Jul 012012

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Correction: Victim is reported to be Daniel Serbu (correct last name)

Yachats Fire Rescue is on scene of a vehicle vs. pedestrian incident near the C&K Market in Yachats. The pedestrian was said to be pinned against an outside wall of Judith’s Kitchen Tools, Yachats

Pedestrian is now enroute to PCH in Newport aboard ambulance running emergency lights and sirens.

Witness said the man was shoved through a window at Judith’s Kitchen Tools. Possible broken back and dislocated leg. Another witness said the victim and his son were sitting on a bench when the vehicle came at them. Driver of the vehicle reportedly said he though his pickup was in park, when it was in drive. Unconfirmed. Victim’s son suffered minor glass cuts but is said to be otherwise okay.

Witnesses now say the man hit by the SUV is Daniel Serbu, owner of the Dublin House resort in Yachats. His son, said to be in his 30’s, was standing next to the bench in front of the store, managed to jump nearly clear, although the impact caught his leg and he suffered cuts from the broken glass. Judith herself was talking nearby and jumped clear. However, Daniel Serbu was sitting on the bench and was trapped under the vehicle. He was rushed to PCH in Newport where he’s being treated for leg and back injuries. No word on his condition.

One witness said the young driver of the SUV had recently been issued a driver’s learning permit. His mother was with him at the time. It appears that the boy parked the SUV in the parking lot but had accidentally left the vehicle in “Drive” instead. The SUV moved forward and down the incline into the kitchen shop.

Thanks to Alyce Rubert and Jason Durrett for photos and for witnesses who offered information.

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