Nov 232013
Marion County SWAT Vehicle parked outside Turner apartment building

Marion County SWAT Vehicle parked outside Turner apartment building

Provided by Oregon State Police

Responding to the report of a domestic disturbance, two Turner Police Officers arrived at an apartment complex in the 7300 block of Third Street SE, about 9:30pm. Shortly after arriving, they encountered a man and woman descending the stairs from a second story apartment. The officers tried to speak with the couple, but the man immediately drew a gun and fired several shots in the direction of the officers. Both took cover and did not return fire. Neither was hit by the bullets. At the same time, the woman tried to run away from the man, but she was struck by his gunfire and fell to the ground.

The man ran up the stairs into the second floor apartment. Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the call for assistance from the Turner Officers and set up a perimeter around the building. The female was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect remained in the apartment where he held the child hostage for the next 8 hours.

Law enforcement personnel from numerous agencies responded to assist with this investigation. SWAT teams from Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Salem Police Department, and the Oregon State Police teamed up to each take 4-hour shifts to maintain the perimeter security in the 30 degree temperatures.

Salem Police & Marion County hostage negotiators spent several hours talking and texting with the suspect trying to convince him to release his hostage.

Residents of the apartment complex were evacuated by SWAT team members. The Turner Fire District opened their main fire station to serve as a command post and to provide shelter for the evacuated residents.

By 5:30am, the negotiations had not resulted in the suspect’s surrender. Shortly after, Salem SWAT team members made a tactical entry into the apartment and took the suspect into custody and rescued the child.

The suspect is identified as Dustin Michael Bryant, 24. He suffered a minor injury during the arrest and was treated at the Salem Hospital before being booked into the Marion County Jail. The charges are pending at this time.

The deceased female victim is identified as ADRIAN NICOLE BIRD, age 23, a resident at the apartment complex. Her 2-year old daughter was rescued, transported to a medical facility and found to be unharmed. The daughter is currently in the custody of family who responded to the scene and the identity of the minor child will not be released.


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