Jul 062013

VAC reception for featured Artist Karen Fitzgibbon, Saturday

VAC reception for featured Artist Karen Fitzgibbon, Saturday

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Central Coast multi-media artist Karen Fitzgibbon drew praise Saturday for her artistically bold and decidedly Louisiana-esque “Haute Creole” figurines that were part of her exhibit “A Little of This, a Little of That” in the Showcase Gallery area, second floor of the Visual Arts Center at Nye Beach.

While each figure has the aura and emotional power to fill a room on its own, a number of her New Orleans/Bayou Country royalty radiate a blunt but also piercing energy out through the glass gallery, literally grabbing your eyes, commanding your attention, beckoning you to explore another culture with perhaps voodoo-like powers and incantations. Some figurines smile joyfully, expressing some unexplained revelation while others portray a state of self-immersion, leaving the observer to wonder, “what are they thinking?” What are THEY experiencing that is so fascinating while all these people gaze at them from the other side of the glass?

Through Karen Fitzgibbon’s considerable creative powers, the mind is seduced into engaging wondrously adorned figures – even if they are inanimate objects. Then you catch your self – shake your head and exclaim quietly, “Wow, what was THAT?”

To experience Karen Fitzgibbon as she communicates with her art is to travel along beside her on a complex and powerfully unfolding journey. If you stop by to partake of this most enticing excursion, and you’re open to the “full effect,” give yourself enough time. At the least bring a sack lunch.

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