Oct 192012

From Lincoln County Schools

“That’s why we don’t eat on the bus!”

That’s what Newport school bus driver Jim McIntyre told students on his Wednesday afternoon route, just moments after he calmly performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking student, neatly popping out a piece of candy.

McIntyre, who has been employed by Mid-Columbia Bus Co. for nearly 3 years, was driving when the Newport High School senior student started choking.

Another student ran to the front of the bus to tell the driver, who immediately pulled to the side of the road and delivered the life-saving squeeze.

After reminding his students of the importance of not eating on the bus, the driver resumed his route. When he arrived back at the bus barn, he told others what had happened, downplaying his role. “I was just doing what I was trained to do,” he said.

Officials with Mid-Columbia Bus Co., which provides transportation services to Lincoln County School District, are proud of their driver’s quick reaction and humble attitude.

“He says he’s not a hero, but we think he is,” said Lynn Fieber, dispatcher, with Mid-Columbia.

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