Jul 052013
SE Bay Street and Williams Ave upgrades in the works.

SE Bay Street and Williams Ave upgrades in the works.

Depoe Bay City Council this week gave Public Works Superintendent Terry Owings the green light to go after $40,000 in ODOT grant monies to do something about SE Bay Street, which is one of the heaviest traveled thoroughfares in town. The mainly repaving project also includes SE Williams Avenue which connects the busy Depoe Bay port area and the Anchor Estates and Stone Bridge residential areas to Highway 101, especially at Bay and 101 which has a traffic light.

The city has been successful in the past in receiving six ODOT grants for connecting Collins Street and Ainslee Avenue which allows more convenient access to 101.

Should the city be successful on their 7th grant application, construction could be expected to begin next Spring.


Depoe Bay Harbor Opening on the Harbor Commission

Depoe Bay Harbor
Opening on the Harbor Commission

Council searching for a new member of the Depoe Bay Harbor Commission

Depoe Bay Harbor Commissioner Mike Dowd has thrown in his line down at the harbor, formally notifying the City Council he is resigning his seat on the commission. In a short note to the council Dowd said he is no longer a full time resident of the area.

So…those who might like to serve on the Depoe Bay Harbor Commission can inquire at Depoe Bay City Hall, just south of bridge, next to the Shell Station. Has a big flag pole in front of it. Or call 541-765-2361.


Depoe Bay City Council Going LIVE? Maybe soon!

Depoe Bay City Council
Going LIVE on the internet?

And at the suggestion of City Councilor Brent Berry, the council has been talking about having the city council’s twice a month meetings broadcast live on the internet, as well as available for playback on local TV access channel 4, seen in the Depoe Bay area.

Councilor Barbara Neff said she conferred with the city attorney and learned there are no legal technicalities associated with such broadcasts. So, with that the council gave its blessing for City Clerk Recorder Pery Murray to begin exploring “affordable options” for equipment and internet access. She will to report back to the council within the next month or two on what she finds out.

Lincoln City, Newport, and Toledo rebroadcast their city council meetings on local public access TV channels on cable.. Lincoln City is the only city that regularly broadcasts live on the internet with instant archiving and playback options available right after the meetings. Murray will also be exploring that internet option as well.


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