Jul 302011

A Siletz area logging truck driver was killed late Friday afternoon when his truck, on Forest Service Road 1014, slammed into the side of an uphill embankment, shifted the log load, killing him. Oregon State Police say Kevin Bates, 40, was found dead at the scene around 6pm about 10 miles southeast of Toledo. OSP say he was not using safety restraints. Specific cause of the accident has not yet been determined.

OSP says the truck is registered to Henarie Trucking of Toledo.

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  3 Responses to “Siletz logging truck driver killed in Friday crash”

  1. safety restraints on a log truck?? cables around logs?? seat belt?? what does that mean??

  2. That’s the term used in the Oregon State Police report. I’ll try to get more details tomorrow when the report will be completed. I assume it meant seat belts.

  3. he was not wearing his seat belt i dont know anybody that uses seat belts in the woods