Nov 222011

Daniel Wollin photo (top)
Katie McNeil photo (#2)
Vivian Mills photo (#3)
Vivian Mills photo (#4)
Anna McClung photos (5,6, & 7))

Oregon State Police say a semi driver from Coos Bay was driving his rig south across the Waldport bridge shortly before 4pm Tuesday when he felt something jostle his cab. He looked in his rear view mirror and saw a huge gust of wind lift his trailer into the air and then blew it over to his left, pulling his cab over onto the pavement with it. The truck and trailer came to rest blocking three of the bridge’s four lanes. About a hundred gallons of diesel fuel was spilled but most of it was contained. Any that might have gone into the bay would have evaporated very quickly, according to the Coast Guard.

Driver Don Eckles, 61, from Coos Bay was removed from the truck and was transported to Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport where he was treated for minor injuries and then released. OSP troopers say he was wearing his safety belts.

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