Mar 272012

Coast Park
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It was a long time in coming but it seems like Newport Parks and Recreation has a huge winner on its hands. You can see that the new Coast Park, complete with a pirate ship on the hill, is really popular with families. Coast Park is located immediately south and east of the Performing Arts Center off West Olive Street. It has a full complement of durable playground equipment, both conventional and novel, as well as a long slide that starts at the pirate ship on the hill all the way down to a soft landing spot on the park’s main level. And of course there’s plenty of benches for the older folks to rest on, after they’ve worn themselves out just looking at all the youthful commotion.

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  2 Responses to “Newport: Coast Park is a big hit with families!”

  1. This park would be great if it were more “kid” friendly. I have taken my 3 year old here a couple times but unfortunatly there is not alot for her to do. The slide is a great draw but the other toys are geared more for older kidos. I have talked to alot of other parents at the park who feel the same way. If you have a 6+ year old this park is perfect for you. Those of us with smaller kidos – we will keep waiting.

  2. Too bad that there isn’t a nice centrally located park that everyone can enjoy. Wouldn’t it be great if Newport would create a “Town Square” where many activities were available in one core area. Newport is not designed to be accessible.