Aug 032012

Third Annual Yachats Valley Farm Tour

When it’s ten minutes past ocean, and quarter-til up river, you know you’re getting closer to an annual outdoor event that is an absolute “must do.” And when you “do” on August 18th, you’ll encounter fresh vegetables, tasty vine-ripe berries, honey, vegetable plants, cut flowers, fresh eggs and more than can fit on this webpage. The Yachats Valley Farm Tour, with its seven farm families up Yachats River Road, also offer plant seeds, grass-fed beef and lamb along with fresh cow and goat milk.

In addition, freshly picked bluberries, winter squash and pumpkins, honey and bee pollen, llamas, alpacas, and peacocks, along with succulents and cactus.

The event runs 10am-5pm Saturday, August 18th. For more info, contact Catherin Lucido at Forks Farm, 541-547-4461.

Growers suggest you visit them early to avoid the heat of their greenhouses.

Pick up a map at the Yachats Visitor Center next to C&K Market or just cruise up the Yachats River Road and look for the Farm Tour signs. (From Waldport, turn left opposite the Landmark; from Florence, cross the Yachats River and turn right at Lori Lane, go to the top of the hill, and turn right on Yachats River Road.) This year, the owners of seven farms invite you to taste the flavors, explore the pastoral beauty, and visit with the “up the river” folks. Fresh produce will be available for purchase, as well as honey, cactuses, vegetable plants, cut flowers, fresh eggs, and more.

Visitors are invited to bring a picnic to enjoy outside at one of the farms or at Keller Creek Park. Information about the upcoming Farm to Table dinner will be available at participating farms.

The Tour farms are Seeds of Oregon (vegetables and plants), Triple D Ranch (grass-fed beef, lamb and goat; fresh cow and goat milk), Forks Farm (blueberries, cut flowers, winter squash, pumpkins), Rise & Shine Farm (organic honey and bee pollen), Starshine Farm (llamas, alpacas, and peacocks), Yachats Specialties (naturally-raised fruit, produce, and beef), and Yaquina Nursery (succulents and cactus).

Growers with greenhouses suggest you plan to visit them early to avoid the heat. Otherwise, come any time between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Saturday August 18. For more information, contact Catherine Lucido at Forks Farm, 541-547-4461.

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