Many low income Oregonians not getting adequate levels of defense in court

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Dec 132018

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A just-issued review and report has been issued on how well low income criminal defendants are represented in court here in Oregon. The report strongly suggests that the more rural the area the less vigorous their attorneys perform. The report also suggests remedies that would help to guarantee a defendant’s right to due process and a fair and thorough trial.

The story is in The Oregonian. Click Here.

Come celebrate the longest night of the year in Lincoln City!!

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Dec 122018

Lincoln City City Hall
and Library (2nd floor)

Driftwood Public Library would like to welcome you to join us for our 14th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration. This event will be held Friday, December 21st at 6:30 PM in the Driftwood Public Library Distad Reading Room. The library will remain open after it’s normal 6:00 closing time, so please arrive early.

Winter Solstice is the official first day of winter and has been a special moment of the year for many centuries. Cultures around the world have marked this occasion in many diverse ways as a time of hope and reflection.

The Winter Solstice Celebration is open to all ages and will include musical performances, readings, poetry, and dance that honor the winter season.

Refreshments will be provided at the end of the program.

This free event is sponsored by The Friends of Driftwood Public Library.

Driftwood Public Library is located on the second floor of the Lincoln City City Hall building at 801 SW Highway 101 in Lincoln City. Any questions about this or any other library event can be directed to Ken Hobson at 541-996-1242 or via e-mail at, or Teena Nelson at 541-996-1258 or Please visit the library’s website at

Lots of Walport Fun Bearing Down on Christmas!

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Dec 122018

1. Sunday, December 16, 2018, 3-5PM – Free Christmas Portraits for the Waldport Families
Venue: Waldport Community Center
Sponsor: Waldport Women of the Moose Chapter 1124 Community & Service Committee

2. Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 12nn-4PM (or till gone) – 3rd Annual Waldport Community Christmas Dinner – FREE MEAL for All! Meals will also delivered to our elderly and disabled members of Waldport community. Please call 541-563-2129 for meals delivery, or for more info, please call Jim Elkins at 5841-270-6518.
Venue: Waldport Moose Lodge, 250 NW John St. Waldport, OR
Host: Waldport Moose Lodge and Waldport Community Christmas Dinner Inc.

3. The 3rd ANNUAL WALDPORT COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS DINNER Committee is looking for Volunteers to help prepare the food, as well as servers & kitchen helpers during the event, and drivers for meal deliveries. Please call Jim at 541-270-6518. Thank you!

From our Waldport Moose Lodge Family, wishing you and yours a Wonderful Christmas and Blessed Happy New Year!

On the Road to Retirement, Beware of These Five Risks

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Dec 122018

Click here for Details

Duane J. Silbernagel
Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed

On the Road to Retirement, Beware of These Five Risks
Provided By: Duane J. Silbernagel

On your journey to retirement, you’ll likely face many risks that have the potential to throw you off course. Following are five common challenges retirement investors face. Take some time now to review and understand them before your journey takes an unplanned detour.

1. Traveling aimlessly
Setting out on an adventure without a definitive destination can be exciting, but probably not when it comes to saving for retirement. As you begin your retirement strategy, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is identifying a goal. While some people prefer to establish one big lump-sum accumulation amount — for example, $1 million or more — others find that type of number daunting. They might focus on how much their savings will need to generate each month during retirement — say, the equivalent of $5,000 in today’s dollars, for example. (“In today’s dollars” refers to the fact that inflation will likely increase your future income needs. These examples are for illustrative purposes only. They are not meant as investment advice.)

Regardless of the approach you follow, setting a goal may help you better focus your investment strategy. In order to set a realistic target, you’ll need to consider a number of factors — your desired lifestyle, pre-retirement income, health, Social Security benefits, any traditional pension benefits you or your spouse may be entitled to, and others. Examining your personal situation both now and in the future can help you determine how much you may need to accumulate.

2. Investing too conservatively…
Another key to determining how much you may need to save on a regular basis is targeting an appropriate rate of return, or how much your contribution dollars may earn on an ongoing basis. Afraid of losing money, some retirement investors choose only the most conservative investments, hoping to preserve their hard-earned assets. However, investing too conservatively can be risky, too. If your investment dollars do not earn enough, you may end up with a far different retirement lifestyle than you had originally planned.

3. …Or too aggressively
On the other hand, retirement investors striving for the highest possible returns might select investments that are too risky for their overall situations. Although you might consider investing at least some of your retirement portfolio in more aggressive investments to potentially outpace inflation, the amount you invest in such higher-risk vehicles should be based on a number of factors. Appropriate investments for your retirement savings mix are those that take into consideration your total savings goal, your time horizon (or how much time you have until retirement), and your ability to withstand changes in your account’s value. Would you be able to sleep at night if your portfolio lost 10%, 15%, even 20% of its overall value over a short time period? These are the types of scenarios you must consider when choosing an investment mix.

4. Giving in to temptation
On the road to retirement, you will likely face many financial challenges as well — the unplanned need for a new car, an unexpected home repair, an unforeseen medical expense are just some examples.
During these trying times, your retirement savings may loom as a potential source of emergency funding. But think twice before tapping your retirement savings assets, particularly if your money is in an employer-sponsored retirement plan or an IRA. Consider that:
• Any dollars you remove from your portfolio will no longer be working for your future
• You may have to pay regular income taxes on distribution amounts that represent tax-deferred investment dollars and earnings
• If you’re under age 591⁄2, you may have to pay an additional penalty tax of 10% to 25% (depending on the type of plan and other factors; some exceptions apply)
For these reasons, it’s best to carefully consider all of your options before using money earmarked for retirement.

5. Prioritizing college saving over retirement
Many well-meaning parents may feel that saving for their children’s college education should be a higher priority than saving for their own retirement. “We can continue working, if needed,” or “our home will fund our retirement,” they may think. However, these can be very risky trains of thought. While no parent wants his or her children to take on a heavy debt burden to pay for education, loans are a common and realistic college-funding option — not so for retirement. If saving for both college and retirement seems impossible, consider speaking with a financial professional who can help you explore the variety of tools and options.
No investment strategy can guarantee success. All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of your contribution dollars. There is no assurance that working with a financial professional will result in investment success.

I hope you found this beneficial and informational. For more information about me and my services, visit my website:

Thank you for your interest.

Duane Silbernagel is a Financial Advisor in Lincoln City, Oregon offering securities through Waddell & Reed, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC. He can be reached at (541) 614-1322 or via email at
This article is meant to be general in nature and should not be construed as investment or financial advice related to your personal situation. The article was written by an independent third party, Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. (Copyright 2018) and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Waddell& Reed is not affiliated with website and is not responsible for any other content posted to this website. (10/18)

3 Oregon men arrested in suspected white supremacist attack on tavern DJ

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Dec 122018

A brutal racist attack on a tavern music DJ has landed the attackers in jail in suburban Seattle. Three arrested are from Oregon.

Three Oregon men were among white supremacists arrested for an attack on a black disc jockey at a tavern in Washington over the weekend.

Seven men and one woman were arrested for investigation of assault, hate crimes and other allegations early Saturday in suburban Seattle during which a black DJ was beaten while his attackers yelled racial slurs at him.

Here’s the story in The Oregonian. Click here.

Grief and Loss during the holidays….

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Dec 122018

Grief and loss during the holidays

Family, togetherness and celebrations are main themes during the holidays. As we grow up we are consistently told that the holidays are times for connecting with those we love. We have traditions that are followed year in and year out. The same foods are shared, gifts are exchanged and our homes are decorated. Walking into any store with the holiday music and decorations reminds us of the holidays.

These traditions or customs can feel like an injury if we have experienced grief or loss through death, divorce or illness. It reminds us of the good times and the togetherness we will no longer share with the loved one. Watching others celebrate when feeling overwhelmed, lonely or sad can be very painful. Holidays force us to recognize, once again, how much our lives have changed .

Although grief and loss are part of life, it comes in many different ways. Many grief specialists have compared grief and loss to a ride on a roller coaster. To some it can be a frightening ride, to others it can produce anxiety at unpredictable times. It is the plunge into the unknown that overwhelms and isolates us.

Here are some strategies that may help you or someone you know that is experiencing grief and loss at this time,

Set realistic expectations for yourself. Remember that this year is different from years past. Ask yourself if you want to continue the traditions or customs of the past.

Start a new tradition. During this time of year, create a tradition to honor the loved one or past memories. Go out to dinner instead of creating an decorative and festive meal. Or schedule a trip with friends or family.

Surround yourself with those who love and support you. Share your feelings and memories with others who may also miss the traditions of the past.

Help someone else. Consider donating a gift in memory of your loved one. Invite friends who might otherwise be alone to your home. Offer your services and time to non-profits.

Give yourself time. The grieving process cannot be managed in a prescribed manner. Every individual has his/her own unique grief experience and may have different needs during the holidays.

Take care of yourself. Try to avoid the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Stay active. Keep a journal of your journey through grief and your recovery. Buy yourself something frivolous.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to commemorate the holidays and to know that grief is a wild and crazy ride.

As once stated, “Grief is something you never really get over, but you put it in a place inside you and deal with it the way you have to,” Laura Branigan, singer and actress.

If you are interested in participating in a grief recovery group please contact me at (925) 550-0361.

Submitted by Nancy Resnikoff, M.A., LMFT

Holiday Model Train Show on 2nd and 3rd weekends in December!

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Dec 122018

Toledo Railroad Station
Downtown Toledo

The Lincoln City Kiwanis model train set previously exhibited in Lincoln City will be featured at the Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society’s (YPRHS) holiday model train show the second and third weekends of December. The show will include HO scale, N scale, and Z scale model trains. A 1996 LEGO train will also be included.

The show’s hours vary to give people flexibility in scheduling holiday activities. It will run from 4 pm to 7 pm on Fridays, December 14th and 21st; 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays, December 15th and 22nd; and noon to 4 pm on Sundays, December 16th and 23rd. It will be held in the Toledo Depot building, across the street from the YPRHS’s museum and the Toledo Post Office. The Depot is also down the hill from the AWPPW Local 13 Union Hall.

A selection of model train cars and accessories will be available for purchase. Admission to the show is free. Donations are appreciated.

YPRHS is dedicated to educating the public on the historical and present impact of economic development of the railroad, its people, and its machinery in Lincoln County through preservation, interpretation, and restoration. It operates the Yaquina Pacific Railroad Museum, sells related books, and has an extensive library about railroads.

Newport Port Commission meeting coming up…

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Dec 122018

Port of Newport
Dean Sawyer photo

The Port of Newport Board of Commissioners will meet for the Regular Commission Meeting at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at the South Beach Marina and RV Activities Room, 2120 SE Marine Science Dr., Newport, OR 97365.

The main item on the meeting agenda is a request to extend the timeline for interviewing applicants interested in becoming the port’s new Port Manager.

The Activities Room is accessible to people with disabilities. A request for an interpreter for the hearing impaired or for other accommodations for persons of disabilities should be made at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting to the Port of Newport Administrative Office at 541- 265-7758.

4-H Christmas Tree Farm Closed!

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Dec 122018

4-H Christmas Tree Sale is all sold out….

4-H Christmas Tree Farm Closure

Due to overwhelming demand and the incredible support of the community, 4-H has SOLD OUT of Christmas Trees for 2018.

Unfortunately, there will be no sales for the balance of the year as previously planned. Prime Cuts Ranchers 4-H Club, Surfriders 4-H Club and 4-H Market Auction Youth would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Lincoln County for their generous support at the inaugural Christmas Tree Fundraising event. See’s Candy is still available for purchase through the Anchor Point Archery Club. Please contact Heather Tower at the Extension Office for details.

Lincoln County 4-H appreciates the continued support from the people of Lincoln County and looks forward to hosting the Christmas Tree Fundraiser for 2019.

Lincoln County 4-H Youth Development is focused on helping young people learn and grow through an intentional process that builds competence, confidence, connection, compassion and character. This fundraiser is teaching youth business management and customer service skills, while promoting a strong work ethic. Research has shown that by participating in 4-H, young people prepare themselves for economic and social success in adulthood. For more information about the Lincoln County 4-H Program, contact the OSU Extension Office, 541-574-6534.

Sea Otter Holding Facility Fully Funded—Thanks to YOU!

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Dec 122018

You “otter” pay a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium! for lots of photos and a video!

Newport, Oregon – On Giving Tuesday, the Oregon Coast Aquarium announced a campaign to build a new sea otter holding facility. The facility would allow the Aquarium to take in an additional rescued sea otter and facilitate new Behind-the-Scenes guest experiences. Thanks to generous donations from Aquarium supporters, the sea otter holding facility has been fully funded!

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is one of only thirteen rehabilitation facilities across North America authorized to accept rescued sea otters—but all are at full capacity. The addition of the sea otter holding facility will allow the Aquarium to take in a non-releasable injured or abandoned sea otter pup that would otherwise have nowhere to go. An additional sea otter would join the Aquarium’s three rescued male sea otters, Nuka, Schuster and Oswald.

Construction on the sea otter holding facility will begin this Spring. Thanks to the success of the campaign, construction of the facility will include a Behind-the-Scenes, interactive design. The Aquarium has plans to develop a sea otter encounter program, which will promote guest education on sea otter natural history and the importance of sea otters to coastal ecosystems.

Over two hundred and twenty-five individuals donated to the sea otter holding facility campaign through social media, member mailing, the Aquarium website and call-ins. Most were first-time donors.

One anonymous donor found out about the Aquarium’s need for the facility on NPR. After hearing the broadcast, the donor contacted the Aquarium to sponsor the rest of the funds needed for the facility in memory of the late Dr. Nélio Baptista Barros. Dr. Barros was a pioneer in marine mammal research and an active member of the Latin American research community in the U.S. and abroad. Prior to his passing in 2010, Dr. Barros conducted ecological research with Portland State University and helped coordinate the Marine Mammal Stranding Network in Oregon and Washington.

“We met [Dr. Barros] twice, and he struck both of us as very dedicated to his work,” said the anonymous donor. “Children were drawn to him because of his warmth and his treatment of them as equals. Both times I saw him, he was surrounded by a crowd of children hanging on his every word.”

The addition of the sea otter holding facility is part of the Aquarium’s expanded wildlife rehabilitation mission. A future Marine Wildlife Center will increase capacity for marine life rescue and rehabilitation, safeguard the Aquarium’s current animal collection, improve conditions for rehabilitation, and create an opportunity for hands-on learning.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium creates unique and engaging experiences that connect you to the Oregon Coast and inspire ocean conservation. An accredited Association of Zoos & Aquariums institution, this 501(c)3 non-profit organization is ranked as one of the top 10 aquariums in the U.S. Visit us at 2820 S.E. Ferry Slip Rd., Newport, OR., 541-867-3474. Follow us on, or for the latest updates.

Become a Lincoln County OSU Master Gardener!!

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Dec 122018

Eating healthier!
Lynn Ketchum photo

Love to garden and can’t wait to share your experiences? Always wanted to learn more about the art or science of gardening?
We invite you to become a Lincoln County Master Gardener volunteer.  Registration is open until December 18, 2018.  Class size is limited so register early. 
Master Gardeners™ are community members with an active interest in gardening. We are enthusiastic about gardening and willing to learn, and in turn, help other community members improve their gardening skills.  As a Oregon State Master Gardener™ volunteer, we have access to advanced training from university researchers and horticultural specialists.
After completing the Master Gardener™ training, we volunteer throughout Lincoln County reaching out to community members at our five demonstration gardens, spending time at our plant clinic help desk working on real garden issues, promoting the benefits and joys of gardening at community events, and of course, working with other gardening enthusiasts.   

Join us as a Lincoln County Master Gardener. You’ll become a better gardener and have fun doing so.  
For more information visit:  
Or contact Pami Monnette, Program Coordinator

More dire warnings about doing nothing to challenge climate change…

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Dec 122018

Mary DeMocker on Climate Change at HMSC

On Thursday, about 115 people attended a talk about the role each of us can play in helping to combat climate change. Mary DeMocker, a Eugene resident, was the speaker. She is author of the highly acclaimed book “The Parents Guide to Climate Revolution”. She stressed effective and empowering actions, not only for those with children, but for everyone. The talk was sponsored by the MidCoast Watersheds Council, Central Coast, and the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Newport Group.

DeMocker said that far from scaring kids, helping them and supporting them take action makes for happier and more engaged children. She also insisted that you can “stop blaming yourself”. You don’t have to give up your SUV or eating meat or similar. “While those lifestyle actions feel good and do matter, they won’t save us”. She mentioned the latest scientific studies that said we have about 12 years to turn things around; warming and its effects are accelerating and will get worse, with more severe fires, tornados, hurricanes, and droughts. Democker insisted that “there are easy things we can do to change our system—not just our light bulbs”.

It is easy to get overwhelmed, DeMocker said, but focus on “identifying the big prize, the thing that will pull us back from the tipping point.” That thing is bold policy changes that will quickly slash emissions to cut back on climate pollution and transition the U.S. to 100% renewables by 2030. Scientists say it can and must be done. Then focus, she said on identifying “what blocks the big prize”. There are many key elected officials that are heavily influenced by coal, oil, gas and other polluting industries. We can all work to make that information public, actively oppose bad policies and support clean energy candidates. Other effective actions would be to sever any ties you have with JP Morgan Chase, that she says is the “worse offender” for funding oil pipelines. Check too that your bank or credit union supports clean energy endeavors and doesn’t invest in such funding.

Bill Kucha, of Central Coast, urged people to understand the power of their political voices. The Northwest has been dubbed The Thin Green Line, “where energy projects go to die,” since not one of the dozens of new fossil fuel projects that have been proposed since 2013 to help export oil and gas to Asia has gone through, mostly due to fierce public opposition. However, one of the projects, the Jordon Cove Liquified Natural Gas terminal, including the pipeline that would disrupt hundreds of salmon streams, as it traverses our state on its way to Coos Bay, is back under consideration, after two earlier denials. Kucha says that a private corporation would export fracked gas to Asia from a terminal sited on what geologists have called “one of the most dangerous tsunami subduction zones in North America. “It’s important to learn about this project, talk with neighbors, write to our governor and agencies, and show up at key hearings now to register our opposition.”

According to Paul Engelmeyer, chair of the MidCoast Watersheds Council, the crowd, far from being discouraged, seemed excited and empowered to act. “Our forests, marshes and riparian lands can offer important carbon storage benefits, he said, “and we additionally get clean water and salmon while we do so.” He urged people to support local groups working toward habitat protection and climate action. “We also hope people pick up a copy of Mary’s book, it’s an easy and empowering read”. The book is available from the publisher, New World Library, local bookstores or your library.”

Lincoln County School District Announces Three Current Openings to Serve on Budget Committee

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Dec 122018

NEWPORT, OR – December 12 – At the regular board session last night, December 11th, LCSD announced that it is seeking to fill three current openings on their budget committee. Community members are encouraged to apply by the January 2nd deadline. The application is available on the LCSD website (

The Budget Committee for LCSD consists of the five school board members and five appointed citizens from each of the five board zones. The budget committee members serve terms of three years in length, which are staggered to allow some continuity on the committee. The school board appoints the other citizens to the Committee.

There are three vacancies on the Committee at present: Zones 1 (Lincoln City area), Zone 2 (Agate Beach to south Lincoln City), and Zone 3 (Newport central).

The Zone 1 Vacancy will expire 6/30/20. Zone 2 and 3 vacancies are full three-year terms.

Applications will be available on the district website and at the District Administration office in Newport (459 SW Coast Highway, Newport, OR 97365). Applicants must be registered voters, may not be employees of LCSD and must live in the zone to which they are applying.
(Applications are available on website and the District Office and are due back on January 2, 2018.).

Newport announces vacancies on Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Committee for two alternate members

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Dec 122018

Bike Newport photo

The City of Newport is seeking applications from citizens interested in serving as alternate members on the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee meets monthly on the second Tuesday, at 5:30 P.M., at City Hall, 169 SW Coast Highway. The purpose of the Committee is to advise the City Council on issues relating to bicycle and pedestrian transportation, safety, recreation, and education. The Committee also acts as a resource to provide additional information related to the unique problems associated with non-motorized transportation. Alternate members vote in the absence of a regular Committee member.

Anyone interested in serving on this committee should apply using the city’s committee application that is found on the city website at; click on “City;” then on “Committees;” and then on “Application for Committee/Commission.” The completed form can be submitted electronically. Paper copies of the committee application form can also be obtained by contacting Peggy Hawker, at, or by telephone at 541.574.0613. The application deadline is January 3, 2019.

It is anticipated that the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee will interview interested volunteers at its meeting of January 8, 2019, and forward a recommendation to the Mayor for formal appointment.

City of Toledo Sanitary Sewer Overflow

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Dec 122018

City of Toledo Sanitary Sewer Overflow

At approximately 8:00 am, Saturday December 8th, city staff was notified of a sewer main leak on the Butler Bridge force wastewater sewer mainline. It was confirmed the wastewater sewer main had a significant break in which untreated sewage was spilling into a defined containment area and was being controlled by staff until about 3:58 pm at which time the containment was no longer manageable.

Consequently untreated sewage began spilling into an adjacent stormwater catch basin, affecting the Depot Slough, a tributary to the Yaquina River. A city contractor was promptly notified and arrived on-site at approximately 4:00 pm to evaluate and begin the repair/replacement of the damaged mainline. At approximately 8:48 pm Saturday December 8th the replaced pipe section placed in the wastewater sewer main at which time the raw sewage spill halted.

This media notice is being made now as opposed December 10th to allow for the City to accurately report the estimated volume of the spillage. The amount of sewage that left the previously mentioned containment area is approximately 146,600 gallons. Appropriate fecal coliform tests were conducted indicating no negative results; the results of which are attached to this notification.

According to Oregon standards, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Office of Emergency Services (OES) were promptly notified, along with other regulatory agencies. Appropriate signs and notices were made along the affected area. Measures were implemented at the discovery of the break to control flow towards a stormwater system.

Public Works staff acted responsibly, immediately implementing a safety plan. The Public Works Department would like to assure citizens their drinking water has not been contaminated.

For more information on this subject, please contact Public Works Director Michael J. Adams, at 541-336-2247 extension 2070 or email

Holiday Wish List Market at Neighbors for Kids

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Dec 122018

The Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market announced today its “Holiday Wish List” Market this Sunday, December 16, 2018 to benefit forty deserving families served by Neighbors For Kids (NFK), a non-profit group based out of Depoe Bay, who extends its services to kids from Lincoln City and surrounding communities. NFK provides the Kids Zone year-round, a safe, fun after-school and summer program where children ages 3-18 can learn, play and enjoy healthy meals.

To participate, shop at the Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market, purchase one or more of the items on the Neighbors For Kids Wish List and then donate it at their booth at the Market. Or, feel free to make a cash donation toward the purchase of the Wish List items available at the Market.

The Neighbors For Kids Holiday Wish List includes many items available at the Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market such as new handcrafted warm hats, mittens, scarves, and accessories; fresh locally grown and locally made holiday foods ranging from eggs and cheese to pies and jams; holiday crafts and seasonal decorations including hand-woven baskets, table cloths, placemats, and garland; and practical gift items, stocking stuffers or toys for children.

Neighbors For Kids staff and volunteers will be on hand at the Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market to accept donated purchases and cash contributions and answer your questions about NFK’s youth-serving programs.

“Holiday Wish List” Farmers & Crafters Market to benefit Neighbors For Kids
Sunday, December 16th, 10 am to 3 pm, indoors in the Lincoln City Cultural Center Auditorium.

For more information 541-921-0062
For more information, go to and or follow on and