Dec 302011

Outside Newport Cafe Friday morning,
Home at 7th and Eads, related to investigation (bottom photo)
Brad Taylor photo
Updated 4:40pm

Oregon State Police locked down the Newport Cafe at 101 and 6th Friday morning – no one allowed in or out. has learned that there are law enforcement vehicles at the Newport Cafe and at the owner’s home near Eads and 7th. Lt. Gregg Hastings of the Oregon State Police tells that the search warrants issued related to possible Fish and Wildlife Regulation matters. Agents at cafe owner David See’s home have been observed removing bags and boxes from the residence and placing them in law enforcement vehicles. The vehicles have since left the site.

An Oregon State Police spokesman said that the case is not fully investigated and therefore there will be no news media release at this time. The spokesman made no estimate of when that might be.

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