Celebrate Earth Day at Oregon Coast Aquarium!

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Apr 122011

Provided by Cindy Hanson, OCA

Aquarium to Celebrate Earth Day Saturday, April 23. A Farmers Market will feature music, sustainable products and local produce

Newport, Oregon— The Oregon Coast Aquarium will celebrate Earth Day with a Farmers Market, offering activities, sustainable art and information about green living and healthy choices. The event, 10 am to 5 pm Saturday, April 23, is free after regular Aquarium admission. Residents of Lincoln County get into the Aquarium on April 23 at a reduced admission of $5.00 per person with proof of residency.

A diverse group of local and organic growers will be joining the Aquarium for the Farmer’s Market, in celebration of the national Earth Day observance. The day-long event will include a children’s craft and a dive presentation at 11 am. Cedar tree seedlings will be given away and Lucky Gap, a local five-piece band, will play Bluegrass music while visitors learn about local sustainable products, meet conservation groups and find out how to help the earth.

Some of the featured farmers and vendors include: Walker Farms, Extreme Embroidery, Pioneer Mountain Farms, Master Gardeners, Earth Huggy (biodegradable diapers) Dancing Mermaids at Beach Boutique (recycled glass jewelry), Depoe Bay Bakery, Thompson Sanitary Service, Fins Coffee , South Beach Grill, Lincoln County Sustainability and Solid Waste Management, Rooster Plow Farms, Whimsy Art Glass, Calise Soapworks and Such, Lincoln County FEAST Workshop (Food, Education, Agriculture Solutions Together), and Surfrider Foundation.

“Tipping Points,” will be presented at 1:30 by Duncan Berry, showing visitors how climate is kept in balance by a series of nine key regulators including the Tibetan Plateau, the North Atlantic Current and the Greenland Ice Sheet. Berry is the founder of Ecosystem Services LLC , whose projects strike a balance between economy and ecology and Arc of Light, a photographic business and web presence with a focus on conserving biologically sensitive lands and depicting climate change.

“A Farmers Market style event is something we haven’t done before and we hope to emphasize our conservation message in a fun and meaningful way,” said Cindy Hanson, Aquarium Public Relations Manager. “Supporting local farmers is one of the simplest and healthiest ways to make the planet a better place.” Hanson said the entire Aquarium staff is committed to sustainable practices and they want to share what they do and encourage others to do the same.

An ocean of fun all at one spot in Newport!

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Mar 202011

Who would have guessed that playing in the mud could be so educational for you AND your child. Same goes for learning about the ocean’s underwater kelp forest and the fun and “kissey” sea lions that hang out down there! Click here all the excitement about family learning at the Oregon Coast Aquarium which includes learning about an often misunderstood creature of the deep…

Adopt an animal at the Oregon Coast Aquarium!!

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Jan 132011

Thinking about doing something different for the New Year? How about adopting a sea going animal at the Oregon Coast Aquarium!? And it doesn’t cost nearly as much as you think! By adopting one of these beautiful creatures among others, you’ll be able to walk around the aquarium and say to your friends, “I’m that otter’s godfather” or “I’m that sea lion’s favorite aunt!” Click on this link to get all the info!

Summer Fun at the Oregon Coast Aquarium – Sign up N-O-W!

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Jan 072011

Summer Nature Program- Early Registration just for Members!

Join us at the Aquarium for summer fun! This year, we will host a series of one-day summer camps on every Friday for nine weeks between July 1st and August 26th, 2011. Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is for ages 6 to 8 years and 9 to 12 years. Each day includes a visit through the Aquarium, outdoor exploration, crafts and games. Bring snacks, a lunch and muck boots for a great day on the Oregon coast!

Sneak Peak at Programs – Call for more details!
July 1, 2011: Sea Monsters: Myths and Legends!
July 8, 2011: Trashy Treasures!
July 15, 2011: All Creatures Great and Small
July 22, 2011: Shark Central
July 29, 2011: Bugs Don’t Bug Me!
August 5, 2011: Backyard Science Blast!
August 12, 2011: The Science of Senses
August 19, 2011: Deep Sea Discovery
August 26, 2011: A Whale in the Goldfish Bowl

Registration & Fees
Advanced registration and payment required. Sign up for all nine days, get one free! For Aquarium members, “early bird” registration is January 24 to February 4. Open general registration starts February 7. Registration and information is available by calling 541-867-3474, or email us at education@aquarium.org. $35.00 for members, $40.00 for non member per program.

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Mojo the sea otter at OCA: Not a hand out, a hand up, please…

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Dec 132010

Mojo, at Oregon Coast Aquarium

Economic times are tough for just about everyone these days, including those who love animals and especially animals that desperately needed rescuing and rehabilitating.

Mojo the sea otter at the Oregon Coast Aquarium (OCA) is in that category. Mojo, an otter pup, is the latest addition to the OCA otter family. He was found on a beach in southern Alaska with a cut to his face and a broken jaw. Wildlife rescuers took him in, and cared for him until he was well. Although his injuries have mended, experts say he can never be released to wild.

Oregon Coast Aquarium officials say Mojo’s medical care cost money and that the OCA is on the hook for at least part of it. They are asking for anyone who cares about wildlife and sea otter’s especially, to please consider donating to their “Mojo Fund.” Since the OCA is a certified non-profit, all donations are tax deductible.

The OCA says donations can be mailed to: Oregon Coast Aquarium, 2820 SE Ferry Slip Road, Newport, OR, 97365. The OCA also provides a safe and secure method to donate on line at the link below, which has been updated since the story was first posted on NewsLincolnCounty.com this morning:


They say a donation of any amount would be very gratefully accepted.

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A “Sea of Lights” at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

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Dec 042010

(Click image to play video)

Schools and schools of humans swam through the gates and around the exhibits at the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s “Sea of Lights” Friday and Saturday evenings. A few bucks or some canned food for Food Share was all that was needed to get in to enjoy a little bit of a seagoing Christmas. Here’s a sample of what the families enjoyed.

Oregon Coast Aquarium – “Sea of Lights!”

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Nov 242010

Provided by Oregon Coast Aquarium

The opening of a new art exhibit, an extraordinary light display, Santa and unique gift ideas should put the Oregon Coast Aquarium at the top of the list of your seasonal destinations.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium will be decked out for the holidays surrounded by a sea of twinkling lights, holiday music, a new art exhibit and unique gift ideas. The 18th Annual Sea of Lights is a festive holiday celebration Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm both evenings. A tradition for many families, visitors come from all over the region during the holiday season to visit the Aquarium, shop and spend time together at the beach. The entire Aquarium will be adorned with holiday decorations, a large Christmas tree and thousands of colorful lights. Admission to the Sea of Lights is two items of food and $2, or $5, or animal food for the lincoln County Animal Shelter, or an unwrapped toy. Admission is free to members.

“We put up about three miles of lights,” said Bob Llewellyn, Aquarium Grounds Manager. “We are going to LED’s each time we replace a new string, to slowly replace the old standard minis. LEDs use 8 or 10 times less electricity than the standard lights. Llewellyn said there will be a big lighted tree in the lobby, lots of lighted small trees and many lights outdoors.

At the Sea of Lights, guests will enjoy face painting, holiday music and a visit with Santa while parents snap photos. After visiting with Santa, guests can stroll through a sea of twinkling lights to the sounds of music, the Youth and Adult Handbell Choirs, the Coastalaires and Women of Note. The gift shop will be open with holiday displays and gift ideas. In addition, a bake sale and children’s craft area will be offered. Continue reading »

Oregon Coast Aquarium and Pacific Maritime and Heritage Center pitch Newport City Councilors for a total of $575,000.

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Nov 012010

The Oregon Coast Aquarium and the emerging Pacific Maritime and Heritage Center both pitched the Newport City Council for some big bucks Monday night.

The Aquarium said it could draw more visitors to Newport, and once here, make them linger longer if the council gave them $375,000 to build a spectator-type seal and sea lion viewing area. The addition would allow visitors to watch Aquarium staff feed and care for the animals that can only be seen currently through crowded windows in the facility’s original tank walls.

A member of the Aquarium board said they paid off a half-million dollar debt to the city’s urban renewal fund and are financially fit. He suggested that the Aquarium has more than proven its national and international tourist drawing star power and should be seriously considered for their request, which would come from the city’s tourism room tax fund.

Another applicant for a grant from that fund is the Pacific Maritime and Heritage Center which overlooks Yaquina Bay’s commercial fishing fleet, atop a bluff which also looks over the Bayfront. A spokesman for that facility said they’ve sunk some $2,000,000 in grants and volunteer work into the old building and that if awarded a grant for $200,000 they could make the museum shine. They would upgrade the building’s heating, plumbing and electrical systems. They’d replace windows and upgrade siding and outside paint, and generally make the museum a prime attraction for tourists and locals. It would be a place for those who want to learn more about Newport’s cultural and historical roots, filled with commercial and sports fishing, logging, shipping and coastal commerce along with celebrating the area’s rich Native American past and its emerging oceanographic science center at South Beach. It will also serve as a gathering place for traveling exhibits, cultural and arts events, and for social and civic meetings for those who want to enjoy the ambiance of the Maritime and Heritage Center.

The City Council lauded both presentations adding that they will be seriously considered as part of future city budget discussions. They said they would examine the grant applications in more detail, as well as the city’s ability to deliver on one or both applications during their upcoming city council workshop on November 15th, barely two weeks away.

The Tourism Room Tax Fund has a million dollars in reserves that are considered seed money for a new Newport Special Events Center. The rest of the fund goes toward Newport’s national tourism promotion budget, various capital projects and general city services.

Coast Aquarium and Maritime Museum ask for tall tourism dollars

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Nov 012010

New Sea Lion Viewing Area

Heritage Maritime Museum

The Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Heritage Maritime Museum have both applied for some major grants from the Newport City Council. The Aquarium is seeking $375,000 in local hotel/motel room tax dollars to build an expanded Seal and Sea Lion viewing area. The Aquarium says their goal is to increase tourist enjoyment for those who spend time looking through the viewing windows of the current exhibit and delight in the antics of the seals and sea lions as they are being fed. The Aquarium adds that such an addition to the facility would invite visitors to linger longer and perhaps stay an extra night due to the extra time involved with the new visitor viewing area.

The Heritage Maritime Museum is seeking $200,000 in hotel/motel room tax dollars to make further improvements to the Museum. They would put the money to work erecting a retaining wall in the upper parking area, upgrade heating systems, plumbing and electrical, put new windows on the south side of the building along with new siding, and repaint the building along with new landscaping. The Museum’s application states that the improvements would allow greater use by the community for cultural and entertainment events, workshops and temporary exhibits.

The Newport City Council meets tonight, 6pm, at City Hall.