Jun 112012

D River Beach, Lincoln City, Sunday

In addition to the fatal house fire that claimed the life of a 57 year old Lincoln City man (see earlier story here on NLC.com) rescue swimmers were fishing people out of a strong rip current Sunday noon that carried two people well beyond the breakers off D River Beach.

Fire rescue personnel were called to the beach on a report that a young lady from suburban Portland, aboard an inner tube, was swept out on a rip current. A would-be rescuer on the beach dashed out to save her. But that person too became swept up in the rip. Arriving fire-rescue swimmers jumped into the water, one with a line tied to a rescue vehicle. However, as they tried to pull the two victims to shore, the line went slack. That’s when other rescuers on the beach launched a rescue jet ski and ferried the two victims back to shore where the were joined by the other two rescue swimmers.

Authorities say that unless you’re a trained rescue swimmer, never attempt to rescue someone who is swept out by a rip current. Call 9-1-1 and keep the victim in sight so you can direct arriving rescuers who are usually on scene in less than ten minutes along most Lincoln City beaches. As you can see from the photos, you don’t have to have big waves to get fast moving rip tides.

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