Oct 012013
Old Waldport High Open Space Meeting Coming up!

Old Waldport High
Open Space Meeting
Coming up!

WHS Open Space Meeting Scheduled for Oct. 16

What will happen to that new open space where the old Waldport High will soon become a memory? Dog park? Ball fields? Walking paths? Community garden? Arts Park? All of the above?

Those interested in formulating the use of that land will resume their discussions at the next Waldport High School Open Space meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the Waldport Community Center, 265 Hemlock (Hwy. 34).

All interested persons are invited to attend, including those who are volunteering on one or more of the following small groups: arts, dog park, garden, softball/sports, and miscellaneous.

Small groups will give an update on their progress. Discussion will continue about having local leadership to oversee the open space planning process so community members will be involved with the project and have ownership in its success. Although the adjacent former middle school property is not included, discussion about its potential future use is welcome.

This meeting is the fourth hosted by Lincoln County School District and the city of Waldport to determine the best open space use for the now vacant Waldport High School campus, once the school building and other structures are removed from the 11.5 acre site. Plans are to use the empty structures for live fire training on Saturday, Nov. 9; and Saturday, Nov. 23.

This project is funded by a $3 million Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA has purchased all the structures and development rights at the site to prevent future development in a tsunami inundation zone. In turn, the school district will demolish and remove the school buildings, portable classrooms, and grandstands. Then, the site will be restored into open space with no future development allowed other than that related to the open-space use.

Along with the potential of saving lives and preventing properly loss, this mitigation project allows the school district to remove an empty school, which can be expensive to maintain even when not in use; and to restore the land for open space use without spending district funds.

Wednesday, October 16th, Waldport Community Center. We’ll see you there.

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