Mar 132019

North Lincoln Fire and Rescue District #1 recently held its Annual Awards Banquet for 2018 at the Beach Club in Lincoln City. It’s North Lincoln Fire-Rescue’s annual opportunity to celebrate its employees and especially the dedicated volunteers who pitch in to make North Lincoln Fire a fast-response life and property-saving operation.

Captain Al Longworth – Rescuer of the Year and Certificate of Appreciation (from Maintenance Division), Captain Dennis Knudson – Health & Safety Award, Division Chief Jamie Mason – Officer of the Year, Firefighter Jerry Sneed – Rookie of the Year and Firefighter of the Year, Support Team Member Steve Allen and Susan Allen (not pictured) – Support Team Award of the Year.

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Years of Service Pins where given to Firefighter Ryan Schlecht, EMS Responder Lacy LeDoux, Support Team members LoRee LaFone and Bob Wentz received their pins for 5 years of service to the District. Lieutenant David Bickerdyke, Captain Loren Nordyke and Captain Al Longworth received pins for 10 years of service.

Captain Ken Brown received his pin for 15 years and Captain Dave Moorman received a pin for 35 years of service to the Fire District.

As mentioned above, the annual banquet is a way to give thanks and recognition to all North Lincoln firefighters who have served throughout the years.

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