Aug 022010

Newport Intermediate/Isaac Newton Magnet School

The State Department of Education announced today that seven out of ten Oregon schools have met the test of “adequate yearly progress” (AYP) under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. That’s roughly 860 out of the Oregon’s 1195 schools. That represents nearly a two percent growth in compliance over the 2008-09 school year. Among elementary schools, 88.6% made AYP, among middle schools there were 44.8% in compliance, and among high schools, 49.7% met AYP standards.

The Department of Education, through a news release stated, that it is Oregon’s plan to have 60% of all Oregon students reach state education benchmarks in English/Language Arts, and 59% of students must meet benchmarks for mathmatics. For the 2010-11 school year, the goal is 70% in both areas. In order to achieve AYP, the school as a whole must meet the standards, as well as among any sub-group, based on socio-economic status, English proficiency, race/ethnicityand special education in which there are at least 42 students in that category.

Here in Lincoln County, the Oregon Department of Education reported that the district as a whole did not achieve Adequate Yearly Progress, but a number of its schools did. Those schools achieving AYP are Crestview Heights, Delake, Eddyville Charter, Isaac Newton, Lincoln City Career Tech, Newport High, Newport Prep, Ocean Lake, Sam Case, Taft Elementary, and Waldport High.

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Schools that did not achieve AYP include Newport Intermediate, Siletz Valley School, Siletz Valley Early College Academy, Taft High, Toledo Elementary, and Toledo Jr. and Sr. High.

Lincoln County School District officials say they are reviewing the information on this latest Adequate Yearly Progress report and will have formal comments on it tomorrow. is also reviewing the information and will offer a school by school breakdown of the data and where, according to the Department of Education, the schools fell short.

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