Aug 212012

Dave See, owner, Newport Cafe

Newport Cafe owner David See is back in hot water in more ways than one. He’s been arrested again on charges of illegally obtaining fish from commercial fishermen who weren’t lawfully selling it to him.

A search warrant was served on See’s Newport Cafe, the nearby Pottery World store and See’s Newport home. State Police say they found a combination of bad record keeping, illegally caught and sold shellfish and halibut, illegal possession of purple clams and a lack of proper licensing and shellfish sanitation certificate. 15 counts in all. David See was booked into the Lincoln County Jail on the charges and was later released on bail. Two commercial fishermen also face charges of illegally selling shellfish to See as well as one selling him halibut while not holding a commercial fishing license at the time of the sale.

Charges against See include failing to acquire a wholesalers license, buying Dungeness crab from commercial fisherman Keith Paulson without See having a wholesalers license and illegally buying purple varnish clams from commercial fisherman Keith Martin who allegedly pumped them up rather than digging them up while taking them in a prohibited area, Alsea Bay.

See is also accused of buying Red Rock Crab which is reserved strictly for recreation fishing and female Dungeness crabs, which are always illegal to keep.

Charges against commercial fisherman Keith Paulson of Tidewater include no wholesale fish dealers license, no commercial fishing license, unlawful sale of commercially caught halibut, no International Pacific Halibut Commission permit, taking Dungeness Bay Crab out of season, illegal sale of commercially caught Dungeness crab, criminal conspiracy to illegally sell commercially caught halibut and criminal conspiracy to illegally sell commercially caught Dungeness crab.

Charges against commercial fisherman Keith Martin (for which he has an outstanding warrant) include no wholesale fish dealer’s license, taking shellfish from a restricted area, taking shellfish with a prohibited method, no shellfish sanitation certificate, possession of purple clams and conspiracy to possess purple clams.

See was ordered to appear in Lincoln County Circuit Court September 17th, at 8:30am. Last year See was charged with similar violations involving his restaurant.

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