Feb 012012

Coast Guard retiree and ten year veteran of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Steve Frey has filed for Sheriff. Frey said “I informed Sheriff (Dennis) Dotson that I always intended to run someday for Sheriff and that it’s nothing personal. I just think the Sheriff’s Office in Lincoln County can do a better job of empowering Lincoln County residents to assume a deeper sense of ownership of their community – to make it a better place to live and work in.”

Deputy Frey is a correctional office in the Lincoln County Jail. He has made a mark for himself in supervising inmate work projects around the county, most recently at restoring historic cemeteries in Siletz and Toledo, as well as giving facelifts to parks and public places like Don Davis Park in Newport.

Deputy Frey told News Lincoln County that if elected he would have Lincoln County take over parole and probation duties for ex-offenders to do a better job of easing them back into society. He contends “Too many times parole and probation gets in the way of ex-offenders from getting or holding a job, supporting their families or otherwise bettering themselves. One little slip and ‘bang,’ they’re back in jail. It guarantees failure rather than teaching them how to lead a better life.” When asked how he would arrange for an already cash-strapped county to take on such an expensive program Frey said “I’m not familiar with all the numbers, but I’d sure try to make it work. What we have now isn’t working as well as it should.”

Frey claims that focusing on youth programs is a better way to keep kids off drugs. He said “The entire community needs to be involved in caring for our youth and offering them choices other than sending them to the street where they always find drugs.”

Frey said he was initially promoted to the rank of corporal in the Sheriff’s Office but was later stripped of his stripes after being told he was not doing well because “he was trying to fill the wrong seat on the bus.” Frey said “To this day disagree with that. I’ve always given 100% on the job and expect others to give 100% as well by showing integrity, devotion, dedication and loyalty to their job and to the community”

Frey said his campaign strategy will simple; meet and talk with as many people as he can in hopes that word of mouth and generating grass roots support will prove successful.

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