Nov 182011

Waldport’s Woodland Trail

Work continues on a beautiful woodland trail that, when finished, will allow Waldport area residents and visitors to enjoy a “heavy woodsy” experience right in the middle of town. The nearly $110,000 project winds its way from the ballfields off Starr Street up the hill to Crestline Drive. City Manager Nancy Leonard says the trail, when finished, will give walkers and hikers a deep woods feel as they travel up the hill, using a number of switchbacks to make the climb more comfortable. There will be benches installed along the path as well.

Leonard says the trail will eventually end near Crestline Park at the top of the hill. She says the trail is funded by the Oregon Parks Department from their Oregon Trails Fund. The labor is being provided by a local parole and probation crew. Leonard says they’re doing “an absolutely wonderful job.” She says the trail should be completed by early spring and that there will be a formal dedication ceremony. She says it will be widely publicized, so “stay tuned.”

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