Apr 212012

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By any measure, this year’s Olalla Lake Earth Day Fishing Derby was packed full of happy families, smiling kids, abundant prizes and a lot of trout destined for frying pans throughout the region.

The Olalla Lake derby was sponsored by Georgia Pacific, their workers union, Association of Western Pulp and Papers Workers, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Being a free event, the turnout was tremendous complete with bus shuttle runs up and down Olalla Lake Road to Toledo High School back in Toledo. Some kids baited their own hooks, others let mom and dad do it. Others got their faces painted while successful fishers had ODFW agents clean their catch for preparation for an eventual dinner table at home.

Prizes were offered for the biggest catch, along with raffle drawings…everything from a big outdoor barbecue to a Discovery Cruise trip off Newport. Organizer Willie Worman, GP worker, said “The event was in its second year today, and from the looks of it, it’ll be around for many years to come. People just love to be outside in the warm sun after a long rainy Winter, especially with family. There’s just nothing better.” A father who had just helped land a nice sized trout for his son added that “The fishing derby gives everyone a chance to get up front and personal with the lessons of Earth Day…that we all need to take care of Mother Earth if we want her to take care of us.”

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