Sep 042010

Food Share shelves are nearly empty. Calls for help!

Put your donated food next to your trash cans at the curb!

The Lincoln County garbage haulers are coming to Food Share’s rescue again this September. They are responding in a vital way to fill Foods Shares bare cupboards during Hunger Action Month. The haulers say they want to make it easy to help feed the hungry by giving their customers a chance to donate at curbside.

From September 20th to 24th,Thompson’s Sanitary, Dahl Disposal and North Lincoln Sanitary are staging a County Haulers Food Drive, picking up donations of non-perishable items during their runs. Customers are encouraged to leave donations on their regular service day in a bag next to their carts.

Non-perishable items that can make a meal like hearty soups, stews, canned tuna and chili are excellent donations. Coffee, tea, powdered milk,cereals, canned fruits and vegetables and Top Ramen are also needed. Organic foods are especially appreciated. Food Drives provide recipients with nutritious items they don’t normally get.

“We’re really counting on this drive,” says Nancy Smith, Food Share Director. “Our cupboards haven’t been this bare in three years and we’re pretty desperate. The haulers are major Hunger Heroes. This couldn’t happen at a better time.”

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