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COMMENT 3/11/19

I want to congratulate and praise both the Lincoln County Commissioners and the Newport City Council; first to the County for taking the initiative to lead the Lincoln County Climate Change Partnership, and then to Newport for making a resolution to support such efforts. I hope the rest of the cities in Lincoln County follow their good example.

This forward thinking action comes at a time of great change on our planet. The wisdom of making suitable and appropriate preparations for what climate disruption will mean to us cannot be applauded enough. Even though there are still deniers of this reality and those who fail to see the significance of this era, called by some the Sixth Extinction, the fact remains that we are facing ever-challenging times ahead.

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The idea of the Partnership is for individuals, businesses, civic groups and local governmental bodies from the various municipalities throughout the County to come together to assess the situation. Given the worsening conditions such as ocean acidification, droughts, more frequent and worse fires and storms, rising sea level, polluted water sheds, etc. the time to act is now.

As the age of fossil fuel ends and renewables begin we need to think in terms of conservation and reduction of energy use. We will need to learn to become more mindful of our consumption because business as usual will not be able to be sustained. New ways of doing business and working together as community members will need to be innovated and applied to our lifestyles.

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Solutions for the problems climate disruption will engender already exist. There only remains the political will to act on them in behalf of the greater good. As challenging as climate disruption maybe, I believe it also offers us an enormous opportunity to rise above what ails us and embrace a new reality that is sustainable, healthy and joyous.

You may become involved by going to Lincoln County Climate Change Partnership on the internet and signing up to be on their mailing list.

Bill Kucha
Depoe Bay

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