Dec 022012

Earl Marsh, 31

In July of 2012, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy David Hawley was dispatched to a burglary complaint which occurred on N. Panther Creek Road of Otis. The deputy responded to the scene and initiated an investigation. During the months following, suspect and lead information was developed.

On October 19th deputies with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office executed two search warrants at separate residences in the Otis area. During the searches deputies recovered several thousand dollars worth of stolen property, methamphetamine and over two pounds of marijuana packaged for sale. Some of the recovered property was linked to several thefts and burglaries that occurred in Tillamook County.

At one of the residences, deputies arrested John W. Heyne, 51 years of age, and Peggy Anne Heyne, 63 years of age, both from Otis. They were charged with Unlawful Manufacture of Marijuana, Unlawful Delivery of Marijuana and Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine. John and Peggy Heyne were lodged at the Lincoln County Jail. They are currently out on bail.

On October 23 Deputy Hawley contacted Keith V. Pratt, 18 years of age of Otis at a residence on N. Bear Creek Rd. From information developed during the investigation, Pratt was taken into custody and charged with Burglary II and Theft I. Pratt was lodged at the Lincoln County Jail with a bail of $50,000.00.

On November 27th the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office brought the case before a Grand Jury and received indictments for Earl A. Marsh, 31 years of age from Otis, for the following charges: three counts of Theft in the first degree, Theft in the second degree and two counts of Obliteration/Change of identification number on firearm. At the time, Marsh was already in custody at the Lincoln County Jail on unrelated charges and held without bail.

The investigation of this case is continuing with additional arrests and criminal charges expected.


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Feb 122012

Highway 18, 1/2 mile east of Otis
Sunday morning
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Traffic is expected to be a headache getting to the valley from Lincoln City on Highway 18 starting Monday during the day. A section of shoulder and roadway support has fallen away, downslope to the Salmon River a half mile east of Otis. Flaggers will be directing one lane of travel through the road reconstruction area from Monday through Wednesday or Thursday according to crews on scene Sunday. Twenty minute delays are possible. The situation is similar to what happened to Highway 101 near Newport, just north of the airport several weeks ago.

It appears the flood-swollen Salmon River undercut the base of the riverbank which weakened a portion of the Highway 18 roadbed. Over time it just sloughed down and into the river. Crews will remove all the slumping material, then rebuild the hillside/riverbank with large river boulders at the base of the slide, slightly smaller boulders up from there, fill in with gravel and dirt and re-landscape. Crews say it should be done by Thursday, possibly sooner.

Again,watch for flaggers and backed up traffic. Allow an extra twenty minutes to complete your journey along Highway 18. However, if you don’t mind taking a gamble by taking a windy detour, here’s how to do it. If you’re heading west on Highway 18, you can turn north at the Rose Lodge Store and follow North Bank Road down along the river until it dumps out just north of the Otis Cafe. Likewise, if you’re headed east out of Lincoln City, you can turn north at the Otis Cafe, then just a quarter mile up the road turn right on North Bank Road and follow it east until it dumps you back out onto Highway 18 at the Rose Lodge Store.

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Jan 112012

Sheri Martin
LCJ photo

Otis resident Sheri Martin, convicted of trying to murder her current husband with a pair of scissors, is facing up to 7 years in prison after being convicted of attempted murder, assault and unlawful use of a weapon. Court testimony revealed that Martin, who earlier served 15 years in prison for stabbing her first husband to death, got into an argument with husband number three at their Otis residence back in March of last year. Court testimony indicated that Martin became infuriated at him, picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed him multiple times.

When Martin is sentenced on January 23rd, she faces up to 90 months in prison.

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Dec 092011

Shane Lawson, top left

Jennifer Deriso, top right

Zak Harris, bottom left

James Burlington, bottom right

Joshua Krumwiede, bottom

A three month long investigation by narcotics detectives from three counties led to the arrest of five suspected drug traffickers this week, who were charged with distribution of methamphetamine and marijuana among others.

Two search warrants were used at a Highway 18 residence near Otis and another on Salal Avenue in Gleneden Beach. The Otis residence yielded nearly a pound of methamphetamine, more than 130 marijuana plants, several pounds of dried marijuana, and other related evidence. In Gleneden Beach, a search warrant yielded methamphetamine, 35 marijuana plants, dried marijuana and more related evidence. During the Gleneden Beach search a car pulled up with Zak Harris of Toledo at the wheel who, detectives say, was there to pick up drugs for distribution. He was immediately arrested.

Detectives say evidence recovered during the search warrants led them to link much of the drugs to a wanted fugitive believed responsible for supplying large amounts of meth to Tillamook and Lincoln Counties. Federal Marshals were alerted and they tracked down Joshua Krumwiede, 35, in West Salem. When arrested Krumwiede was in possession of two stolen handguns, heroin and meth. He was arrested on drug and weapons charges.

Others arrested in the sweep were Shane Lawson, 42 of Lincoln City for making and delivering meth and marijuana, and child neglect. Jennifer Deriso, 38, Lincoln City for making and delivering meth and marijuana, child neglect and for maintaining a place where drugs are sold. Zak Harris, 28, Toledo for attempted delivery of meth and criminal conspiracy. James Burlington, 45, Gleneden Beach, for possession of and making and distribution of meth and marijuana, maintaining a place where drugs are sold and theft.

Investigators said that much of the drug activity was operated under the guise of a legal marijuana grow for supplying legal participants under Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program. A LINT team representative said people who abuse the program to illegally profit from it will be pursued and prosecuted.

The LINT Team is comprised of members of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln City Police Department, Oregon State Police and the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office. The Tillamook Narcotics Team is comprised of the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police.

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May 182011

Salmon River

Lincoln County Commissioners Wednesday approved the replacement of a small bridge over Deer Creek, about a quarter mile north of Otis on the old scenic Highway 130. The commission also approved minor renovation to a bigger bridge over the Salmon River about another quarter mile north of Deer Creek on the same road. Total cost was estimated at nearly $700,000 but due to the recession and competition for construction jobs, the winning bid came in at $523,00.

Construction will begin around July first with completion sometime in the late fall. County Public Works Director Jim Buisman told the commissioners there is a convenient bypass road slightly to the west.

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May 062011

10:48 Situation under control.

10:35pm Sheriff and Oregon State Police units are racing to the scene of a report of a large fight and “bust up” at the Evergreen R/V Park near Otis, north of Lincoln City.

Reports say two trailers were being ransacked and “busted up” by an unknown number of people. One report was that there are six to seven people on scene. One was said to be a tall, muscular white male with a knife, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and dark jacket. He was reported to be leaving in a large U-Haul truck, but may now be returning to the r/v park.

Law enforcement has just arrived.

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Apr 212011

Otis water on the mend?

A long drawn out battle over the quality of water that some Otis area residents are forced to drink is coming to an end. Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge Sheryl Bachart has ordered the Rose Lodge Water Company sold to someone who will invest the money necessary to bring the system up to code and to provide water that is healthy to drink. The system serves about 600 homes.

According to Attorney General John Kroger, residents of the water company, for two years, were unknowingly drinking untreated and unfiltered water from Bear and Boulder Creeks. Kroger said several customers suffered illnesses that may have been caused by substandard water, symptoms including diarrhea, stomach cramps, flu-like aches,pains and nausea and long running stomach digestive problems.

Judge Bachart signed an order requiring a special master or supervisory authority to oversee the immediate sale of the Rose Lodge Water Company. The administrator for the Oregon Department of Health predicted that the water system will soon be providing verifiably safe drinking water to residents.

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Dec 022010

A drug addict who shared too much heroine with a friend who died of an overdose, has pleaded guilty to negligent homicide.

Deputy District Attorney Elijah Michalowski told that John Caldwell was facing a life without parole federal charge if he didn’t plead guilty in Circuit Court for injecting friend Tyler Longfellow with an overdose of heroine while they sat in a car in Otis last February. By pleading guilty, Caldwell avoided what is called the federal Len Bias rule which was enacted after All American basketball player Len Bias collapsed and died after an overdose of cocaine that was injected into his system. Under that rule, anyone who sells or assists another to use drugs that ends in the death of the user, is guilty of murder and a life prison sentence.

In this case, however, John Caldwell, by pleading guilty to negligent homicide, will spend just four years in prison, thereby avoiding the federal charge.

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Nov 212010

Benton Bones, Domestic Assault

A 58 year old Otis man has been arrested and booked into the Lincoln County Jail on assault charges following an incident at his home on No. Pleasure Drive. Sheriff’s Deputies report that Benton Bones, 58, got into an argument with his 27 year old son, during which Bones picked up a glass and hit his son with it. Once on the floor, deputies say that Bones repeatedly punched his son in the head and then proceeded to destroy the phone his son had used to call 9-1-1.

Arriving deputies discovered Benton Bones still at the house, cuffed him and transported him to the Lincoln County Jail. There, he was booked on charges of Assault, Harassment, and Interfering with a 9-1-1 call. His bail was set at $275,000.

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Nov 212010

Joshua Brown, Domestic Violence

Lincoln County Sheriff’s investigators have arrested Joshua Brown, 26, of Lincoln City on a number of charges stemming from a domestic violence incident at his residence.

Sheriff’s investigators say that Brown assaulted his live-in girlfriend, leaving her with numerous bruises including around her neck where investigators say he choked her.

They also say he used his girlfriend’s credit card without her permission.

Brown was booked into the Lincoln County Jail on charges of Strangulation, Domestic Assault, Harassment, Domestic Menacing and Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card. His bail was set at $90,000.

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