Jun 112012

Lincoln City City Manager David Hawker reported to his city council Monday night that his office considers creating affordable housing in Lincoln City very important because it directly affects the operations of the city. Hawker said new hires that come to work for Lincoln City often find it difficult to find good AND affordable housing when they first move to town. Lincoln City is an expensive place to live. That’s why his office continues to work with the Lincoln County Land Trust, Habitat for Humanity and others who specialize in high value, lower cost housing.

Hawker says half of Lincoln City’s government work force lives outside the city, mostly due to high housing costs. He said “It means that in the event of a major emergency, we’ll be lucky to get a third to a half of city employees back on the job to see the city through the emergency.”

Hawker said not only is affordable housing critical for city workers but also for those who work for medical facilities and schools. He predicted that the continued recession will make the cost of housing even more burdensome for those who have to work for modest wages that the city, hospitals and school districts pay.

Hawker told the council that the city has nearly $700,000 in it’s housing fund to begin acquiring buildable land that is currently selling at some of the lowest prices in decades. He said however that money is used to make targeted temporary housing more affordable, for strategically important city workers and others, will be supervised by the city council.

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