Apr 252013
Ellen Rosenblum Oregon Attorney General

Ellen Rosenblum
Oregon Attorney General

From Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum

Ballot Tampering Conviction
Plea deal results in 90-day sentence

A former Clackamas County elections employee was sentenced today to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to official misconduct and unlawfully altering a cast ballot.

Deanna Swenson, a temporary, part-time elections employee, marked two ballots that were left partially blank by voters. Swenson’s illegal conduct did not affect the outcome of any races.

“Department of Justice investigators and prosecutors took this case from the initial tip through investigation to indictment and guilty plea in less than six months,” said Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. “Anyone attempting to subvert Oregon’s elections should know from this quick and successful prosecution that such conduct is unacceptable.”


“This prosecution sends a strong message: voter fraud will not be tolerated in Oregon,” said Secretary of State Kate Brown. “We are holding Ms. Swenson accountable for violating the public trust. Oregon has one of the strongest ballot security systems in the country. On my watch, it will remain so.”

A co-worker reported seeing Swenson altering a ballot on Oct. 31, 2012. Clackamas County elections officials immediately relieved her of her duties and notified the Secretary of State’s office, which referred it to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation. A Clackamas County grand jury in December indicted Swenson on two counts each of Unlawfully Altering a Cast Ballot, Unlawfully Voting More Than Once and Official Misconduct in the First Degree.


All counties must submit annual security plans. Clackamas County officials followed the plan in the Swenson case, said Secretary Brown.

Swenson is the 13th person to be prosecuted for voter fraud since Oregon went to all vote-by-mail elections in 2000. During that time frame, 23.8 million ballots were cast in statewide elections in Oregon.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Matthew R. McCauley prosecuted the case.


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Apr 242013

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 11.48.22 AM


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Apr 232013

Ten most wanted npd.4.23.13

If you see any of these individuals, do not approach them or take the law into your own hands. Quietly observe the situation and call 9-1-1. Tell the call taker what you see. Tell them where you are, where the wanted person is, clothing description, ect. Try to get the address along with a cross street. And let the police officers take care of things.


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Apr 232013

11:55pm Monday
Authorities were called to a domestic disturbance on Spring Street in Newport late Monday evening. Arriving officers spotted one of the suspects take off running north on Spring. Officers caught up with him near the brown condos overlooking Jump Off Joe. But while detaining him he began to scuffle with officers. He was further subdued.

Situation in hand. Male involved at 612 NW 10th is enroute to the jail where he’s expected to be booked for aggravated assault and resisting arrest. Victim of the assault is a male who is being treated for neck pain by paramedics.


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Apr 162013

April Loper Killed in car crash near Eddyville last Fall

April Loper
Killed in car crash near Eddyville last Fall

Detective Brent Gainer (R) Chief Mark Miranda (L) reading citation of Distinguished Service Award

Detective Brent Gainer (R)
Chief Mark Miranda (L) reading citation related to Distinguished Service Award

Detective Brent Gainer Distinguished Service Award

Detective Brent Gainer
Distinguished Service Award

Mayor Roumagoux affixes the award pin to Detective Gainer's uniform

Mayor Roumagoux affixes the award pin to Detective Gainer’s uniform

Veteran Newport Police Police Detective Brent Gainer was honored before the City Council Monday evening for what was described as tireless yet very savvy police work in enabling the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office to successfully convict Thomas Acosta of sexually brutalizing a woman who he had kidnapped.

Detective Gainer was the lead investigator in the April Loper case – Loper dying, along with her father, in a traffic crash just weeks before the trial was to begin. Gainer helped the prosecution glean relevant evidence derived from many hours of sifting through statements made by police officers in two states, medical personnel at PCH, family members and others in a case that many believed was unwinnable. But in the end, Thomas Acosta was convicted and sentenced to eight years in Oregon State Prison on multiple charges.

Monday night Police Chief Mark Miranda, along with Mayor Sandra Roumagoux, presented Detective Gainer with a Distinguished Service Award in a citation that accompanied it and a pin placed upon Gainer’s uniform.

Here’s the text of the award:

BRENT D. GAINER is cited for superior performance of duty from December 2011 to February 2013 while assigned to the Detective Division of the Newport Police Department. He became the lead detective in the April Loper kidnapping case, coordinating the activities of detectives from several Lincoln County police agencies, State law enforcement agencies, and California law enforcement agencies. The case started without a victim and ended without a victim. Initially the victim was nowhere to be found. Working with family members, information was developed that Ms. Loper had probably left the area against her will. She was missing for about a week before being discovered in Redding, California. Her discovery was the result of investigative work by DETECTIVE GAINER and other law enforcement officers. Ms. Loper was returned home safe; the suspect was arrested for kidnapping, assault, and sex abuse charges.

factory sew.4-7-13

Unfortunately, prior to trial, Ms. Loper died in a car crash. This, however, did not stop DETECTIVE GAINER continuing to lead the investigation. During the trial he was delegated ‘second chair’ to Chief Deputy District Attorney Marsha Buckley. DETECTIVE GAINER’s tireless effort resulted in the suspect being convicted and sentenced to more than eight years in prison.

DETECTIVE GAINER performed an act demonstrating personal courage and especially meritorious service to the citizens of Newport. DETECTIVE GAINER’s diligence, perseverance, and devotion to duty are most heartily commended, and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Newport Police Department.


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Apr 142013
Carmen Welch Caught in custody dispute

Carmen Welch
Caught in custody dispute
Family photo

Authorities have found a missing Portland area girl who was reported missing by her mother. The mother was immediately booked in the county jail for filing a false missing person report, among other charges. The story is in the Oregonian. Click here.

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Apr 072013
Democrats in State Legislature trying to water down Measure 11 prison sentences to save money for schools

Democrats in State Legislature trying to water down Measure 11 prison sentences to save money for schools

Early on, state legislative leaders and Governor Kitzhaber were listing areas of the state budget that could be cut in order to pump more money into K-12 education. One of them was prison reform, where the idea is to reduce the list of crimes that come with non-reduceable prison sentences.

This week, Democrats in both houses will try to round up enough bi-partisan votes to take three crimes off the voter-approved Measure 11 list: first degree sexual abuse, second degree robbery and second degree assault. But as you’ll read in this article in the Oregonian, it may be a hill too tall to climb for the Democrats. Click here.

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Mar 262013

Top Ten Most Wanted3-26.


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Mar 262013
Bryan Bodily Burglary/Theft Jail photo

Bryan Bodily
Jail photo

From Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

On March 22, 2013 at about 14:16 hours, Deputy David Hawley with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a burglary complaint at the Thriftway grocery store in Lincoln Beach. An investigation revealed that Bryan A. Bodily, 35 years of age from Lincoln Beach, unlawfully forced entry to the store and stole several items. Bodily was placed into custody for Burglary, Theft, and Criminal Mischief. Bodily was transported to the Lincoln County Jail where he was held on $80,000 bail.        

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Mar 222013

Fleeing suspects corralled by Sheriff's Deputies on Oceanview downhill from Walmart

Fleeing suspects corralled by Sheriff’s Deputies on Oceanview downhill from Walmart

Sophia Fox, Waldport, is cuffed after deputy found alleged stolen property from Walmart

Sophia Fox is cuffed after deputy found allegedly stolen property from Walmart in her bag

Woman's bag was said to be full of stolen property

Sophia Fox’s bag was said to contain stolen property

Deputy talks to male already in custody

Deputy talks to Gabriel Krupar already in custody

10:30pm Update Gabriel Krupar of Waldport was booked into the Lincoln County Jail on charges of Criminal Mischief and Theft. Bail $22,500. Also booked but only cited and released was Sophia Fox, also of Walport.

When the call went over the police radio early Friday evening that Walmart had just been ripped off by a couple running away holding unpaid-for merchandise, the closest Newport Police Officer was at Highway 101 and 20. The call was overheard by three alert sheriff’s deputies, one of which was in the immediate vicinity of Walmart and 25th. When he heard that the man and woman were running down 25th toward Oceanview, that’s where he headed. The fleeing suspects were said to be wearing ball caps and jeans; the male with a dark jacket, the female in a bright yellow hoodie.

Rounding the corner, the deputy quickly spotted both of them. The deputy was quick out of his car and in command of the situation, first cuffing the male, later identified as Gabriel Krupar of Waldport, and putting him in the back of his patrol car; then he began cuffing the the female, later identified as Sophia Fox, also of Waldport.

Gabriel Krupar Lincoln County Jail photo Criminal Mischief/Theft Bail:  $22,500

Gabriel Krupar
Lincoln County Jail photo
Criminal Mischief/Theft
Bail: $22,500

By then two other sheriff’s deputies pulled up to assist. Fox was placed in a different car than the Krupar. Property described as being in a large purse or bag was recovered and held as evidence.

Back at Walmart deputies, who were then joined by Newport Police, conferred with Walmart employees. A short time later both suspects were taken to the Lincoln County Jail.


At the time of the theft, Newport Police were tied up on a number of calls, including the traffic jam at Highways 101 and 20 caused by a chip truck that had broken down near the intersection. A large tow truck from Albany was removing the 93,000 pound vehicle from the left-turn southbound lane of 101.

Such back-up and “agency assist” calls are common between local law enforcement.


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