Sep 272010

Lincoln City City Councilor Sharon Cannon who recently began moving out of her home in City Council Ward 1 and moving into her new home in City Council Ward 3, told her fellow councilors Monday night that by doing so she is announcing she no longer will be living in the ward from which she was elected. And since she no longer lives in Ward 1, she is technically ineligible to continue serving on the city council. Her term is up December 31st anyway, and she had decided some time ago she would not run for the seat. That leaves candidates Henry Quandt and Avette Gaiser to duke it out for her seat on the council.

Cannon drew warm praise for her service on the council to which she was elected to serve out the term of another councilor who left the seat a year early. Continue reading »

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Sep 232010

Tracking homeless school students in Lincoln County just got a bit more effective, according to Lincoln County School District Homeless Coordinator Katey Townsend. Townsend said Lincoln County’s homeless student count for the 2009-10 school year was 411 children, down slightly from the previous year, but adds she expects that count to quite possibly rise in the current year due to more homeless outreach workers in the schools. Last year there were three. This year there are five workers surveying school kids district-wide.

Townsend says the homeless outreach program is largely federal funded. Statewide figures on student homelessness were released this week, showing a wide range between districts. The highest rate, one in five, was tallied in a Medford area school district, the lowest was zero as indicated in select districts in a number of counties including Baker, Harney, Wheeler, Union and others. Taking averages among the larger metro areas, Beaverton was 4.2%, Medford 9.4%, Portland 2.3%, Salem-Keizer 2%, Bend-LePine 5.1%, Eugene 3.4%, Douglas 4.8% and Klamath Falls 12.9%.

A wide disparity among some districts, including Portland compared to its neighboring counties, has raised concern among school district administrators who are coming up with reasons why. They say some districts are not making the effort to accurately count the homeless children among them. Portland schools officials are quoted in the Portland Oregonian as saying “we need to do a better job. We know there is more homelessness among our students than a mere 2.3%.”

Here in Lincoln County, Katey Townsend says the district has strengthened their outreach to homeless students. Students qualify to be considered homeless if they “couch surf” night to night, live in a motel, car, friend’s house, abandoned building, the gamut. Lincoln County’s student homeless rate is estimated at around 8%, a slight drop from 2008-09. But again with a near doubling of homeless outreach workers, Townsend expects the 2010-11 year to bump up a bit.

Townsend says the district does more than count homeless children. She says the district has established three Family Literacy Resource Centers; one at Taft Elementary in south Lincoln City, another at Yaquina View School in Newport, and a third at Toledo’s Arcadia Elementary. A private, non-profit resource center in Waldport is located at the Seashore Family Resource Center on Bay Street near Waldport High School.
Townsend says the centers give families clothing, hygiene products, dinner plates, utensils, and books. Occasional “Read and Feed” sessions are also held at the centers in which children are read to as they enjoy a balanced hot meal. Families are also referred to community food banks which report they are keeping up (for now) thanks to the generosity of local residents. They say they are handing out food to more and more “average families” who have never been needy or homeless in their lives, until now.

Townsend says they always need more volunteers for their Family Literacy Resource Centers. Volunteers perform a variety of tasks from reading to children to helping parents access other resources in the community for health, housing, food, psychological counseling and family income and budgeting. She said baby-boomer retirees are prime candidates in that they have free time, for the most part, and are looking for ways to be more involved in their communities in a deeply meaningful way. Townsend says volunteers can help as much as they are comfortable with; from one hour a day on up. Those who would like more information on volunteering should call Katey Townsend at 541-265-4506.

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Sep 182010

Cindy Ann Neal, 53

A Lincoln City woman has been arrested for robbery and attempted robbery of a liquor store on SW 101. Lincoln City Police say Cindy Ann Neal walked into the Lincoln City Liquor Store, picked out a bottle of liquor and headed for the check out stand. When she got there they say Neal handed the clerk some money. When the clerk opened the register to give her change, Neal blurted out “This is a hold-up. Give me all your money.”

The clerk apparently had no intention of giving Neal the money. Instead she told Neal she was calling 9-1-1 and proceeded to do just that. Police say Neal struggled with the clerk but eventually fled. A description went out over the police radio and a surveillance picture was released to the news media. Police figured out who the woman was and set out to find her. They eventually spotted her at the Shell Station at the north end of Lincoln City and took her into custody.

Neal was booked into the Lincoln County Jail on charges of robbery, attempted robbery, kidnapping and coercion. Neal’s bail was set at $300,000.

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Sep 152010

Lincoln County Commission, Wednesday

Lincoln County Commissioners are teaming up with Lincoln City officials again in trying to win upgrades from Qwest to ensure that local phone service is not knocked out so easily during harsh winter storms in north Lincoln County.

Earlier attempts to win such cooperation from Qwest has proved unsuccessful before the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC). County Counsel Wayne Belmont told his commissioners today that he’s hoping the county and Lincoln City will convince the state PUC to re-open the request for greater phone system technical redundancy now that Qwest is trying to merge with another large phone company, Century Link. Continue reading »

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Sep 142010

Lincoln County School District Facilities chief Rich Belloni says now that they’re poised to get a $750,000 check from Lincoln City to complete the sale of the old Delake Elementary School, the next step will be to figure out how they want to spend the money. Belloni says normal procedure is to use it for one-shot major maintenance or facility improvements. They’re trying to figure out which one it should be. Continue reading »

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Sep 132010

What will no doubt further fuel an already hot debate, the Lincoln City City Council voted unanimously Monday night (Mayor Hollingsworth absent) to officially launch what will probably be a long process to annex the 1,200 homes in the Roads End area into the city. City Councilors maintained that it’s time that Roads End residents and property owners become part of the city and to begin paying for the municipal services they already enjoy, but for which they do not pay. Even Roads End water bills, they say, do not reflect the full cost of delivering water to the Roads End area since most of the heavy financial lifting for nine million dollars in water system improvements are being shouldered largely by city taxpayers. Councilors also pointed out that road, police, park, recreation and tourism promotion are paid for by Lincoln City residents which, again, are enjoyed by Roads End residents at virtually no cost. Continue reading »

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Sep 132010

Lincoln City City Manager David Hawker told his city council Monday evening that although the city continues to lose a considerable amount of its water to leaky pipes, many of the biggest leaks have been fixed with more targeted in the near future.

Hawker told the council that when Lincoln City was formed in 1965, through the combining of a number of small coastal towns, their far flung, and often cheaply installed, water systems were connected together. And leaks are common among them. He said over time city crews will fix many leaks but that new ones will always spring up. It’s a never ending process. Currently, the city is fixing 20-25 leaks a year. Over the years, as streets are repaved, crews will check for water leaks among the buildings they see (street main connections) and fix any leaks they encounter. Continue reading »

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Sep 132010

Three people were arrested over the weekend in a drug related case which started out on Highway 229 between Toledo and Siletz as a traffic stop for speeding. When the deputy tried to pull the black Honda coupe over, the Honda took off at high speed. The deputy said the car turned onto an old logging road and almost immediately got stuck.

During a search of the vehicle, the deputy said he found several prescription Morphine pills under the seat that Kristopher Bergey (left), 41, Toledo, was sitting. He was charged with illegal possession of a controlled substance. Driver Charelle Posey (not pictured), 22, of Lincoln City was arrested and booked into the county jail for Felony Attempt to Elude an officer. Continue reading »

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Sep 092010

An actress who who preferred the beach to the Bates Motel will be in Lincoln City this weekend to offer a rare treat for the ‘well heeled’ to be parted from some of their money to dine with one of Alfred Hitchcock’s notorious ‘femme fatales.’

The squealing and screeching dive-bombing details can only be found in the pages of the Portland Oregonian.

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Sep 082010

Provided by Driftwood Library, Lincoln City

After a hiatus during its renovation last year, Driftwood Public
Library is pleased to announce that it will be presenting the 7th
year of its Dark and Stormy Night Mystery Series this October. A
different mystery author will visit the library each Thursday
afternoon in October (and the first Thursday in November) at 4:00
p.m. to speak to readers about their work. Continue reading »

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