Aug 032010

Although mentioned during school district budget talks recently, Schools Superintendent Tom Rinearson has announced that Isaac Newton Magnet School will remain open for the upcoming school year.

Preliminary discussions about how to cut up to $4.5 million from the 2010-11 school year to reflect declining revenues, Isaac Newton was proposed to be closed, with its students to be re-directed to Newport Prep and Newport Intermediate. A predictable hue and cry went up across the community pointing out that Isaac Newton is an excellent school that has outperformed most other intermediate schools in the state. Its students and parents urged the district to take its closure off the table. Rinearson agreed. At least for this year.

Isaac Newton Magnet School

Rinearson has stated repeatedly that with a projected $4.5 million budget shortfall there is no escaping painful cuts in staff and programs. He likened the process to that of a moving target that will change as the school year unfolds. Rinearson says he’s given up on the U.S. Congress to allocate another bail out for schools. He said the present strategy for Lincoln County is that they will begin tapping district cash reserves to help ensure no teacher layoffs for the upcoming year, but the same cannot be said for other elements in the budget.

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