Nov 132011

On November 12, 2011 at about 7:42 PM the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a missing physically challenged hunter in the Harlan Burnt Woods area east of Eddyville. The missing person, 52 year old Donald Lee Hamilton of Philomath, had left his hunting camp on an ATV at about 1:30pm in an unknown direction of travel and had not returned. Family and friends started searching for Hamilton and could not locate him in the areas they had been hunting.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dave Shanks responded to the area and requested Lincoln County Sheriffs Search and Rescue assist in the search. At 01:50am, Hamilton was located by searchers and family and found to be cold and sore and was given minor medical care. Hamilton stated that he had wrecked his ATV and rolled down off the road and had been pinned under the ATV for some time. Hamilton eventually freed himself, but was unable to get help on his own. Search and Rescue Coordinator, Deputy Bruce McGuire stated Hamilton’s family played a major role in his being located, by assisting searchers in areas and locations they had scouted prior to this incident. If not for their help to narrow the search area, Hamilton would not have been located as quickly.

Your Lincoln County Sheriffs Office remind hunters that if you head out into the wild, you should always go with a partner, and let people in your hunting party know where and what direction you plan to go. Having a radio for communication with others is a good idea in the event you get separated. Do not rely on cell phones as reception can be unreliable in mountainous and other remote areas.

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