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Apartment Fire: 320 NW 3rd

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Jan 212019

Oven fire at 320 NW 3rd Street. Newport Fire is enroute.

Firefighters on scene say oven fire is out.

Credit Card “Skimmer” operating in Lincoln City

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Jan 212019

Credit Card Scammer
Lincoln City

Lincoln City Police have opened a fraud investigation involving the use of a “credit card skimmer” device that was placed on a local ATM.

Last Friday bank workers at TLC-Fibre Federal Credit Union learned several of their customers appeared to have fraudulent activity on their credit cards. The customers reported having only used the ATM at the Lincoln City branch.

TLC-Fibre Federal Credit Union personnel immediately reviewed the surveillance footage from their ATM, located at 2004 NW 36th St, and found images of a suspicious male apparently tampering with the machine. Based on the video times, it appears this male placed a “credit card skimmer” device on the ATM on January 8th and removed it in the morning of January 10th. The Lincoln City Police Department has been provided with screenshots of the possible suspect and are asking Lincoln City residents for their assistance in identifying him.

Credit card skimmers are devices that are attached over the credit/debit card receiver slot of an ATM and look identical to the actual receiver. Once a credit/debit card is passed through the skimmer device and into the ATM, the device captures all the information from that credit/debit card. The ATM will still function normally while the skimmer device is attached.

The captured information on the skimmer can then be downloaded and used to commit fraudulent purchases. The best way to ensure a skimmer device is not attached to the machine is to inspect the credit/debit card receiver slot on ATM for any signs of tampering or loose equipment. It is also recommended that you pull on the received slot to make sure it is securely attached. If you discover a skimming device on an ATM, you should refrain from handling it and call your local law enforcement agency to report the incident.

The Lincoln City Police Department would like to ask anyone who used their credit/debit cards at the Lincoln City TLC-Fibre Federal Credit Union ATM between the dates of 1-8-2019 and 1-10-2019, to review their account history and check for fraudulent activity. Those persons finding any fraudulent activity are encouraged to assemble their financial records (dates, times, amounts, etc.) before contacting the investigating officer, Sr. Officer Liden, Lincoln City Police, 541-994-3636.

A look at what’s on the agenda for the upcoming Oregon Legislature

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Jan 212019

Oregon Legislature
Oregonian photo

When the Oregon Legislature convenes Tuesday, on its agenda will be some pretty hot-button issues – big increase in spending for education, higher taxes on tobacco, penalizing employers who don’t provide medical insurance for their workers, getting a handle on runaway housing rents and laws aimed at making gun owners liable for shootings, whether accidental or intentional, if their weapon(s) were not properly secured.

Here’s the details in The Oregonian. Click here.

Traffic Crash on Highway 20 well east of Toledo – Near Elk City Road – just west of Eddyville

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Jan 212019

Report of a traffic crash on Highway 20, well east of Toledo. There is some confusion as to the exact milepost, but one report has it as between Sam’s Creek Road and Elk City Road.

Reports now say that it’s a head-on collision between a pickup and a sedan.

Reports say there is one elderly woman on the ground. Both vehicles are in a ditch. Life Flight is at the ready to launch if needed.

Traffic is backing up in both directions for quite a ways. Emergency responders arriving on scene report that the crash is closer to Elk City Road, west of Eddyville.

Reports from the scene say there is only one crash victim to be transported to the hospital. Life Flight not needed.

Elderly patient is being transported by ambulance to the Corvallis trauma center.

ODOT is on scene to direct traffic through the crash area. Traffic is very congested. It will take some time to get all the backed up traffic through there. Depending on your schedule, it might be advisable to just wait a while before you head east on Highway 20 or take Highway 34 out of Waldport, or from the north, take Highway 18 to connecting highways north of Salem.

Newport Warming Shelter Needs Breakfast Food!!!!

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Jan 202019

Grace Wins Haven,

The Newport Warming Shelter is low on breakfast food! So Newport citizens, head for the store!! Here’s your shopping list!!

* Pancake Mix
* Syrup
* Bread for french toast
* Breakfast meats (bacon, sausage, etc.)
* Eggs – lots of them
* Butter
* Juice
* Cereal
* Oatmeal
* Milk

Deliver the goodies to the warming shelter any time during the day: 437 NE 1st, Newport. Or after 5pm deliver to the Lincoln County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall off NE 3rd, just east of Fogarty, Newport.

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February food stamps issuing NOW…forecast for March issue unknown…

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Jan 202019

Cuts to 141,000 Oregonians looming…

As February food stamps are being distributed as you read this, there’s a troubling back-side message. March’s food stamp distribution is highly questionable. Depends on whether the President Trump and the Congress can come together over the country’s “security issues” along the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

It’s a real head scratcher. Here’s the story in The Oregonian. Click here.

Click here for details

Rent Control on Oregon’s Legislative List…

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Jan 202019

“Rent crisis requires solutions…” Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland Mayor

Some may ask why it took so long for Oregon lawmakers even begin to talk seriously about Oregon’s (and most of the country’s) runaway rental rates. Rents have shot through the roof all across the U.S., including here in Oregon.

But finally the Oregon State Legislature has heard enough horror stories and monitored the growing legions of homelessness that it appears something finally might be done to slow down rent increases.

But some say, the proposed rent controls won’t slow skyrocketing rent prices nearly enough. Here’s the story in the Oregonian. Click here.

Click here for details

Teachers and Administrators call for higher funding for Oregon Schools

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Jan 202019

Oregon has third most crowded schools in the country – NEA

As the Oregon Legislature readies itself to convene this month, teachers and administrators across Oregon are making loud noises that 20 years of neglect is taking a terrible toll on Oregon Public Schools – and that includes on lower income areas and neighborhoods of the state.

Here’s an update from The Oregonian. Click here.

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Oregon PERS retirement fund not keeping up…

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Jan 202019

Going out faster than coming in….
Oregonian graphic

The Oregon PERS fund is not keeping up with payments to retirees, causing a drop in the funds reserves. Just too many people cashing in on their last day on the job.

Here’s the story from the Oregonian. Click here.

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Lincoln Co. Democratic Central Committee gettin’ down to business!!

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Jan 202019

On Wednesday, January 23rd, the Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee meeting will be held in the Fellowship Hall at Atonement Lutheran Church, 2315 North Coast Highway, Newport, OR 97365. The meeting is from 6-9 PM.

In addition to our regular monthly business, we will be swearing in new officers. Guest speakers will include Traci Flowers from Grace Wins Haven Day Shelter and volunteer coordinator Tami Brant who will update us on local food and homelessness issues.

Click here for info

Gilbert Schramm, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Yemen, will talk about the dire humanitarian situation in that country and (with reference to Iran and Syria) explain how it fits in to an increasingly dangerous situation in the Middle East.
All are welcome. Join us and be part of the blue wave!


Click here for details

Blueberry Muffins for The Coast Guard!

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Jan 202019

Coast Guard
Archive photo

Rep. David Gomberg
Keeping the light lit for the Coast Guard!

Thanks to State Rep. David Gomberg for keeping this issue top of mind for our communities – trying to blunt the impact of the government shutdown and its crushing effects on real people and real families across the country.

John and Cecilia of Depoe Bay reports they cooked up a bunch of blueberry muffins and took them to the Coast Guard station in Depoe Bay where great souls have gone without pay for over a month.

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What they walked into was a station staffed by clean cut professional young men and women. On the job and ready for anything thrown at them in the line of duty. John and Cecilia asked them how they are doing. They said okay, but they could feel the vibe of worry and concern, maybe over supporting a family, a new baby, car repairs, how to make the rent payment, food for the dinner table, whatever.

“These guys and gals are heroes,” said John. This morning, the Coast Guard helicopter was on a mission. Grim sign that someone has decided to go swimming. As the good rep has said, all we have to do is look at the missions the Coast Guard has performed since the shutdown. Ask anyone who has been rescued from death by these warriors, and they would likely say there is no dollar amount that can be laid on their service and skills.

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Check out these beautiful souls if you are cruising through the Depoe Bay and can offer your good wishes – maybe even some ice cream. They said the outpouring of support has been great from the community. May this continue.

John said, “Then our friends at NOAA…as much as I’d like to strangle a few of them for their weather forecasts… we need to make sure they are safe too!”

John and Cecilia Kennedy
Depoe Bay

Surface Rescue

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Bad head-on crash on 101 about 5 miles south of Yachats

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Jan 202019

Report of a bad head-on crash on Highway 101, about five miles south of Yachats. There are injuries. The highway is partially blocked. The collision occurred on a curve at the south end of Neptune State Park.

Fire-Rescue units are arriving on scene.

Second ambulance is being called to the scene.

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Possible Surf Rescue off Best Western – 3019 No. Coast Highway

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Jan 202019

Agate Beach
Surfers managed to get free of the surf and back on the beach…
Google maps

Report of a surf rescue for two males in wet suits with their arms waving in the air off the Best Western Motel at 3019 No. Coast Highway at Agate Beach. Newport Fire Rescue is enroute.

One firefighter says the two surfers appear to be coming out of the surf.

Click here for details

Update – The surfers are still out in the surf, waving their arms.

Both surfers have come out of the water. They appear to be fine. They’re declining any medical examination. They say they feel okay.

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Boulder Alert on Highway 34

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Jan 202019

A large boulder is reportedly partially blocking Highway 34, about 8 miles east of Waldport. Motorists are warned to drive very carefully in the area. Crews are summoned to remove the hazard.

Extending helping hands to victims of government “shut-down”

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Jan 202019

Gomberg Shares Financial Support Details for Coast Guard and other Federal Employees

David Gomberg, Dist. 10

As the Federal shutdown enters a fourth week, 1,135 active duty Coast Guard members and 138 Coast Guard reservists on the Oregon coast remain on the job, but unpaid. Essential employees at the federal prison in Sheridan have been unpaid for nearly a month. NOAA and its vital weather services are closed, affecting marine safety.

State Representative David Gomberg (D-Central Coast) spent much of the week in Salem looking for support options. “These men and women are risking their lives each and every day. That they show up to work without compensation is a credit to their bravery and professional commitment. But it is also a shocking reflection of how our Federal Government has let them down. We need to do better than GoFundMe accounts and garage sales.”

Click here for details

With the support and encouragement of the Governor’s office and coastal legislators, local banks and credit unions are now working together to provide short term relief and financial support. This can include:

* Zero interest or low interest short term emergency loans;
* Loan modifications;
* Deferred loan payments or Skip-a-Payment programs;
* Work stoppage loans to fill unemployment gaps; and
* Financial counseling to determine where members might be able to save money.

“It’s important that furloughed and unpaid Federal Government workers contact their bank or credit unions to let them know they’re impacted by the shutdown” Gomberg explained. “Our financial institutions are taking special steps and often have infrastructure already in place to quickly help clients through situations such as natural disasters, government shutdowns, plant closings, and personal emergencies.”

Click here for details

Coast Guard and NOAA members are the only uniformed services not getting paid during the closure. Coast Guard is on duty but unfunded under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security. Other military branches are under the Department of Defense and have funding approved.

This month already, Coast Guard crews stationed on the Central Coast have assisted five disabled boats, escorted in numerous vessels when seas have turned dangerously rough and risked their own lives trying to save the crew of the Mary B II.

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Across Oregon, nearly 10,000 federal employees are missing their paychecks and struggling to make everyday payments. That includes the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Parks, US Fish and Wildlife, IRS, and airport TSA.

More than 2,700 federal workers living in Oregon have filed for unemployment benefits through the state since the partial government shutdown began. Last year that number was only 561.

Click here for details

But not all federal workers qualify. Those deemed important enough to work without pay are not eligible. Under state and federal law, if you are working full time, even if you’re not being paid, you’re not considered unemployed.

“I’m encouraged by the news of these zero-interest loans being offered,” said Gomberg. “Now more than ever, our financial institutions should be assisting our friends and neighbors in the federal workforce as they weather the longest government shutdown in US history.”

Warm Regards,

Representative David Gomberg
House District 10
email: Rep.DavidGomberg@oregonlegislature.gov

Phone: 503-986-1410
Address: 900 Court St NE, H-471, Salem, OR, 97301
Website: http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/gomberg

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