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Yachats grapples with invasive plants and ponders whither urban renewal

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Aug 102010

Yachats City Councilors this week got an update on the fight against invasive plants that have been growing along the Yachats River. Morning Glories, Reed Canary Grass, Ivy, Clematis, and Japanese Knot Weed are all infiltrating the space between the river’s edge and thirty feet up the bank, a distance the town designates as its official “riparian zone.”

The town recently enacted a new law that forbids anyone attacking the invading plants with anything other than one’s two hands and a “cutting instrument.” No lawnmowers. No Weed whackers. And especially NO chemicals. Some townspeople hint the restrictions give the plants more than a fighting chance. Continue reading »

OCCC Board member Sandra Roumagoux files for Newport City Council

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Aug 102010

Oregon Coast Community College Board member Sandra Roumagoux has officially filed for a seat on the Newport City Council. Roumagoux joins five others in seeking a seat on the council, including current Councilor Patricia Patrick-Joling who is running for Mayor.

Roumagoux is an artist and art instructor and is serving her second term on the Oregon Coast Community College board. She also served on the Lincoln County Ambulance Review Committee and the Georgia Pacific Effluent Task Force. Continue reading »

Federal manhunt in Oregon for man connected to missing woman

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Aug 102010

Joseph Roberts, wanted by the FBI

Oregon authorities are helping the FBI and other agencies track down a man who is believed connected to the disappearance of a Florida woman missing since July 6th. They say there is a good chance that Joseph Roberts may be camped, hiding out somewhere in Oregon.

The story from the Oregonian:


Musical benefit for Children’s Advocacy Center

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Aug 102010

Release provided by Children’s Advocacy Center

Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts return for Endless Summer event

Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts have become one of the most popular bands to play classic Rock and Roll hits from the 50’s and 60’s. They return to the coast on Saturday, August 28 to perform at the Endless Summer event benefiting the Lincoln County Children’s Advocacy Center. Continue reading »

Siletz Tribe awards $388,758 in grants to worthy causes

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Aug 102010

Recipients of Siletz Tribe giving program this past quarter

Many coastal non-profits and other community organizations fared pretty well in the latest quarterly giving program offered by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. The total gift giving this past quarter was $388,758, generated largely by the Tribe’s Chinook Winds Casino Resort. Continue reading »

Newport City Council meets with Planning Commission for another review of the proposed “coastal bluff geologic hazard” rules.

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Aug 102010

Apparently not much has changed on how the Newport Planning Commission feels about proposed changes on who gets to build a house on a coastal bluff and what regulatory hoops they have to jump through to do it. The commission, meeting with the City Council said again Monday night, that anyone selling a house or a vacant lot on a bluff top should be made to conduct a thorough geologic investigation to determine if the land, especially in an active or high hazard zone, is safe to live on or build on. However, a majority of the commission drew the line on requiring that the seller must file the results of that geologic investigation, along with the fact that the land is in an active or high risk zone with the deed to the property at the county recorder’s office. The commission majority maintained such a requirement is not needed and only raises fear and complications for any buyer or seller. They say there already exists state law that requires full disclosure during any real estate sales transaction. Continue reading »

Lincoln City again temporarily “punts” on adoption tree protection rules.

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Aug 092010

Lincoln City

As you can see from the photo, Lincoln City is a city full of trees. But recent incidents of developers taking out too many trees to make way for new residential or commercial buildings, has upset the city council. And for the past few months they’ve been trying to get a tree protection and replacement program adopted. The basic tenant of the new law is, developers should design new buildings with an eye to preserving as many trees as possible. And to pay into a tree planting or parks enhancement fund when a certain number of trees are taken out during construction. Continue reading »

Lincoln City City Council “prepares to prepare” to annex Road’s End area into the city.

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Aug 092010

Despite a protest of a number of Road’s End neighbors who don’t want to be annexed into Lincoln City, the City Council Monday night decided to at least explore the process they’ll have to go through to accomplish just that.

City Manager Dave Hawker repeated again Monday night his mantra about why Road’s End should come into the city. His points include the fact that the city has extended city water lines and other improvements to the Road’s End area to the tune of millions of dollars. That earlier improvements were made on a commitment by then-Road’s End property owners that they would annex into Lincoln City no later than 1978. They’re still not in. Continue reading »

A fraction of some long lost sewer bills coming due in Lincoln City

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Aug 092010

Lincoln City City Council

A number of residents in the Devil’s Lake area of Lincoln City will soon experiencing what it’s like to pay a sewer bill. While Lincoln City Public Works was out doing work in the area relative to water usage, they discovered a lot of houses in the area that never have shown up on the city’s sewer customer list. And it was determined they never paid a sewer bill. City Manager David Hawker said some probably haven’t paid anything since the 1980’s. He said most of the “slackers” were probably created by building contractors who never turned in the proper paperwork when the houses were built. So when no sewer bill arrived in the mail, no money was paid for flushing the toilets. Continue reading »

Bingo, Books and Pizza! It’s all happening in Toledo!

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Aug 092010

The East County HELP Center will hold an open house and “Bingo for Books” Tuesday, Aug. 24, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Toledo Community Learning Center.

“Bingo for Books” will begin at 6 p.m. in the library. A free pizza dinner will be provided. Families in attendance will have the opportunity to play a friendly game of bingo with prizes of children’s and adult books. The public is invited. Continue reading »

Honda falling into a recall mode…

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Aug 092010

Honda Accord

Honda has gotten into the recall mode itself with the announcement that their Accords, Civics and Elements of the 2003 and 2004 model years are being recalled to fix an ignition switch problem that allows the key to be released even though the vehicle is not in PARK. Honda reports they have received many letters and other reports of a number of their cars being turned off while still in the DRIVE position, and releasing the key. It’s supposed to hang onto the key until the vehicle is in PARK. Continue reading »

OSP and “Mobile Jail” sweep Florence’s “DuneFest” of DUII’s

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Aug 092010

Oregon State Police “Mobile Jail”

Provided by Oregon State Police

Interagency enforcement efforts paid off during this year’s annual DuneFest 2010 on the southern Oregon coast as Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) deputies reported eleven DUII drivers off the sand and area highways over the weekend.

The extremely popular DuneFest 2010 was held August 4 – 8 in the Winchester Bay area, drawing thousands of sand recreation enthusiasts. Working together to help meet the festival’s slogan – “The Most Fun a Family Can Have” – troopers and deputies targeted intoxicated and other dangerous drivers. DCSO deputies arrested eight DUII drivers off the sand and OSP troopers arrested three more on area highways. Continue reading »

Porthole Players “Side by Side Sondheim” this weekend at Newport PAC!

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Aug 092010

Side by Side Pianos, The pianists are accompanying Stephan, Gidget Manucci, and Akia Woods–vocalists for this production. Brian Haggerty is the narrator.

Release provided by Port Hole Players


Porthole Player’s production of Side By Side By Sondheim will be performed at the Studio Theater of the Newport Performing Arts Center this coming weekend, and throughout the month of August.

Pianists Ramona Martin and Dr. Mary Lee Scoville provide the musical structure upon which the songs are built. Together they convey the various moods of this musical revue, playing show tunes that are rousing, poignant, witty, and burlesque. Continue reading »

Motorcyclist “down” on Highway 101 at Depoe Bay, after hitting a minivan.

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Aug 092010

Depoe Bay fire/rescue is enroute to a report of a motorcyclist who hit a minivan at Highway 101 and Collins Street. The motorcyclist is said to be on the pavement, but is conscious. Collins at Hwy 101 is in the middle of the main downtown strip.

10:32am Motorcyclist is in an ambulance to PCH full lights and siren.

Oregon AG bans “electronic cigarettes.”

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Aug 092010

Provided by Oregon Attorney General’s Office

Attorney General John Kroger today announced agreements with Florida-based Smoking Everywhere, Inc. and its President, Elico Taieb, prohibiting the sale and distribution of its “electronic cigarettes” in Oregon.

“This settlement will help protect our teens from unsafe products,” said Attorney General Kroger.

Electronic cigarettes are nicotine delivery devices designed to simulate the look and experience of a conventional cigarette. Smoking Everywhere’s e-cigarettes include a battery-operated heating element and replaceable plastic cartridge that contains various chemicals, including liquid nicotine. The heating element vaporizes the liquid for inhalation.

Smoking Everywhere did not seek FDA approval prior to releasing its e-cigarettes for distribution. Although no evidence has been offered to support such claims, Smoking Everywhere marketed e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to traditional tobacco products. However, a recent FDA analysis found e-cigarettes contain known carcinogens and toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol, an ingredient used in antifreeze. Continue reading »

Eagles “dive bombing” murre nests at Yaquina Head

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Aug 092010

American Bald Eagle

Oregon State University researchers are watching something offshore from the lighthouse at Yaquina Head that has taken them by surprise. Now that Bald Eagles have been brought back from the brink of extinction, researchers say the eagles are rewarding their well wishers by “dive bombing” flocks of murre seabirds which is jeopardizing their nesting areas on the rocks offshore.

Here’s the article in the Eugene Register Guard:


State Rep. Jean Cowan holding “Town Hall” meeting Aug. 10

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Aug 082010

State Rep. Jean Cowan
Release provided by office of Rep. Jean Cowan

NEWPORT – State Rep. Jean Cowan (D-Newport) will host a town hall on Tuesday, Aug. 10 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Waldport Community/Senior Center (265 Hemlock St., Waldport).

Cowan will provide an update on seniors and veterans issues, where she focused much of her work during the 2009 Legislative Session. In addition, she will address the ongoing efforts to balance the state budget.

Cowan is serving in her second term as State Representative for House District 10 on the Central Oregon Coast Jan 12. Cowan serves as Chair of the House Committee on Veterans & Emergency Services and on the Joint Committee on Ways & Means. She also serves on the Governor’s Commission for Senior Services, Governor’s Homeland Security Council, and Task Force for Women Veterans Health Care. Cowan served as a Lincoln County Commissioner, 1993-2004. She also served as Mayor and a City Councilor in Elgin, Ore.

For more information: 503-986-1990

Siletz Pow Wow coming up next weekend, August 13-15

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Aug 072010

Provided by Siletz Tribal Public Information Office

Many different Tribal nations will be represented at the annual Nesika Illahee Pow-Wow on Aug. 13-15 in Siletz, Ore., held by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. The public is invited to attend this family-friendly event, a tradition for the Siletz people and other American Indians.

All events, except the parade, take place at the Pauline Ricks Memorial Pow-Wow Grounds on Government Hill in Siletz. “This is a great way for people to experience American Indian culture right here on the Oregon Coast,” said Mona Fisher, cultural education coordinator for the Siletz Tribe. “You can learn about the different styles of pow-wow dancing, see the beautiful regalia up close and even participate yourself in some of the intertribal dances.”

The celebration will start with the crowning of the 2010-2011 Siletz Royalty on Aug. 13 at 6 p.m. All dance styles will enter the arena at 7 p.m. during the first Grand Entry. Dances in which the public can participate that are non-competitive will follow the Grand Entry.

A parade winds through downtown Siletz at 10 a.m. on Aug. 14. This hometown event includes Tribal royalty, drummers, dancers, equestrian units, vintage cars and floats.

Pre-registration is available by accessing a registration form on the Tribe’s website – www.ctsi.nsn.us; picking one up at the Siletz Tribal administration building, 201 SE Swan Ave. in Siletz; or by contacting Mona Fisher at 541-444-1230 or 800-922-1399, ext. 1230. Registration also is available the morning of the parade at 8 a.m. at the Tribal administration building. If you are not registered by 9 a.m., you cannot take part in the judging, which starts at 9 a.m. You can, however, still participate in the parade.

The parade is followed by a Grand Entry at 1 p.m. Competition dancing for youth and teens takes place in the afternoon. Competition dancing continues after the 7 p.m. Grand Entry with Golden Age and adult categories and the finals for youth and teens.

On Aug. 15, the final day of the powwow, a Grand Entry takes place at noon. This session will end with awards for the Golden Age, adult, teen and youth category winners. Prizes range from $25 to $500.

A variety of food, Native arts and crafts and jewelry will be offered for sale by more than 50 vendors on the powwow grounds.
“Our vendors will have lots of American Indian-made items,” said Nick Sixkiller, pow-wow emcee and education specialist for the Siletz Tribe. “You’ll see beadwork, clothing, art and tons of delicious food, all for sale by many families who supplement their income with sales at various pow-wows throughout the powwow trail.”

A free shuttle will be available from various parking lots in Siletz to the powwow on Government Hill. Signs will be posted. Parking is extremely limited at the pow-wow grounds, which makes the shuttle the best way to get there. This alcohol- and drug-free event is
free. Listen carefully to the pow-wow announcer, who will tell you when you can and when you should not take photos. The announcer also will explain the significance of the events taking place in the dance arena throughout the pow-wow.

Pow-Wow Schedule
Aug. 13
6 p.m. – Royalty Crowning
7 p.m. – Grand Entry

Aug. 14
10 a.m. – Parade
1 p.m. and 7 p.m. – Grand Entry

Aug. 15
Noon – Grand Entry

Read more about Nesika Illahee Pow-Wow August 13-15, 2010 on the central Oregon Coast by ouroregoncoast.com

Targeted crosswalk enforcement coming up in Lincoln City. And the tickets aren’t cheap!

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Aug 072010

Lincoln City Police are putting a state pedestrian safety grant to work this month to let drivers know that during the heavy tourist months, the number of pedestrians that cross Highway 101 rises dramatically and that traffic must stop for them both in marked and unmarked crosswalks. Those that don’t stop are subject to expensive traffic tickets. Continue reading »