Jun 122012

Lincoln City City Council, Monday night, on the internet

As of last night, anyone anywhere in the world with a computer hooked to the internet, or sitting with a smart phone in a Starbucks anywhere on the planet, could watch the Lincoln City City Council LIVE! City Manager David Hawker showed the council how they looked just a half hour before when they sat as the Urban Renewal Agency. And right after their city council meeting Monday night they could dial up their city council meeting and relive it all over again (if they really wanted to). Again, not only them, but anyone anywhere in the world that goes to the city’s website.

On the home page, just go to City Council and Planning Commission meetings and go to the right to the meeting you want to see, and click on the “video” button. You may have to download a short plug-in piece of software which takes but a few seconds. But then you’re ready to sit back and determine for yourself whether the News-Times, News-Guard or NewsLincolnCounty.com reporters gave accurate accountings of what really happened at the council meeting. It’s all there.

City Manager David Hawker told the council that they are perfecting a technique to enable viewers to pick a particular agenda item and then watch just that item without having to sit through the whole meeting before getting to it. In fact you can watch the council meeting in any order you like. It’s as easy as click, click, click!

Hawker said the new system allows Lincoln City residents, and anyone else for that matter, to watch the city council meetings anytime day or night and get an up-close-and-personal understanding of how the council is running the city, and what comments were fielded from the public. However, those who would prefer to watch the council and planning commission meetings at their regular day and times on cable channel 4 can still do that too.

It’s truly a very convenient way to watch civic sausage being made and challenges being met by the elected leaders of Lincoln City. It also will give City Manager David Hawker and his wife Peggy the ability to watch how things are going on “back home” while they are on a couple of trips this summer. If necessary David Hawker could call up the city council’s speaker phone and watch who he’s talking to during the part of the meeting they may need to confer with him. It’s a shrinking world!

If you want to catch a quick glimpse of last night’s council meeting, just click here.

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