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Trying to put the Oregon into Organic Beer

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Oct 182010

What’s a shiny brass polished beer wagon pulled by a team of Clydesdales got to do with organic beer? Not much. And a group of Oregon organic hop farmers don’t really care, either. What they do care about is getting new standards for organic beer established so more hops farmers can rely on steady demand for the “purist” hops which produce some of the most
aromatic beer on the planet. The story is brewing in the Oregonian:

Click here:http://www.oregonlive.com/environment/index.ssf/2010/10/growers_near_win_in_battle_to.html

Chris Dudley speaks to gathering in Newport.

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Oct 162010

(Click image to play video)

Republican candidate for Governor Chris Dudley rode his campaign bus into Newport on Saturday and gave a pep talk to some of his supporters that gathered at the Central Lincoln People’s Utility District community room.

(Authorized by Committee to elect Patricia Patrick-Joling)

Roll-over crash 10 miles east of Toledo injures Albany woman

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Oct 162010

Two Albany residents were injured Saturday night when their small sedan took a curve considerably too fast 10 miles east of Toledo on Highway 20, bounced off a big rock, went sideways and rolled over on its top. The 17 year old female passenger’s hair was trapped between the top of the car and the asphalt.

Several witnesses raced over to the upside down car to find the male driver, 21, standing outside, trying to push the car back over onto its wheels…the young lad yelling “Her hair is caught, her hair is caught under the car.”

Witnesses say about eight strong men grabbed the car and got it up on its side, which freed the young woman’s hair. They got her out and she was soon in the back of an ambulance bound for PCH in Newport.

The OSP is handling the case, and from what the witnesses were telling him the young man is probably in line to get a ticket for serious speeding if not reckless driving. Witnesses told the trooper that the driver admitted he was going 65 miles an hour into a sharp curve when he slid off the road, and hit a large boulder. That caused the car to rotate and head back toward the pavement, landing upside down in the middle of the road. No word on whether either of them was wearing a seat belt.

Traffic was blocked on Highway 20 for about 45 minutes while the wreck was cleared.

(Authorized by the Committee to Elect Patricia Patrick-Joling)

Big Creek Reservoir crash injures one, traps car.

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Oct 162010

A young man suffered a possible broken arm when the van he was riding in slid off the gravel road at Big Creek Reservoir Saturday night. The van, which a young lady was driving, slid down an embankment, and was stopped by some trees, preventing it from rolling all the way down to the water. Both were wearing seat belts.

The young lady was not hurt. She said she was not driving fast. One fire fighter said the road is treacherous, even in a four wheel drive. Newport Police were investigating. The young male passenger was transported to PCH for an evaluation on a possible broken arm.

Two men cited for dumping trash near where Newport gets its drinking water.

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Oct 162010

Every community has a problem with illegal dumping. Newport included. But in Newport it’s occurred near the source of the town’s drinking water supply.

A Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy drove up the road that passes along the north shore of Newport’s Big Creek Reservoir on a report that someone was dumping trash in the area. He found four large trash bags full of garbage and old, greasy auto parts.

The deputy’s investigation led him to two men who he managed to track down, Celso Vera-Garcia, 18, and Faustino Gomez-Hernandez, 47. Both live in Newport.

(Authorized by The Committee to Elect Patricia Patrick-Joling)

Both men were issued citations for offensive littering and face fines of up to $7,500 each.

In any remote area where people are spotted dumping garbage, trash, old appliances or furniture, officers recommend witnesses write down a description of the vehicle and a license plate number along with a description of those doing the dumping. For reasons of personal safety, officers strongly recommend witnesses not intervene with those doing the dumping, but rather just give what information they have to 9-1-1.

McConnell vs. Patrick-Joling for Mayor of Newport at Chamber Forum

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Oct 152010

Newport’s mayoral candidates conducted a wide-ranging and respectful interplay of ideas and campaign positions before the Newport Chamber of Commerce on Friday.

To the question “How do you view The City of Newport’s partnership with the Chamber of Commerce?” Mark McConnell said the partnership is very important since the health of any community is to be found in the health of its small businesses. He said anything the city can do help keep business strong is in everyone’s interest. McConnell raised his campaign issue of forming a “Group for Progress” think tank that he would like to initiate to bring more ideas to the table on a wide range of issues, including local business success.

On the question, Patrica Patrick-Joling said there are three generations of business people in her family and they are all Chamber of Commerce members. Patrick-Joling said there is already a local group that is developing new business ideas, called the Lincoln County Economic Alliance but added “We can always do more, and we should do more.” She said she’s open to any and all ideas from across the community about how to better grow Newport’s business community.

The next question pertained to weighing community needs versus personal gain by those who sit on the Newport City Council. Patrick-Jolling said she keenly understands the question and said, “I want to be clear that the public interest comes first on the city council.” She went on to give an example; “I own land across the street from the Newport Recreation Center, just north of where the new swimming pool is proposed. If the pool passes, I stand to see my property rise in value by a substantial amount. My family, including my children, learned to swim at the Newport Pool. It’s an important part of living here in Newport. But I’m here to tell you I think the pool proposal is unwise at this time based on the uncertainty about the city’s water treatment plant cost overruns, uncertainty about the economy, and uncertainty about whether Newport may be asked for some sort of subsidy to keep Seaport Air flying past March 1st of next year when the state subsidy ends. Therefore I am voting no on the pool proposal even though it’s against my personal interest. As for the city council putting it on the ballot, I chose not to take part in the discussion nor in the vote to put it on the ballot.” Continue reading »

Republican Governor Candidate Chris Dudley headed for Newport

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Oct 152010

Republican candidate for Oregon Governor Chris Dudley will be appearing in Newport Saturday, October 16th, 12:30pm at the Central Lincoln People’s Utility District community room. He will be meeting and greeting folks and briefly outlining his vision for Oregon if elected Governor.

Democratic candidate John Kitzhaber has not released a schedule of last minute touring before the election other than to remind Oregonians that he will appear with President Barack Obama on October 20th in Portland. President Obama is flying to Portland to show support for Kitzhaber’s campaign for Governor. That rally is set for October 20th, 4pm, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

Newport’s new water plant can be built with money on hand. But not the water tank.

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Oct 142010

The new city water treatment plant can be built with the money on hand but not the new water tank in the Agate Beach area as was promised to the voters.

Water task force member Dr.Richard Beemer, who is running for city council, said he is embarrassed that he and others on the task force promoted a high tech treatment plant without having the right information. He said during the meeting Thursday night, that a combination of factors affected the information but that bad information was still bad information.

Beemer said the task force back then was assured by the consultant that the town could get the water plant and a two million gallon water tank for $15.9 million. But at the time, the city only had a conceptual design on the plant, not the finished one.

Responding to Beemer’s comment, city Public Works Director Lee Ritzman said he figured out the multi-milliion money shortfall back in March of this year but had hoped against hope that he would:

1) Find ways to trim down the project,
2) Phase in the capacity “add ons” to the plant, rather than building them all at once, or
3) Get a really low bid from a hungry contractor in the midst of the worst recession in over 80 years.

Ritzman said “If anyone is responsible for the delay in notifying everyone of the overage, it’s me. I just had hoped that there would be a way to handle it without scaring people. And I still think we can bring the total cost down.” Further down this story some of those cost-savings ideas are listed.

(Authorized by Committee to Elect Patricia Patrick-Joling)

It was also mentioned at Thursday night’s task force meeting that the city’s current 60 year old water plant is periodically being stressed by fish processing peak demand which worries water plant technicians. They were, and remain today, concerned about how much longer the old facility might hold up. A major breakdown,they say, is unthinkable because the city has only limited storage.

Then, last year, there were some “money timing” issues. In mid-2009 it was revealed that some long-running city bonds were being paid off, leaving room for new water bonds that would keep the tax rate flat, or “tax neutral,” It meant that the city would get a new water treatment plant without raising taxes.

But a not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the ribbon-cutting. When the city went from “conceptual drawings” to very costly DESIGN schematics, the project’s price tag came in nearly four million dollars higher.

Some of the reasons:

* City Public Works Director Lee Ritzman said some of the higher costs surrounded the fact that, unknown to everyone, the original spot chosen for the new plant wouldn’t work. It had bad soils and was located within a federally designated flood plain.

* Therefore, they would have to build a more costly two story water plant and a big, expensive retaining wall, to make room for it.

* The idea of simply “adding on” to the existing plant (so there would be no interruption of water service during construction) was completely unworkable.

* Analysis of water samples taken from the city’s upper and lower reservoirs showed high levels of manganese and iron (among other impurities) which costs a lot more to get rid of.

But as bad as all this sounds, the task force and top city officials think they may have the problem figured out. First, they ordered the design engineers to eliminate everything that was not absolutely necessary to run a six million gallon a day water plant. (Current plant capacity 3.8 million) Although the engineers winced at a few of their own suggestions, they managed to cut over $1.3 million. But even with those savings the project was still way over the $15.9 million in bonds floated to build a water plant and the Agate Beach water tank.

The conversation immediately shifted to figuring out how to build the water plant and later “phase in” the water tank. When the figures were re-crunched, the water plant itself was ONLY $600,000 dollars in the red. City Finance Director David Marshall said “we can fill the $600,000 gap by tapping a number of city reserve funds. But we don’t have the money to add in another $2 million for the water tank. The money’s just not there,” Marshall said.

Ritzman revealed that there are a number of funding options the city can pursue that might delay the tank’s construction for no more than a year to 18 months. Between state and federal loans, they might raise a big part of the money, paid off by system development charges along with other revenue sources. But City Councilor Patricia Patrick-Joling came up with the idea of using Urban Renewal funds from the South Beach Project Area to close the money gap. She said Urban Renewal funds, which are aimed primarily at economic development, could be used for the plant mainly because economic development at South Beach obviously hinges on the city having enough water.

Most of those walking out at the end of the meeting appeared relieved at having witnessed a good start at stopping a financial train wreck. But they appeared a bit concerned about how they were going to explain the “range of solutions” to the voters. Especially with a major election coming up in less than three weeks.

Heads UP! on Highway 20 traffic between Newport and Toledo about to take a little more time.

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Oct 142010

Newport Police have issued a traffic advisory for Highway 20 between Newport and Toledo. Starting tonight, Thursday, October 14th, at 8pm, traffic will be reduced to a single lane between three miles east of Newport to five miles east of Newport, for bridge repairs. Flaggers will direct traffic through one lane closures Mondays through Thursdays, 8pm to 6am.

Starting November 1st, bridge work will intensify even further with one-lane closures night and day for roughly 36 hours. There is even the possibility that the highway could be shut down completely for 36 hours. If that is necessary, detours will be established.

(Authorized by the Committee to Elect Patricia Patrick-Joling)

“Man with a gun” incident in Depoe Bay handled.

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Oct 142010

For the past hour, 10:30am-11:30am, Lincoln County Sheriff and Oregon State Police officers surrounded the Mall 101 area of Depoe Bay on a report of an agitated man with a gun outside a doctor’s office. And the situation has been handled. The all-clear has been given.

A woman inside a business in the mall told staff that her husband was outside in a Jeep with a gun, and that he was very angry, and that she feared for her safety. Staff called 9-1-1 and law enforcement surrounded the area. Two officers then approached the Jeep to engage the man in the Jeep. A few minutes later the officers declared the incident over.

A celebration of reclaiming and re-honoring a VFW Cemetery near Siletz

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Oct 142010

A group of residents, who determined that an old, neglected VFW cemetery near Siletz needed some TLC and sprucing up, are celebrating their good work with a ribbon cutting and re-dedication on November 9th, 11am at the VFW Riverside Cemetery. It’s located out Logsden Road about two miles east of town.

Inside the cemetery they have created a Memorial Walk and Ash Garden created with the help of Lincoln County Jail inmate labor.

Following a brief dedication ceremony, an indoor reception will be held at the Siletz Grange Hall, on Main Street, back in town

Lincoln Co. Schools continue to comfort homeless families

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Oct 142010

Lincoln County schools continue to hold out a helping hand to Lincoln County’s homeless families in the Toledo, Siletz and Eddyville areas. The help is a free breakfast and a clothing give-away on Saturday, October 16th from 10am-Noon at the old Arcadia school in Toledo. The facility is located at 1811 NE Arcadia, Toledo.

It’s another regularly scheduled monthly clothing give-away for homeless families who are the hardest hit by the recession. School officials say their Homeless Education and Literacy Program (HELP) tries to help these families send their children to school adequately dressed because it’s hard for many children to cope with being the worst dressed person in the classroom.

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Last rescuer lifted out of Chilean Mine: 8:32pm Pacific Time

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Oct 132010

The 69 day entrapment of 33 Chilean miners is over. The 33rd miner was lifted out this afternoon. The final rescuer was lifted out at 8:32pm Pacific Time.

The President of Chile was smiling and the crowd cheered as the last rescuer came up riding a bullet shaped basket that was lifted up a 2,700 foot tube in the ground. It was drilled down to the refuge that was home for the 33 miners who retreated from a cave-in nearly two and a half months ago.

History was made. The rescue basket is likey to be forever preserved at the Chilean National Museum in Santiago.

As a footnote, the President of Chile remarked that now that the historic rescue is over, it is time to analyze how the accident happened and to tighten national mining safety standards.

Shipwrecks and other fun exhibits at Oregon Coast History Center

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Oct 132010


The exhibit, “Rough Waters: Shipwrecks on Oregon’s Coast,” continues at the Burrows House Museum of the Lincoln County Historical Society through March 2011. Although most of the stories are tragic, some contain an element of humor. The “Glenesslin” wrecked near Nehalem Oct. 1, 1913, her crew apparently intoxicated with the rum the ship carried. The earliest photograph in the exhibit dates to 1887 and shows the ship “Yaquina City” wrecked on Yaquina Bay. The most recent is of the “New Carissa” and its hapless wanderings and attempts to control and destroy it in 1999. Featured also is a painting of the “New Carissa” by Mimi Fox.

(Authorized by Committee to Elect Patricia Patrick-Joling)

“The exhibit offers an intriguing look at the dangers of life at sea and features incredible photos of shipwrecks and interesting objects, including part of a tiller from a ship that wrecked in Siletz Bay and objects from the Blue Magpie which wrecked in Yaquina Bay,” Diane Disse, museum educator for the Lincoln County Historical Society, said.

The exhibit is free and open to the public. For more information, call the Historical Society at 541-265-7509.

The Lincoln County Historical Society, which includes the Burrows House and Log Cabin museums, is located at 545 SW Ninth Street in Newport. The museums are free and open to the public. The Burrows House Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Log Cabin Museum is open Thursday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Lincoln County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Lincoln County.

In the photo above:
The “Glenesslin” wrecked near Nehalem Bay Oct. 1, 1913, her crew apparently intoxicated with the rum the ship carried. Her story is only one of many told at the exhibit “Rough Waters: Shipwrecks on Oregon’s Coast” showing now at the Burrows House Museum in Newport.

Calling All Photos! Calling All Photos!

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Oct 132010

Photographs Sought for 2011 Newport Calendar

Newport LAZERQUICK is now seeking photographs for its 2011 Newport Calendar. The scenic calendar features memorable images celebrating Newport’s scenery by local photographers.

Landscape format color photographs submitted must have been taken by the submitting photographer. Please limit photos to five. Photos may be submitted in .jpg or .tif format on a cd or emailed to print@lazerrose.com. “Remember these are for a calendar,” said Rose Reed, owner of Newport LAZERQUICK. “All images must be of good quality and high resolution and show Newport from a distinct perspective.” Continue reading »

Keeping poisons out of our landfills and groundwater

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Oct 132010

Lincoln County Commissioners Wednesday morning launched an effort to get local residents to dump their household hazardous waste (HHW) into the right hands more frequently to ensure they get taken to the right place to be disposed of properly. The commissioners launched a large grant application to acquire around $80,000 from the state to create two new household hazardous waste sites; one in Lincoln City, the other in Waldport, which will be used by local trash haulers to sort them out and make sure they get processed properly.

Currently, the haulers run a once-a-year HHW drive to try to keep toxic chemicals out of our landfills and groundwater. If the county wins the grants, and sets up the two new collection sites, the haulers will be able to run such drives six times a year. Dahl Disposal’s Laura Kriz (left) and Lincoln County Sustainability Program chief Mari Saelens (right) explained to the commissioners how the new system would operate. The commissioners immediately passed a motion to launch the grant application system. A favorable answer to the county’s application is expected shortly, according to County Counsel Wayne Belmont.

(Authorized by Committee to Elect Patricia Patrick-Joling)