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Walkers came in first because they left very early from Philomath

Walkers came in first because they left very early from Philomath

...and then the runners came bustin' through...

…and then the runners came bustin’ through…

barrel to keg we got the runsbarrel to keg with the barrel guybarrel to keg insidebarrel to keg inside band

You can’t keep good people down, especially when they’re running or walking nearly 70 miles from Philomath to South Beach in Newport. They were raising money Saturday in the Barrel to Keg Relay for the Community Services Consortium (CSC) based in Newport – an agency that’s been hit hard financially by the recession along with the low income citizens they serve.

Nearly 700 runners, walkers and volunteers from throughout Oregon registered to make the trek and run from the Harris Bridge Winery in Philomath to Newport – 62 miles for walkers, 69 miles for runners. 128 teams of walkers and runners covered separate legs so no one had to run or walk all 62 or 69 miles, although some in the past have done just that. Accompanying each team were volunteers to make sure everything went smoothly. With 250 volunteers it was just that – smooth.

In first place among the running teams, “We Got the Runs” arrived first with a total elapsed time of 7 hours, 25 minutes, and 6 seconds. They averaged 6 minute 28 second miles. Second place went to “MJR and the Skinny Goons” who ran the 69 miles in 7 hours, 42 minutes and 45 seconds, their miles averaging 6 minute 43 seconds. The “Newport Pub Crawlers” came in third after an 8 hour, 11 minute and 21 second run from Philomath. The Pub Crawlers averaged 7 minute 8 second miles. The running team “Beer Me” ran the 69 miles in 9 hours, 14 minutes and 54 seconds, averaging 8 minute, 3 second miles. And in fifth place, it was “Men In Tights” who covered the course in 9 hours, 54 minutes and 32 seconds, averaging 8 minute 37 second miles.

Among the Walkers, the “Hot Dogs” covered their assigned 62 mile trek in 8 hours, 43 minutes, 21 seconds. The “Screaming Weenies” finished second at 8 hours, 52 minutes and 24 seconds. And in third place was the “Bunny Hops” who came in third at 8 hours, 53 minutes and 50 seconds.

Inside the Rogue Brewery headquarters, Barrel to Keg runners and walkers enjoyed a much welcomed massage to soothe their road weary muscles, along with Rogue beer, Harris Bridge Vineyard wines, Odwalla nurshing drinks, a quick check by Samaritan Health Services, great food and live music.

Community Services Consortium Executive Director Martha Lyon said this year’s Barrel to Keg was the biggest relay ever, with about 700 participants, bringing with them about a $30,000 benefit to the agency which has been struggling under lower revenues aimed at helping low income families weather the recession. Lyon said they’re still helping families with shelter, food, education, job training and referrals along with helping families better manage their finances. CRC also helps families better insulate their homes which brings down their monthly heating bills.

Lyon said the annual Barrel to Keg run gives everyone a chance to combine something fun that builds physical fitness as well as resources to help those hardest hit by the recession to keep their families together and surviving the economic storm. She said next year they could have far more than 700 participants. She said the event has really grown and shows no sign of slowing.


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