Nov 192011

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Waldport townspeople gathered in a tent, out of the wind and rain, to dedicate what will have to endure both for decades – the official Waldport Centennial Mural that was formally unveiled on the side of the Samaritan Clinic in downtown Waldport on Saturday. The idea for a mural was first raised by Port of Alsea Chairman John Johnston (pictured in front of the mural, leather jacket) who rounded up a number of supporters who, in turn, convinced the Waldport City Council, the Port of Alsea, the Waldport Centennial Committee, the Waldport Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County, as well as a number of private donors, to fund a major part of the $20,000 artistic endeavor. Artist, and Waldport High School alumi, Casey McEneny (with microphone) described the mural as a visual journey that celebrates the Native American inhabitants of the Alsea Bay, to whom so much is owed by the American settlers who came to the area during the 19th century.

Mayor Susan Woodruff congratulated those whose vision was so beautifully expressed in the mural and praised Casey McEneny, who worked on the mural all summer, painting it in the space below the Waldport High School football field bleachers. The mural is painted on a number of panels that attach to the building wall, so it can be reestablished at another location if it becomes necessary. McEneny told the gathering that it was a pleasure and an honor to create the mural, that artistry runs in his family and that he was always encouraged by his teachers at Waldport High to pursue his talents, which he did – he is now an art teacher at Newport High.

Mayor Woodruff reminded everyone that the pledged cost of the mural has not yet been reached even though the mural has been delivered to the town. Woodruff urged everyone who admires and enjoys the mural to consider a donation to the mural fund, whether it’s a big donation or a small one. Mayor Woodruff said donations can be forwarded to Port Manager Maggie Rivers at the Port of Alsea, P.O. Box 1060, Waldport, 97394. Or you can stop by Waldport City Hall and donate there.

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