Jul 132012

Newport Business Plaza, 4909 So. 101

A man pulling his pickup into a parking stall at the Newport Business Park Friday morning didn’t quite get the job done. He told a Newport Police Officer that when he stopped his vehicle, his foot slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator. His pickup lurched forward over the top of the stop curb and into the building. The front door and front wall were caved in with broken glass littering the entryway. There was front damage to the vehicle’s front bumper and headlight assemblies. The elderly male driver was not injured.

The police officer obtained information on the driver to ensure that the owner of the building, who was not present, can contact the driver’s insurance company. There was no one inside the office at the time. There is a “For Rent” sign in the window.

Under the heading of know which pedal you’re pushing and wear non-slick shoes while driving.

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