Dec 122012

United Way: Filling the cracks

Progressive Options of Lincoln County is proud and grateful to be a recipient of United Way funding. We’re a small agency with a tiny budget that serves persons with disabilities of all kinds and is run entirely by volunteers, many of whom have disabilities themselves. What we do is not particularly exciting or dramatic and we don’t attract many big grants or a lot of private contributions. The funds we do get from United Way and from dwindling local government resources don’t buy vehicles or expensive equipment, or allow us to invest in real estate, but the funds do allow us to maintain an office where people can come for help who have been unable to find help anywhere else. Sometimes they just don’t know where to go to get the help they need, or don’t know how to ask, or need an effective advocate by their side; often they are the folks who fall into the cracks in our systems of care and we are their last resort.

Thank you United Way for helping us to give them one more source of hope, and thanks to all of those who will choose to contribute as much as possible during the coming year to help keep United Way strong in Lincoln County.

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— Richard Sherlock, President,
and the Board of Directors, Progressive Options of Lincoln County

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