Oct 312014

Motor vehicle crash at 101 and Fred Meyer. Two vehicle sideswipe – both vehicles locked together. Driver of one vehicle can’t get out.

Accident occurred on NE 20th.

Minor vehicle accident at Olive @ Douglas

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Oct 312014
Yachats Arts & Crafts Bazaar

Yachats Arts & Crafts Bazaar

The 17th Annual Harvest & Holidays Arts & Crafts Festival by Crafts on the Coast featuring over 70 exhibitors will take place inside Yachats Commons, 441 Hwy 101 N in beautiful Yachats, the Gem of the Oregon Coaston Saturday, November 8, and Sunday, November 9, from 10-4 both days. Admission to this family-friendly event is free.

Demonstrations by the artisans are fun and educational, offering an opportunity to see products being hand made.

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Oct 312014
Rock Slide Nestucca Area

Rock Slide
Nestucca Area

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Nestucca Access Road is closed 1/4 mile east of Alder Glen Campground in Tillamook County, (23 road miles west of Carlton and 15 road miles east of Beaver). Nestucca Access Road is known as Blaine Road coming from the west, and Meadow Lake Road coming from the east. The closed area can be bypassed via Bald Mountain and Bible Creek Roads.

A rock slide is blocking both lanes of traffic. BLM road engineers are assessing the area to determine if the slide area is stable prior to moving in equipment to clean up the mess.

No estimated time of reopening the road.

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Oct 312014

No fire.

Motorhome pulling a vehicle northbound at SE 123rd. Tire on fire. Watch for emergency vehicles.

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Oct 312014

Chris Burns Weather

Friday, October 31st – Lincoln County

Summary: The latest weather front arrived on schedule around noon yesterday, beginning with a building breeze followed by a decent shot of moisture. Rainfall ranged from under a quarter to over three-quarters of an inch with Yachats drenched most heavily. Southerly winds were a little higher than projections; some areas of the Central Coast recorded gusts above 30 mph. The mercury rose to the low-60s. Rainy periods continued throughout the afternoon, evening and overnight, albeit the breeze died before sunset. This morning it was still raining on and off, winds were light and lows dipped to the low-50s.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 63F/53F/19mph/0.18”
Depoe Bay: 61F/51F/30mph/0.24”
Newport: 61F/50F/31mph/0.56”
Waldport: 63F/52F/26mph/0.54”
Yachats: 63F/52F/36mph/0.76”

Forecast: Will it be a Trick or a Treat for those on the prowl for candy? We’ll have some sunbreaks today and the showers are expected to subside, but they may not be entirely absent by this evening. A cool and unstable atmosphere is dominating our weather, so early tonight we’re facing temps around 50F, WON THUNDERSTORMa 50-50 chance of showers, possible Frankenstein-style thunderstorms with small hail, Casper’s friendly and ghostly winds (except near thunderstorms) and with any clearing, a peek-a-boo Werewolf Moon. Tomorrow looks mainly dry, some sunny periods and cooler; highs around 55F and lows down to 45F. Outlook is for the next weather system to make landfall on the Central Coast sometime Sunday bringing more rain and gusty winds. Look for varying chances of rain Monday through Wednesday, but we could get a stretch of clearing and drying to wind-up the workweek.

Travel: Be extra cautious today driving on local highways, roads and streets as mask-wearing pedestrians with limited visibility will be near traffic on the shoulders and sidewalks. This warning applies during daylight hours (people in Halloween costumes for school, work and parties) as well as this evening, especially from 4:00pm-9:00pm.

In the Coast Range today, showers, chance of thunderstorms and 50-55F. Valley destinations are also expecting showers and a chance of thunderstorms with highs of 55F. For the Cascades, rain and snow; the snow level is 5,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is mixed conditions at lower elevations but accumulating snow is possible down to the Cascade highway passes tonight through Sunday. Oregon’s Chain Law allows the use of studded tires beginning tomorrow. However, because of the damage caused by studded tires, the Oregon Department of Transportation encourages motorists to use studded tires only when necessary. Delaying putting on studded tires, or using other types of traction tires, is helpful for the condition of our highways.

Marine: Choppy seas 8 feet at 8 seconds this morning, but winds are light and variable, 5-10 knots. As of 8:00am, WON SCADepoe Bay bar is closed to recreational vessels 20 feet and less. Yaquina Bay bar is unrestricted. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas goes into effect at 2:00pm and runs through late tonight for Central Coast waters mainly 10 miles or more offshore. SW winds today and tonight 5-10 knots gusting 15 with seas 8-10 feet at 13 seconds, and a chance of thunderstorms. Tomorrow, expect a NW breeze of 5-10 knots and swells subsiding to 6-8 feet. Outlook is for increasing southerlies on Sunday, 10-15 knots gusting near 20, seas 6 feet. Another storm system arrives Monday, lasting into Tuesday, packing S winds 20-25 knots with seas rising to 11-14 feet.

On the Beach… Showers, sunbreaks, light breeze, surf 8-10 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
10/31 Fri 07:25 AM 7.20 H
10/31 Fri 01:03 PM 3.17 L
10/31 Fri 06:47 PM 7.14 H
11/01 Sat 01:29 AM 0.53 L

In Short: Showers, partial clearing, light wind, then rainy next week.

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Oct 312014
Off Yachats Ken Gagne photo

Off Yachats
Ken Gagne photo

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Oct 302014
Flowerree Community Center, Toledo

Flowerree Community Center, Toledo

The Central Coast Child Development Center has found a new home after it learned it would have to vacate Arcadia School in Toledo. The Development Center provides early childhood education for children aged 6 months, infants, toddlers and up.

Once the Development Center settles in at their new location at Flowerree Center in Toledo, a main fundraising arm of the non-profit will swing into action to help it expand – especially to accommodate the younger ones. We’re told that there is a horrific shortage of care for very young children throughout the region. The Center aims to fix that at Flowerree.

Part of the fix is a fundraiser being held November 7th at Muggly’s Bowl at the west end of the downtown and Business 20. It’s a bowl-a-thon running from 5 to 8pm. The group is looking for businesses or individuals to sponsor a lane while the public bowls continuously for three hours. The public can bowl their hearts out from 5 to 8pm, November 7th – at a very reasonable price.

So if you or your family would like to sponsor a lane on the 7th of November or just want a deeply “feel good” fundraising experience, just call the center at 541-336-2477.

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Oct 302014

eagles fraternal order of wiki

The Toledo Eagles will be holding their annual Christmas Bazaar on November 8th from 9 to 4. They still have tables available to rent. If you are interested, call Patti at 541-336-1022. The cost is $10.00 per table.

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Oct 302014
Courtesy graphic CDC

Courtesy graphic

Lincoln County Health officials Cheryl Connell and Rebecca Austen told Lincoln County Commissioners this week that Lincoln County is ready to act quickly and effectively if an Ebola case shows up on the coast. Connell said it is very unlikely to happen – but if it does, they’re ready for it.

Austen said that health professionals convened this week at Oregon Coast Community College with first responders and top medical officials from Pacific Communities and North Lincoln Hospitals. Austen says everybody’s being well trained on the protocols and procedures in the event an Ebola case erupts.

If one does materialize, the patient will be immediately transferred to a special unit at Good Sam Corvallis. No cases will remain on the coast. They’ll all go to the valley Connell said that if a case reaches Lincoln County, it will likely be carried by someone returning to the coast from West Africa. She reminded everyone that the disease is not contagious until the carrier starts showing symptoms, as illustrated above.

Connell said the medical community is sticking to the science surrounding Ebola and not rumors or politics about the disease. Connell said county health workers are participating in Ebola protocol webinars, networked phone calls, Governor Kitzhaber’s Office and valley hospitals to stay up to the minute on what’s happening with Ebola. Austen said County Emergency Services Manager Jenny Demaris is ensuring all lines of communication are open and effective in relaying critical information in the event of a case appearing in the county and that the Sheriff’s community communications network called Everbridge is ready anytime to alert county residents when any information breaks on the issue.

Connell summed it up: “We’re ready.”

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Oct 302014
Toledo City Council  File photo

Toledo City Council
File photo

The Toledo City Council has decided to tax both medical and recreational marijuana at a rate of 3% on both. The tax on recreational would depend on whether Measure 91 passes next Tuesday night at the polls.

City Attorney Wes Chadwick said the legal theory put forth by the Oregon League of Cities is that if cities have the sales tax on recreational marijuana before the voter initiative takes effect in December, then the tax would be grandfathered in despite the fact Measure 91 provides that the state alone will have taxing authority on recreational marijuana. All over Oregon, cities are enacting a sales tax on recreational marijuana thinking Measure 91 will pass. The vote in favor of taxing recreational marijuana was 4 to 3 in favor; Mayor Grutzmacher and Councilors Lyon, Dunaway and Baxter. Those against taxing recreational marijuana were Johnson, Strom and Kaufman.

Toledo councilors also passed a 3% sales tax on medical marijuana as well despite spirited disagreement from a medical marijuana dispensary operator and those who are waiting to re-open their’s – the argument being that marijuana is a medicine like any other and so should not be taxed like any other. They and a few medical marijuana patients also cited financial hardship already in purchasing medical marijuana without the added tax. They also predicted that the added tax would hurt sales within Toledo since other cities in Lincoln County have decided not to tax medical marijuana. The vote in favor of taxing marijuana was among Mayor Gruzmacher and Councilors Lyon, Dunaway, and Baxter. Those opposed to taxing medical marijuana were Councilors Johnson, Kaufman and Strom. Councilor Dunaway said his vote for taxing marijuana rises out of a desire to simply have a placeholder ordinance in effect prior to the enactment of Measure 91, if it passes. His comments about voting for taxing medical marijuana seemed more couched in terms of perhaps not really wanting to tax medical marijuana but voting for it simply as a precautionary endorsement pending the outcome of how the state legislature decides the issue.

Looking at other Lincoln County cities, Newport, Lincoln City and Yachats have have decided to tax recreational marijuana but not medical marijuana. Waldport is likely to pass a tax on recreational marijuana at their special city council meeting coming up Monday afternoon.

Lincoln County County Counsel Wayne Belmont has said several times that a lot of this is very much up in the air because the legislature will have a great deal to say early next year about these taxation issues, both medical and recreational will play out. And whether any lawsuits are produced by the outcome is quite unpredictable. Waldport City Manager Kerry Kemp said a great deal of the Waldport’s City Council’s opinion centers more around the idea that local taxes are local taxes and should not be infringed upon by state government. So although there may be some interest in taxing marijuana, an important element in the decision is to reflect the council’s concern about cities exercising their options under the state’s constitutional provisions of home rule.

Watch out for kids Friday night!!!

Watch out for kids Friday night!!!

And the council learned that Main Street will be closed on Halloween, October 31st, from 3:30 to 5:30pm to allow Main Street merchants to set up their Downtown Toledo Trick or Treat Street for the kids, who arrive at 4pm to enjoy the candied dreams of children everywhere. The trick or treaters will be scaring everyone up and down the sidewalks through 5pm. Just Main Street will be closed. No side streets will close except as they cross Main. Barricades will be clearly placed.

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