Aug 032010

The Newport City Council Monday night found itself between past and future ideas about how to bring more parks and open space to the South Beach area of town. The last community consensus on the issue was made prior to the word “NOAA” became an emerging household word, and so City Councilor Patricia Patrick-Joling suggested to the council that they re-open their dialog with South Beach residents about where to go from here.

The issue was raised after the city failed to get state help in buying a small but strategic piece of potential open space at 3617 SE Elm, which could help connect the South Beach Ravine and Coastal Dunes.

The price tag on the property is said to be around $260,000. Councilors said the city’s urban renewal fund can easily handle it. But councilors also said so much has changed since the 2005 parks/open space plan for the area was adopted they want to confer with South Beach residents to get their feelings on the issue. Councilor Patrick-Joling she wants to schedule a community meeting on it as soon as possible.

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