Lincoln City getting in on the bunny action!

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Apr 132017

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt
Lincoln City Rec Center

Underwater Egg Hunt!

Children ages 1-16 are invited to search for prize-filled colored plastic eggs in the Lincoln City Pool at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, April 15.

Eggs will be tossed in the main pool for older children and in the small pool for tots. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult in the water.

The egg hunt will start at 1:30 p.m. sharp, followed by a recreation swim until 4 p.m. Admission is free! For more information call 541-994-2131.

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Just like President Reagan used to say….”Whale……”

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Apr 132017

Some whales watch back!
Eva Harmon photo


Are you curious about the whales everyone talks about off the Oregon Coast? Can they really be seen year-round? When is the best time to spot a whale? Where? Why are they here? Which whales do we see? What do they eat? How big are they?
Clint and Kathy Perry, volunteers of Oregon State Parks will be at the Newport 60+ Activity Center on Thursday, April 27, 2017, beginning at 2:00 p.m. to answer your questions and to share whale artifacts, photos, and their love of whale watching from the Newport area.

The Perry’s will provide a layman’s presentation focusing on the gray whale that’s popular here on the Oregon Coast. Before the presentation, they will ask the audience what specific questions they have and then gear the presentation towards their interests. If lacking questions, then they cover the three most common whales, why and when the migration occurs, fun facts on sizes and eating behaviors of gray whales, behaviors (such as breaching) of whales, and the best places and times to watch them.

Clint and Kathy have been volunteering for the past three years at the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center with the honor of working with Carrie Newell, the local expert on the summer feeders, and attending multiple trainings by world experts. The past year they’ve provided multiple presentations at coastal Oregon State Parks and become certified interpreters by the American Cetacean Society and the National Association of Interpreters. Most of all, they love whale watching.

Other upcoming educational presentations include Art as Therapy with Rhonda Chase and Amy Anderson on Thursday, May 11th, and a Social Security Seminar with Financial Advisor Duane Silbernagle on Monday, May 22nd. Please stop by the Newport 60+ Activity Center, 20 SE 2nd St, Newport, OR, or give us a call at 541-265-9617 to sign up for these opportunities. For a complete listing of the current activities, exercise classes, trips and events, please see our website:

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Another milestone in getting fed $$ for Newport offshore wave energy research project

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Apr 132017

Wave energy research and possible eventual power production.
OSU graphic

Newport’s long-touted offshore wave energy experiment, run mostly by Oregon State University, got a lifeline from the federal government this week in awarding the project $4.3 million. Published reports say the “seed money” bodes well for the project that seeks to perfect research into and production of wave energy devices that will effectively harness wave energy and turn it into electricity which would be sent via underwater cables to power stations on shore.

The $4.3 million grant is viewed as a good sign that a larger award of the $50 million necessary for the project’s completion could be awarded to the Oregon project. A competing project has been established off California. The competition is between Oregon and California as to which attempt at harnessing wave energy and sending it ashore will be the best option. OSU researchers say there are a number of wave energy devices on the drawing board that need money in order to be built and tested.

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Speed believed the cause of this one…

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Apr 132017

Scottsburg Bridge
Highway 38, 16 miles east of Reedsport

OSP suspects excessive speed was the cause of the accident.

Diesel fuel leaked into the Umpqua River.

OSP Troopers responded Wednesday afternoon to a report of a semi into the Scottsburg Bridge, its trailer plunging into the which is on Hwy 38 near milepost 16.

The CMV was hauling empty wooden pallets and crashed through a bridge railing, trapping the driver, 26 year old Sergi Borodin from Seattle in the cab. Borodin was extricated by rescue personnel and transported to a local hospital for minor injuries and later released. The crash resulted in a trailer falling into the river and pallets floating downstream. Diesel fuel from the CMV also spilled into the river and is being addressed by DEQ.

Speed is considered a contributing factor in the crash and Borodin was issued a citation for several traffic violations. Hwy 38 remains closed while the bridge is inspected and repaired. Travelers should use alternate routes Oregon 42 or Oregon 126. There is no ETA to reopen the highway. ODOT bridge engineers are on site with ODOT maintenance staff. Closure signs are located along Oregon 38 in Reedsport and Elkton as well as on Interstate 5 and U.S. 101.

OSP was assisted by the Scottsburg Fire Department, Douglas Sheriff’s Office, Reedsport Police Department, ODOT and the Coos Bay Fire HAZMAT Team.

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Weather or Not: DIY

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Apr 132017

News Lincoln County’s weatherman is off today and tomorrow, so use the links below for do-it-yourself forecasts, observations and conditions. Our daily ‘Weather or Not’ reports resume on Saturday morning.

wxon-twitterNOTE: Weather or Not’s Twitter feed will still keep you posted on any major changes in conditions, and you’ll get updated travel info and an abbreviated forecast each morning tailored to the Central Coast. Just follow @chrisburnswx.

Summary: Observations

Forecast: Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Waldport, Yachats

Travel: ODOT TripCheck, Activity Planner, Coast Range, Cascades

Marine: Local Waters, Bar Reports

Tides: Tide Tables

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A message to all News Lincoln County readers:

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Apr 132017

Herbicide spraying
archive photo

As you can clearly see there is a highly controversial citizens’ initiative on the May 16th ballot. It has to do with whether the voters of Lincoln County demand an end of aerial (from planes/helicopters/drones) pesticide spraying in the county in light of what they call a clear danger to the health and well being of Lincoln County residents. But also to rivers and streams that lie a short distance away from those spraying operations. has declined to accept any political advertising for or against Measure 21-177 in favor of running opinion pieces from readers who are for or against the measure.

We invite supporters as well as detractors to the ballot measure.

Email them to:

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Further discussion of Measure 21-177 – Aerial Spraying Ban

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Apr 132017

This Letter to the Editor submission does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of, nor of it’s staff or advertisers. The writer is solely responsible for its content.

Who’s trying to defeat measure 21-177?

A few local Lincoln County residents are voicing opposition to 21-177, the measure
to ban aerial spraying, but the majority against the bill are not our residents, farmers
or foresters.

Oregon Secretary of State’s website shows who organized and is funding the “Coalition to Defeat 21-177”.  The first red flag is that the treasurer, Carol A Russell, also serves on campaigns such as Umpqua Valley Republican Women’s PAC, Friends of Paul Savas, Citizens to Elect Dennis Richardson, etc.  She is a treasurer for many Republican PACs throughout Oregon.  It is unlikely that Lincoln County’s economy or the health of it’s citizens concern her, ostensibly never having been a resident.

The donation list isn’t populated by our friends and neighbors but instead the likes of Weyerhaeuser, along with “Oregonians for Food & Shelter”, a front organization for Ag and Chem companies.  Please look up “Oregonians for Food & Shelter PAC” on Oregon Secretary of State’s website so you can see for yourself the large donations made by Monsanto, Dow International, Simplex, Syngenta, Sprague Pest Solutions and others. These aren’t farmers or foresters but companies that profit from the sales of toxic chemicals.

Next we find a laundry list of Oregon Farm Bureau’s aka fronts for big agriculture, a handful of timber companies, and a few individuals such as Rick Krohn, President of Western Helicopter Services.

Hilltop Public Solutions, a giant public relations firm, has received over $10,000 from the Coalition to Defeat 21-177, to provide, in their words, “What it takes to win”. They will be the ones crafting misleading arguments, designing elegant websites and posters, and using every other political machination to deceive the voters.

Citizens of our county have spent their time and money trying to affect positive change and once again big business is trying to ensure that they can continue to harm our health and environment for their shareholder profits.

Recently I became aware that our own Lincoln County Commissioners have come out against measure 21-177 after having been pressured by corporate interests, in spite of a large volume of letters, emails, and phone calls urging them to reconsider.   

Matt Newell


From: John Colman-Pinning

For immediate relief from the exaggerations and unsubstantiated assertions made by Coalition to Defeat Measure 21-177 and Protect Family Farms and Forests, Lincoln County residents need only focus on the assertion made by the above named Political Action Committees that aerial spraying (spraying from aircraft) is “the safe, effective application of approved products.” Please note this carefully worded phrase does not say the products (poisons) applied by aerial spraying are themselves safe; it only implies the poisons so sprayed are safe. In truly deceptive fashion, the phrase says only that the application of the poisons is safe and effective and the poisons so applied are approved (presumably by some government agency). To further mollify legitimate concerns of Lincoln County residents, the above named Political Action Committees also state “spraying is tightly regulated by federal and state law, ensuring the public and environment is protected.”

Sounds good, right? But, not so fast. The laws ensure nothing. If government agencies charged with evaluating the safety of the poisons being sprayed are themselves corrupted by the very corporations who manufacture the poisons, then federal and state laws [based on evaluations manipulated by the poison manufacturers] intended to protect the public and the environment are themselves bogus. Think Monsanto. Think glyphosate a.k.a. Roundup.

Need convincing? Read on.


March 15, 2017
Press Release

Washington – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) issued the following statement regarding reports that unsealed court documents raise new questions about the safety of Monsanto weed killer Roundup and its chief ingredient glyphosate.

“New questions about the safety of Monsanto weed killer Roundup are deeply troubling. I worked on the glyphosate issue last term and I believe consumers should immediately stop using Roundup, whose core ingredient glyphosate has been labeled a likely carcinogen and has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. We need to find out if Monsanto or the Environmental Protection Agency misled the public.”

“Reports suggest that a senior official at the EPA worked to suppress a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services review of glyphosate, and may have leaked information to Monsanto. I believe that a Department of Justice investigation is warranted to look into any potential misconduct by employees of the EPA. I also believe a congressional hearing is immediately warranted.”

It should be noted that the corporations cited above (Monsanto, Syngenta and Dow Chemical) are major cash contributors to the Political Action Committees who fund (directly or indirectly) Coalition to Defeat Measure 21-177 and Protect Family Farms and Forests.

Need proof? See: (Coalition to Defeat 21-177 PAC) (contributions and expenditures) (Oregonians for Food & Shelter PAC) (contributions and expenditures) (Oregon Farm Bureau PAC) (contributions and expenditures) (Oregon Forest Industries Council PAC) (contributions and expenditures)

The foregoing submittal by John Colman-Pinning reflects his own views and opinions which does not necessarily reflects the views and opinions of, its staff or advertisers. Mr. Colman-Pinning’s statements are strictly his own.

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Hey Toledo! Everybody in to the pool!!

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Apr 132017

Toledo Pool on its last legs.

Toledo Chamber of Commerce luncheon April 20

Jim Chambers, co-chair of the Keep Our Pool Open Community Committee, will be guest speaker at the Toledo Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon on Thursday, April 20. Chambers will discuss Toledo’s efforts to restore its municipal swimming pool.

Always Tea Time caterers will serve an Easter-themed lunch. All attendees are asked to pay $10 at the door to cover the cost of lunch. The meeting begins at noon at the Toledo Fire Department, 285 NE Burgess Road. The public is welcome to attend; no RSVP is necessary.

C. J. Drake
Communications & Public Affairs Manager
Toledo, Oregon
Office: 541-336-8202/Cell: 541-272-4781

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