Aug 022010

During their board retreat this past weekend, the Lincoln City School Board got a glimpse of how Superintendent Tom Rinearson is angling the district toward balancing its budget in the face of what he claims will be closer to a $4.5 million dollar revenue reduction before the year’s out.

First, there likely will be up to 12 fewer school days for students from Lincoln City to Waldport. Their added days off will be November 12 and 24. No changes in December. In January, no school on January 3, 10, 24. February, no school February 7 and 28. In March, no school March 28 and 29. In April, no changes. In May, no changes. But in June, strike out June 13, 14, and 15th. These dates are expected to be finalized shortly by the school board.

Meanwhile, teachers have agreed to their own 12 days of furloughed leave. But even at that, Rinearson says it only gets the district $1.2 million toward their cut goal of $4.5 million. He said they will be playing it by ear all year, watching the state’s official economic forecasts, the first coming in late August. He said they’re also not relying on Washington DC for any further bail out money like they got this past year.

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