Apr 252013
Take me out to the ball game... Newport Parks & Rec photo

Take me out to the ball game…
Newport Parks & Rec photo

The Newport Parks and Recreation Department will be holding a pre-season meeting for Men’s and Coed softball May 8th 2013 @ 7:00pm. All teams who wish to participate this year are asked to be present at the meeting to rule changes, scheduling and other league issues.

Registration for the 2013 Men’s and Coed softball seasons will begin May 8th, and all registrations are Due by June 1st. The Schedule will be released June 12th.

$475 Per Team, for questions please call me at (541) 574-5453 or L.Hughes@NewportOregon.gov by email.

factory sew.4-7-13

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Apr 242013
Refurbished Welcome to Newport sign Off Hwy 101 by the airport

Refurbished Welcome to Newport sign
Off Hwy 101 by the airport

Newport City Councilor Dean Sawyer caught the sign people re-erecting one of three renovated Newport City signs; this one gracing the south entrance to town on Highway 101 next to the airport. There’s another one on the north end, just north of Lighthouse Drive and another just east of town on Highway 20. Looks just like the old ones, ‘cept nicer and shinier!

Needless to say, Dean “Scoop” Sawyer photo.


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Apr 232013

Teevin Brothers Traffic Impact Analysis Appeal/protest by neighbors Newport City Hall

Teevin Brothers
Traffic Impact Analysis
Appeal/protest by neighbors
Newport City Hall

Teevin Brothers Team "We'll run a clean operation"

Teevin Brothers Team
“We’ll run a clean operation”

Ken Petersen Neighbors Against, Traffic counts way off, Moore Road condition unverified

Ken Petersen
Neighbors oppose and appealing traffic study

Comm. Dev't Dir. Derrick Tokos "Moore Road can handle traffic" "Traffic Analysis was adequate"

Comm. Dev’t Dir. Derrick Tokos
“Moore Road can handle traffic”
“Traffic Analysis was adequate”

Rio Davidson, Local Activist "This project is bad for Newport's tourism, economy and quality of life.  Don't make Newport look like Coos Bay.  We'll take this to the next level."

Rio Davidson, Local Activist
“This project is bad for Newport’s tourism, economy and quality of life. Don’t make Newport look like Coos Bay. If you try, we’ll take this to the next level.”

Correction in paragraph three – Testimony from Newport Public Works Director Tim Gross (Italicized)

Smoke and a little bit of fire Monday night as the Newport Planning Commission held a hearing on whether a Traffic Impact Analysis on the suitability for log trucks on SE Moore Drive was valid. Newport Community Director Derrick Tokos said it was, neighbors like Ken Petersen said it wasn’t because it was conducted before crab season started which would have brought more traffic. It was later pointed out that the study numbers were increased 28% to make allowance for that.

Many neighbors against the log project at the International Terminal complained, as they have in the past, that big log trucks and residential areas just don’t mix and that their debarking operations are noisy. They also complained that the roads and some of the terminal area itself is in a slide hazard area and that a slide could be triggered by the vibrations of hundreds of logging trucks a month using Moore Drive.

Community Director Derrick Tokos said that such concerns do not belong in a discussion of a Traffic Impact Analysis which the testimony, by rules of the hearing, should be addressing. Tokos has said in the past that there are no geologic hazards involved with the road. Public Works Director Tim Gross has also said in past meetings that he doesn’t believe trucks cause earthquakes and that most landslides are the result of excess amounts of water, adding that he doesn’t know if truck vibrations could have an impact or not.

Other neighbors again raised concerns about invasive species getting into Yaquina Bay – that enforcement is lax, posing a threat to our local marine ecology. Others said Yaquina Bay should be shipping finished, high value wood products, not raw longs.

Newport/Port Log Truck Task Force member Oly Olsen told the planning commission that Newport should clear the air about the status of Moore Drive, pointing out that there are mixed reports on whether the street is an official truck route. Some say it is, some say it isn’t. He urged the planning commission to urge the city council to go through the proper public hearing procedures to establish Moore Drive as a truck route, if that’s what the city wants. Others said the road was built for trucks when log shipments were booming in the 80′s and early 90′s. One member of the audience said “If it’s got 9 to 14 inches of asphalt over a deep road bed and accommodates heavy truck traffic even today, most of it bound for fish processors along the Bayfront, it’s a truck route.”


The planning commission summarily punted after hearing all the testimoney, saying they’ll keep the record open for another week. After that commissioners will re-read the reports and public testimony surrounding the Traffic Impact Analysis and then, on May 13th they’ll likely vote whether to uphold Community Director Derrick Tokos’ opinion that the analysis was adequate. Their vote will be forwarded on to the city council which will make it’s decision sometime after that.


Teevin Brothers has been saying they need three months to move in, lay down 9 acres of asphalt and begin receiving logs. Depending on the city council’s vote and whether project opponents want to continue their fight, log shipments could be in full swing by the Fall. However it’s pretty hard to work much later than that in the woods after the heavy rains arrive.

factory sew.4-7-13

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Apr 232013

11:55pm Monday
Authorities were called to a domestic disturbance on Spring Street in Newport late Monday evening. Arriving officers spotted one of the suspects take off running north on Spring. Officers caught up with him near the brown condos overlooking Jump Off Joe. But while detaining him he began to scuffle with officers. He was further subdued.

Situation in hand. Male involved at 612 NW 10th is enroute to the jail where he’s expected to be booked for aggravated assault and resisting arrest. Victim of the assault is a male who is being treated for neck pain by paramedics.


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Apr 162013

Upper and Lower Big Creek Reservoirs Shows increased inundation by strengthening and raising the dams. Dark Blue: Current level Light Blue: Bigger Lakes

Upper and Lower Big Creek Reservoirs
Shows increased inundation by strengthening and raising the dams.
Dark Blue: Current level
Light Blue: Wider/deeper upper lake

Etherington Property - claim urban growth boundary inclusion will reduce their property values.

Etherington Property – claim urban growth boundary inclusion will reduce their property values.

Newport attorney Dennis Bartoldus asked the city council Monday night to leave his clients’ property out of the city’s water system enhancement plans. Bartoldus told the council that by putting the Etherington’s home inside what’s called Newport’s Urban Growth Boundary, the boundary aimed at better protecting the town’s drinking water supply, the couple’s property values would drop. They say the quiet rural setting is what gives the home its value which would be substantially reduced if the property became part of the city’s urban growth boundary – and then later annexed into the city.

newport.home 4-3-13

But Community Development Director Derrick Tokos said expanding the city’s urban growth boundary, as a prelude to annexation some day, would give the city greater control over what activities could be allowed on the hillsides surrounding the only water supply for all of Newport. Tokos briefly reviewed the Big Creek Reservoirs’ advancing age and the likelihood that the lower dam would fail in the event of a large earthquake and that the upper dam is not in much better shape. Again, by lassoing the two lakes and bringing them inside the city’s urban growth boundary, it would give the city effective control of the fate of the lakes in terms of water quality.

A state planning representative asked why not allow the county planning department and the county commission to regulate those hillsides because, under state land regulations, those lands must remain timberland, anyway?


When that idea got nowhere with the council, Bartoldus offered a compromise which would allow the the urban growth boundary to be placed just outside the property’s main building area or about sixty feet north of Big Creek Gravel Road. Tokos and Public Works Director Tim Gross said “that might work. Let’s talk about it.”

Although the public hearing on the matter was closed, testimony will be admissible for the next week with the latest developments in the negotiations presented to the city council on May 6th for a possible decision. Another resident who lives close to the upper reservoir at its the east end said he was startled to hear that part of the access road to his home would be destroyed by raising the level of the dam. But Tokos said should that happen, the city would be legally obligated to build him a new access road to his residence. Norm Ferber seemed satisfied with the response.


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Apr 112013
Re-opening is now Monday, April 15

Re-opening is now Monday, April 15

Message from the pool crew:

OK swimming fans, it will Monday before you can use the Newport Swimming Pool.

Why the delay again, you ask?

Well, the water temperature is only 68 degrees because the heating boiler had a corroded switch that kept allowing it to turn off. The good news is that a new switch has been ordered and a used one has been installed to keep the boiler working until the new one arrives.

This seems to be all that is preventing us from opening back up. It will be exactly two months of shut down and everyone’s swim pass will be extended accordingly. Please call the pool on Monday to make sure we are operational. 541.265.7770 We are truly sorry for this delay.


The Staff

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Apr 112013

Come and watch 15,000 acres of orchards of apple, pear, and cherry trees explode into bloom as well as farm stands, alpacas, wineries, and unparalleled scenery.

Discover the blossom festival magic when the entire area is covered in pink and pearly white blossoms in April each year. There will be an opportunity to visit the Apple Valley Country Store offering 50 varieties of jams, syrups, etc…with lots of free samples.

Enjoy the fresh air as we board the Excursion Train Ride from the depot in Hood River for an exciting ride Sunday morning, and an excellent way to see the sights of the Columbia River Gorge region and the famed Mount Hood and Mount Adams. What happens on the train??? Time will tell.


This exciting adventure will begin Saturday, April 27 and return on Sunday, April 28, 2013. We will leave the Newport 60+ Activity Center sharply at 9:00 am and will return approximately 6:00 pm on Sunday evening. The cost of this trip is $166.00. This includes transportation, room, Sunday breakfast, train ride, and box lunch on the train.

You need to call the Newport 60+ Activity Center at 541-265-9617 or come by the office at 20 SE 2nd Street to reserve your seat.

Newport 60+ Activity Center
(541) 265-9617
20 SE 2nd Street, Newport, OR, 97365
Visit our Website and find us on Facebook


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Apr 112013

Occupy Newport Highway 101 @ 20

Occupy Newport
Highway 101 @ 20

Occupy Sign

Occupy Sign

From Community Activist Rio Davidson

Community Rights Reading group

Join a group discussion and Community Rights Reading group. We are calling on all people of the Newport community to get together and decide what we want for our community. This starts with understanding how we get what we want. Our group is inviting all of you to join us in a ten-week reading course. We will try to get together every week or every other week and talk about the course. This reading group will bring us to together to study before we embark on defining the community we want.

Before we can start defining that, we need more people involved (going to church groups, other groups, etc.), with a presentation, a radio show, etc. We need to know how to talk to them, how to emphasize what is wrong with our community and with the country at this stage. The course offers each of us three or four articles a week to read. Paul Cienfuegos (Portland-based social/economic/political activist) recommends that this course be the introduction to the important work being done across America.


The study group, Democracy School, workshops, etc. are to make us good, convincing speakers for a new community. If we don´t do this we will probably define a community in a “myopic” way. We need to be far-sighted. We really hope to be able to get as many people together on this as we can. Our next meeting is on Wednesday April 17th at the Visual Arts center at 6:30pm.

Please remember that the Democracy school is scheduled for May 10th and 11th in Mcminnville.
The course is titled “Challenge Corporate Power, Assert the People’s Rights, A Campaign of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, U.S. Section”


You can access the course at


I – Introduction Session I – Historical Overview of the Corporate Taking of Our Authority to Govern Session III – Corporate Personhood Session IV – The Regulatory State V – Private Property and the Recovery of the Commons VI – People’s and Workers’ Resistance Movements Session VII – Economic Development and Militarism Session IX – What Does Democracy Look Like? Session X – Where Do We Go From Here: Local Campaign Development Appendix –

For more info contact me at riodavidson@gmail.com


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Apr 022013
Newport High School Safe Grad Night Committee

Newport High School
Safe Grad Night Committee

A message to the community from Newport High Safe Grad Night Committee

Parents and guardians of graduating Newport High School Seniors, Class of 2013, are carrying on the tradition of providing a fun and safe graduation night that will become a lifetime memory for our children. We take pride in giving this gift from the parents to their graduating seniors. More importantly, statistics show that since the onset of all night non-alcohol and drug-free supervised parties, there has been a significant reduction in teen fatalities associated with graduation night. The Class of 2013 Grad Night Committee has been hard at work for months. The tickets for the popular annual Grad Night Raffle are now available. Tickets are $10.00 each; 3 for $25 or 7 for $50.


Roby’s Furniture has once again offered our grand prize with a light in color dresser and 2 matching night stands valued at nearly $3,500! We also have many other fabulous prizes donated by many generous businesses like Toby Murry’s with a Vegas vacation for two, which includes airfare and Hotel. Many more great prizes will be given away on May 8th at a home baseball game against Taft at Frank V Wade Memoorial Field, located at 1445 NE Big Creek Rd. Tickets are available through a senior parent or at TLC Credit Union in Newport , off Hwy 101 and Western Title Company of Newport off Hwy 101. Anyone who would like more information or would like to make a contribution, please contact us by mail at PO Box 158, Newport, Oregon 97365 or email us at cubs2013@outlook.com.


Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 9.59.01 PM


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Apr 022013
Nancy Steinberg (L) and Newport Mayor Sandy Roumagoux hold up the new Tree City USA flag the city can now fly with Arborial Distinction

Nancy Steinberg (L) and Newport Mayor Sandy Roumagoux (R) hold up the new Tree City USA flag the city can now fly with Arborial Distinction

The city of Newport has joined the ranks of Tree City USA towns around America. A number of Oregon towns have been Tree City USA towns for over thirty years, including Salem, Portland, Eugene, and Sunriver. Tillamook has been one for 25 years, Toledo and Philomath for 18, and Lincoln City for 4. In all, 54 Oregon cities fly the Tree City USA flag.

Tree City USA booster Nancy Steinberg helped lead the charge to get Newport into the fold by following a process that included a group of children eager to plant a tree last summer next to the city’s recreation center. They did so with great gusto and while learning why trees are so vital to the health and well being of all communities that plant them and take good care of them.


Below is a list of reasons why becoming a Tree City USA town is a good thing to do:

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 11.09.05 AM


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