May 272012

The 67th Annual Fleet of Flowers gets underway Monday, Memorial Day, inside the harbor. It’s a day that Depoe Bay honors the memory and sacrifice of America’s armed forces veterans who have lost their lives in wars aimed at protecting and preserving American freedoms.

After official ceremonies are wrapped up dockside, boats adorned with flowers from bow to stern will motor out into the bay and cast their flowers upon the waters in silent tribute to those veterans, and two others; two fishermen who lost their lives many years ago trying to help another fisherman in distress off the coast.

Full details of Fleet of Flowers can be seen by clicking here.

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May 302011

Memorial Day in Depoe Bay always means Fleet of Flowers, where the town and citizens beyond remember not only our nation’s fallen military, but also our fallen fishermen at sea. The tradition of Fleet of Flowers was first envisioned because of a tragic day in early October, 1936. Two Depoe Bay fishermen set out on an angry sea to try to rescue another fisherman just off shore who was in grave danger. Fishermen Roy Bower and Jack Chambers along with the distressed fisherman they tried to save drowned that day. A memorial stone with a plaque honoring Roy Bower and Jack Chambers was erected on an overlook of the bay. Some years later fishing vessel Captain George Lemon, who was also a Commander in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, helped create the Fleet of Flowers event, commemorating those two brave fishermen that endures to this day, its 66th annual Fleet of Flowers.

Prayer and Blessing of the Fleet was offered by Pastor Mark Scott, Bayside Chapel.

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May 272011

Depoe Bay’s annual commemoration of all those lost at sea, either through war, accident or storm will roll out their flower adorned boats Monday, May 30th at 11am.

The event will commence with bagpipes by Wylie McKinnnon. The presentation of armed forces service flags will be followed by the presentation of the American Flag accompanied by our National Anthem.

The welcoming address will be given by Commander John Welch, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 53, followed by the introduction of guests by Depoe Bay Mayor Carol Connors. Guest Speaker will be Master Chief Tom McAdams of the Coast Guard. He’ll be followed by a second Guest Speaker Chief Chewescla Wllliam H. Depoe.

Following Chief Depoe’s remarks Pastor Mark Scott, of Bayside Chapel will offer prayer and a blessing to the fleet with an accompanied fly-over by a rescue helicopter from the Coast Guard Station North Bend.

After the fly-over, members of the Depoe Bay Fire District will perform the “Laying of the Wreath” as taps are blown by Brad Capshaw.

June Rushing will provide the closing music with the song “Amazing Grace.”

Once performed, the flower adorned fleet of boats will proceed out to sea from the world’s smallest harbor around which dwells a community whose respect and love for those lost at sea are boundless. The procession of boats will form a column formation, then form a circle, and following the dropping of the first wreath from the Coast Guard helicopter, all boats will cast their flowers upon the water.

A reception at the Coast Guard Motor Life Boat Station will follow the ceremony.

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