Jun 252012

Stalled Highway 20 Project
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Work to resume on US 20 project in Lincoln County

EDDYVILLE—Construction will resume as early as this week on the 2.7 mile unfinished segment of new alignment of US 20 (Corvallis-Newport Hwy) in Lincoln County.

The 5.5 mile new alignment will replace a 10 mile stretch of old US 20, west of Eddyville, with a safer, straighter highway that will offer wide shoulders and miles of passing lanes. Slightly more than half of the construction of the new alignment is complete. Work on the unfinished segment was halted in February, 2010 due to continued landslide activity in drainages where four bridges were to be built.

On May 2, 2012, after reaching a negotiated settlement with the previous design builder, ODOT took control of the project and completed design of the first phase of renewed construction.

Scarsella Brothers, Inc., of Kent, Washington was awarded the low-bid contract for $7.545 million.

The contractor will be mobilizing and surveying on the project site the week of June 25, with construction activity increasing in the coming weeks.

Phase I construction in 2012 & 2013
Phase I of renewed construction will be completed by April, 2013 and will include:

Construction of 180,000 feet (34 miles) of horizontal drains in adjacent slopes
Construction of more than 8,000 feet (1.5 miles) of trench drains, 5-feet wide by 10 feet deep
Demolition of bridge components at four locations
Erosion and Sediment Control

Phase II construction in 2013 to 2015

ODOT is currently designing the second and final phase of construction to complete the project. A contract for the Phase II is expected to be let in early 2013. The current estimate for cost of construction is $85-95 million.

Phase II of construction will include:

Adjustments to the alignment of roadway
Construction of four large box culverts to replace the four previously planned bridges
Additional landslide mitigation
Excavation and embankment of approximately 2.5 million cubic yards of soil
Final paving, guardrail placement, and striping

The entire project is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2015.

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