Aug 172013

Ralph Criteser Criteser Boat Yard

Ralph Criteser
Criteser Boat Yard

Building your own boat

Building your own boat

Kids building their own boat too!

Kids building their own boat too!

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It’s a Toledo Wooden Boat Show weekend just 7 miles inland from Newport there at the Port of Toledo. Honoring “River Heritage,” the Port and the Toledo community expressed gratitude for the long history of boat building and maintenance up the Yaquina River. A featured honoree is Ralph Criteser of Criteser Boatyard just downriver from Toledo. For nearly 70 years Mr. Criteser has made his living on the river building and working on boats for himself and others.

This 9th annual Toledo Wooden Boat Show featured family boat building where, for a fee, a family can build a small boat that can safely scoot two adults across the water with little effort. Experienced boat builders helped to supervise the task. All boat makers and their boats will launch Sunday afternoon in a sort of “We did it!” flotilla.

There was an extended poker run for those who have their own boats or who managed to scrounge up one they could borrow. But the the main event of the day was the Georgia Pacific sponsored GP Container Board paddle boat races – two classes – youth and adult.

Winning categories were best time, best design and best sinker. Among the youth, the Boathouse crew came in first, then the Kokeel (GP) crew, and in third place was Community Services Consortium. The best youth sinker was Team Dongle. Among the adult entries, the best time went to Kokeel (GP), 2nd place went to another GP entry and in 4th place was the city of Newport. Out of 20 boats, Newport just barely missed being in the winner circles. Best design boat award went to Willie Worman, a GP entry and second place to The Olalla Center.

Here’s a little bit of the races:

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