a Special Needs Shelter.

6. Are your important documents properly secured? Are my photographs, keepsakes and valuables properly secured?

7. Do you have a plan for your pet(s)?

8. What preventative measures have you taken to safeguard your home?
a. Window protection purchased?
b. Address clearly marked on house?
c. Flammable or hazardous chemicals stored securely outside of the home?
d. Emergency exits cleared of obstacles?
e. Generator?
f. Tall furniture, equipment and breakables secured?

9. Have you purchased or created a Disaster Supply Kit for your home and each of your vehicles?

10. Have you reviewed your insurance coverage and corrected household safety hazards?
Information provided by the Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments

For more tips and other information, visit our website at www.lincolncountysheriff.net.

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Jan 312011

From Sheriff Dennis Dotson

Several times a year a car ends up in one of Lincoln County’s waterways. Last year, a mother and her three young children found themselves trapped in their submerged car in a local creek. They were fortunate in that they were rescued by passing motorists, but we shouldn’t depend upon the right people being there at the right time to save us. So if you spend much time driving along a river, lake, or other body of water, it’s a good idea to have a plan of what to do in case you find your car sinking or fully submerged in water.

Most cars will stay afloat for a few moments when driven into a deep body of water and remain in an upright position. Usually the weight of the engine causes it to slowly pitch forward and settle underwater nose-down. If you should find yourself in this predicament, the first thing to remember is DON’T PANIC! (No doubt easier said than done when the water is quickly filling the compartment)

The priority for survival is to Get Out of the Vehicle! Immediately and simultaneously, unbuckle your seatbelt and roll down your windows. If they are power windows, this may pose a problem if the water has shorted the electrical circuits. So don’t delay in attempting this action. Continue reading »

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Sep 062010

Newport City Hall

Corrected start time: 6pm

There may be a “hot time” in the ole Newport City Hall Tuesday evening. The city council has been given a very hot potato by its planning commission. It’s the geologic hazard portion of Newport’s master land use plan. At the nudging of the state Land Conservation and Development Commission earlier this year, city planners have been grappling with how to make coastal bluff and dune back development safer, or at least more “out in the open” for land or home buyers relating to “high risk or active movement/slide” areas of the coast. Continue reading »

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Aug 202010

(Click image to play video)

A police pursuit began late Thursday night when a Newport Police officer spotted a speeding SUV coming down the south end of the Yaquina Bridge. The next few minutes proved tough driving and high adrenalin moments at the end of the South Jetty.

Friday morning: Suspect identified as James Dean White, 43. He was charged with Attempt to Elude, Reckless Driving, Resisting Arrest, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Driving on a Revoked license (DUII), DUII, and a warrant for failure to appear in court on DUII. White’s drivers license is revoked in Oregon and in his native Colorado. Bail, $125,000.

White will be arraigned in Circuit Court this afternoon.

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Aug 042010

Although there is still a deep recession going on, the Depoe Bay City Council is grappling with what they know will come along in the future. More people moving into the area, including Gleneden Beach, and that means more toilets and more people flushing them.

Gleneden Beach historically has sent their wastewater to Depoe Bay for processing and they pay the going rate for doing so. However, engineers say within the near future there will be even more wastewater headed for Depoe Bay, an increase that the current pipes running between the two communities cannot handle. They must be replaced with bigger pipes. Continue reading »

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Jul 282010

Typical small community 9-1-1 dispatch module.

In a meeting that was barely 12 hours behind a similar one in Lincoln City, the Lincom 9-1-1 Board has, like the Lincoln City Council, decided to reach out to communities county-wide to see if there is any interest in consolidating Lincoln County’s three 9-1-1 dispatch centers located in Lincoln City, Newport and Toledo.

There has been talk for years among city and county government officials, law enforcement and fire departments about consolidation which could save Lincoln County taxpayers anywhere from an estimated $200,000 to over $1 million dollars a year – up to $350,000 a year for Lincoln City alone depending on how you look at the numbers and how the final dispatch arrangement is set up. Continue reading »

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Jul 262010

Typical smaller community 9-1-1 Dispatch Center

Lincoln City City Manager David Hawker, in a memo to his City Council, recommends that serious discussions begin between Lincoln County communities on how best to consolidate the county’s three separate 9-1-1 dispatch centers. It’s been estimated that the three centers, Lincoln City, Lincom (Newport/County) and Toledo are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year more than if the county had one center. It’s the old “duplication” argument. Continue reading »

Jul 262010


As we’re preparing for hunting season, let’s pause to ask ourselves one question. “Just because we can carry a loaded firearm in our vehicle; does that mean we should?” Oregon law does not prohibit someone for having a loaded shotgun or rifle in a motor vehicle. The prohibition of carrying a loaded shotgun or rifle only pertains to Class I, II, and III ATV’s such as quads, 3-wheelers, and motorcycles. Continue reading »