Aug 022010

Clifton Dale Selby, 28
In custody thanks to a dead bulb

Question: How do you find a man wanted for drug and weapons violations and for violating his parole?

Answer: Look for a broken tail light or a dead license plate bulb.

Most cops will tell you that sooner or later a criminal suspect will get into a car that has something wrong with the headlights, tail lights, license plate bulb or the driver fails to use his/her turn signals, not to mention speeding or other moving violations.

In this case, Clifton Selby, 28, of Tidewater was driving along Highway 34 at mile post 7 when a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted a car with what was described only as having a “lighting problem.” Once the 1994 Honda was pulled over the deputy said the driver looked extremely nervous.

The deputy said the first name the driver gave him turned out to be bogus, he detained him until he could ascertain the driver’s correct name. In this case, Clifton Selby, 28, of Tidewater. With that name came a warrant for his arrest for weapons and drug related offenses. Also for violation of parole on an earlier conviction. A search of the car also turned up methamphetamine and Marijuana.

Selby was transported to the county jail and booked on a no bail hold for possession of meth, providing false information to an officer, failure to carry and present valid driver’s license along with the warrants for his arrest. Selby was also cited for carrying less than an ounce of marijuana.

All from a “lighting problem.”

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