Sep 122013 was more blind faith in a GPS system.

Yes…it was more blind faith in a GPS system.

When a 67 year old San Francisco area truck driver pulled his semi full of paper out of the GP plant in Toledo, he dialed up his GPS asking it for the route back to California. The GPS said head south to 1000 Line Road and head for the coast.

Ooops… Those GPS things don’t work well in rural areas. And driver Daniel Castro sure wasn’t driving the in the big city. But he set his course based on the GPS and headed up in to the mountains of central Lincoln County.

It had to have been a challenging drive, of course with no place to turn around. So he pressed on. And he darn near made it. He got within 10 miles of the Beaver Creek intersection with Highway 101 which is what he should have been on long earlier.

But then, the sharp turn. He obviously couldn’t make it. The rear wheels of his VERY heavy trailer slumped off the gravel road, pulling the whole trailer down into a hole.


Sheriff’s deputies arranged for a big towing firm out of Albany to retrieve the truck and its cargo. No citations were issued, they said.

Shudda checked with the guy at the GP guard shack which way to go back to civilization.

The last time this happened around Toledo a semi with a trailer got caught crosswize in a narrow intersection on Main Street. The driver wedged it up against both sides of the street. GPS again! (He said he missed the “Trucks >>>>” sign down by the RxR Tracks.)

Whatever happened to using our eyes?


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