Mar 132019

First off, we want to thank each and every reader for putting their faith and trust in We are Lincoln County’s #1 source of local news in terms of the shear number of readers and how often readers turn to to learn what’s going on in Lincoln County and outside the county. For our staff and our many contributors, it’s a labor of love and commitment because we know that the strength of our community depends on all of us – it’s not a spectator sport.

And because it’s not a spectator sport we’re reaching out to Lincoln County’s business community to join our family of advertisers who enjoy tremendous daily, if not hourly exposure to our 40,000+ readers. By the way, that’s many times the readers of competing local news outlets throughout Lincoln County and beyond.

So, it’s to our local business community that we invite you to see just how inexpensive it is to advertise on We beat all our competitors hands-down. And we can do that because internet-based news is the least costly method of relaying news to the greatest number of people in any community. The internet is faster, more resilient, more updateable and enjoys far more readership participation than all other media combined. And our internet advertising rates give local businesses the absolute lowest rate per impression than any other media, hands down! And with rotating-screen ads, there’s nothing like the relentless consistency of internet advertising.

So the next time you ponder where your precious advertising dollars should go, give us a call at at 541.351.1408. Or email: News@NewsLincoln It will amaze you how much farther your ad dollars with go with

Dave Morgan

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