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Another quiet day on the slough….

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Mar 172019

River Otter contemplates his soon to be filled tummy…
Wallace Kaufman photo

A watchful Sand Piper perched to swoop down for a morsel more its size….Wallace Kaufman photo

Very experienced chopper pilot carefully crash lands his helo….

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Mar 172019

Private Helicopter Crash Sunday near Newberg on a flight to McMinnville. Two brothers aboard.

It turned out the pilot was very experienced and struggled to get the bird back on the ground.

The landing was rough and severely damaged the chopper but both brothers managed to crawl out safely thanks to those industrial grade seat belts.

Sunday afternoon Newberg-Dundee Police Department responded to a helicopter crash in a field on the southwest corner of Hwy 219 and NE Bell Rd inside the city limits of Newberg.

Upon arrival of police both occupants of the aircraft had already crawled out of the wreckage. Unlike the chopper, they emerged miraculously without injury. The helicopter sustained major damage as you can see from the police photos.

The pilot, Robert Taylor, 46, from Washington, was accompanied by his brother, Aaron Taylor, 43 from Beaverton. While in flight from Beaverton to McMinnville, the aircraft lost power and an emergency landing was conducted. The pilot’s quick thinking and extensive flying background can be credited for their survival of this crash. Additionally, no property on the ground was damaged.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue responded and found the scene free of fire or fuel leaks. The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board were contacted.

Newport: Slow speed head-on crash on NE 3rd

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Mar 172019

Report of a low speed head-on traffic crash at 588 NE 3rd in Newport, right off Fogarty and immediately south of Newport High School.

There are reports of slight injuries. Fire-Rescue is about to come on scene.

Yep…brakes don’t last forever and they need periodic inspection!

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Mar 172019

Failed brakes coming down 31st. Fortunately, no traffic was coming and the guardrail did its job.

A lady was driving down 31st in Newport, but as she pushed on her brakes, not much happened. She said her car kept going and wound up impaled on a guardrail on the edge of a deep ravine. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Surf Rescue off Salishan

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Mar 172019

Report of swimmers/or sufers in distress off 397 Salishan Drive off Gleneden Beach.

Was determined that the surfers were being pulled by jet skiers out to the waves and then turned loose to catch waves. No one in distress.

Reminder: Meet Port Manager Candidates!!

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Mar 172019

The Port of Newport Board of Commissioners is hosting an open house for the public to meet the three finalists for the position of Port of Newport General Manager.

On Sunday, March 17th, the public is invited to attend an Open House at the South Beach Activities Room, 2120 SE Marine Science Drive, Newport, from 4 to 6 pm. We’d like the Community to have the opportunity to meet the finalists for this important position at the Port of Newport.

The candidates will introduce themselves to you at 4:30 pm, after which the candidates will be available to meet the Community one-on-one.


We hope to see you there!

Helicopter rescue on the beach at Yachats

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Mar 162019

Yachats Firefighters were called to a beach in Yachats this afternoon on a report of a person who collapsed on the sand. Firefighter paramedics tended to the person until Life Flight came in and picked her up for a quick flight to a hospital. An obvious medical issue.

Northeast Portland under water – broken water main flooding big area

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Mar 162019

A major water main in northeast Portland broke. And the entire area is flooding…
Oregonian photos

A giant water main in northeast Portland has broken, sending rivers of fresh water through many streets in the area. No word on what caused the break, but it’s sure making a mess. Here’s a waterfall of photos on it. Click here.

Gardening Roundtable!

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Mar 162019

Master Gardeners
Archieve photo

Lincoln County Master Gardeners are hosting a Gardening Roundtable on container gardening with demonstrations and lively discussion of the best tips and techniques. We will focus on ensuring success no matter what you plant, on the latest in patio vegetables for containers and an actual demonstration. The session will be informal with lots of interaction for questions and answers. It will be a fun and educational time with some door prizes!

Date: March 23rd

Time: 10am to 12pm

Location: Gleneden Beach Fire Station

6445 Gleneden Beach Loop, Gleneden Beach, OR 97388

To reserve a space go to orcoastmga.org/roundtable

Letter to the Editor: “The Elephant in the Room” – Lon Brusselback

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Mar 152019


Everybody likes to hear about “elephants in the living room,” unless it’s in their living room. BUT Sometimes elephants are not that obvious.

A few weeks ago the Newport Planning Commission issued its long-awaited and highly vetted Draft Ordinance 2144, pertaining to Vacation Rentals, for presentation to the City Council. Simultaneously, the Planning Director, to the surprise and chagrin of many, came out with his own parallel but competing version!

By strongly advocating against the planning commission’s recommendations, the planning director, in effect, seeks to dismiss their recommendations and replace them with his own. The planning director is supposed to help guide and support the planning commission, not be their executive director. This puts the Council in an awkward, if not embarrassing position.

But, it gets worse.

The Planning Commission’s draft version is a response to the huge influx of more VRDs and consequently the draft is designed to protect neighborhood livability. But the Planning Director’s version changes little from the original 2012 ordinance which offers little neighborhood protection.

The Planning Commission version is favored primarily by full-time residents who welcome the protection, while the Planning Director’s version is favored by VRD owners. More than 70% of Newport’s VRDs are owned by people who live outside of Lincoln County as mentioned in testimony at the February 19th City Council meeting. By simple extension, one can conclude that the Planning Commission is advocating for Newport residents – while its very own Planning Director is advocating for VRD non-residents!

So there’s the elephant — our government – working perilously at cross-purposes. When our planning director supports his own agenda over that of the duly appointed and community-rooted planning commission, a very big red flag goes up and flaps in the faces of our City Council, our City Manager and every resident of Newport.

We are caught in a potentially very damaging situation. To get it right we have to DO it right, City Council!

Lon Brusselback,
Newport resident

Fire Alarm at Elks Lodge on John Moore Drive

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Mar 152019

Water flow alarm is going off at the Elk’s Lodge on John Moore Drive.

Watch for emergency vehicles.

Arriving firefighters report no smoke showing. Fire call cancelled.

Wyden, Merkley: $400,000 for U of O Earthquake Research

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Mar 152019

Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley

U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley have announced that the University of Oregon will receive more than $400,000 in federal funds for research into improving earthquake early warning systems.

“A state-of-the-art early warning system for earthquakes and tsunamis Oregon and the entire West Coast is a must to save lives if and when disaster strikes,” Wyden said. “I am gratified that the University of Oregon has earned these awards to continue building on its pioneering research to improve this life-and-death warning system.”

“Oregonians, particularly in coastal communities, have long been preparing for the inevitability of a significant earthquake,” Merkley said. “These important grants will allow the University of Oregon to continue its innovative work developing the best earthquake monitoring technology for our state and the entire West Coast.”

The awards from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to the University of Oregon will provide $283,326 for the school’s ShakeAlert work and another $119,600 for its research into regional seismic networks.

The USGS awards to the UO are part of about $13 million in USGS funding to support earthquake monitoring networks.

Seal Rock: Vehicle crash off 101 at Marsh Road

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Mar 142019

Car left the road on 101 near Marsh Road. The vehicle went over an embankment injuring the driver and ejecting his passenger. Trying to find the passenger. Life Flight is enroute to the scene.

Highway 101 is completely blocked.

Seal Rock Fire-Rescue still looking for the missing passenger.

Passenger may be trapped under the vehicle. Firefighters are preparing to lift the car up enough to see what’s under it.

Rescuers report they’ve located the passenger. He’s at home.

Life Flight which landed at Newport Airport has been released. Returning to Corvallis.

Recreational trailer fire on SE 123rd – Spreading to the vegetation

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Mar 142019

Newport Firefighters are racing to a motorhome fire that is not only burning but also igniting nearby vegetation on SE 123rd at South Beach. Newport Fire Chief Rob Murphy called for a Seal Rock fire crew to help fight the blaze.

Neighbors are squirting water on the fire but the fire is still growing very rapidly. The first fire truck in is not quite there. Flames from the 40 foot motorhome are spreading to the trees and the roof is engulfed in flames.

Firefighters have the fire knocked down and out.

Fire Chief Rob Murphy says the motorhome was terribly damaged by the fire which was caused by an electrical failure in the vehicle’s refrigerator. Fortunately no injuries.

Traffic Crash on Siletz Highway, milepost 19

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Mar 142019

Report of a traffic crash on Highway 229, Siletz Highway, at milepost 18. Reports say the lady driver in a gray Jeep lost control, rolling over, with the vehicle coming to rest blocking one lane near Jack Morgan Park. The driver is out and walking with an obvious arm injury.

Caution in the area.

Facebook struggles to get back up to speed after system failure….

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Mar 142019

Facebook Headquarters
Menlo Park, CA
Google Maps

Some of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp’s more than 2 billion users were unable to access the online services Wednesday as the social network and its sister apps suffered a prolonged outage. By Thursday morning, though, services seemed to be coming back online.

Yesterday, as a result of a server configuration change, many people had trouble accessing our apps and services. Facebook officials said, “We’ve now resolved the issues and our systems are recovering. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience.

Here’s more from The Oregonian. Click here.

California passes bill to ditch fossil fuels by 2045

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Mar 142019

Solar Panels
Going up all over California

California lawmakers passed a bill this week that requires ALL of the state’s energy to be generated by renewable sources. The goal is to eliminate fossil fuels by 2045. But there’s no legal mandate or penalty for non-compliance Supporters say the law would help reduce climate change and expand California’s clean energy industry. Critics say the bill is too ambitious and would shackle families and businesses with higher energy bills. But supporters say Climate Change could bankrupt the world. The measure now heads to the governor’s desk.

Trying to track down a dog robber….

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Mar 142019

Have you seen this kidnapped dog? Collar removed by thieves.

Confirmed stolen in Brookings. The person who has him took his collar off. It was found by the old Shell gas station on Hwy 101 in Brookings. Please share all over America. Help us bring our baby home. $REWARD$ Call 541-661-3363